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Triple shot of KOTOKO news

Far-from-departed I’ve superstar KOTOKO has some interesting things on the horizon, both musical and… somewhat less musical. Let’s take a look:

“Premium Artist Book” KOTOKO-Iro

5 years after her major-label debut, KOTOKO’s set to be the subject of what’s been described as a ‘premium artist book’ by the name of KOTOKO-Iro (KOTOKOいろ). Page count and format remains a mystery, although seeing as it will be released by magazine publisher Ichijinsha (一迅社) common sense would lead one to assume the ‘mook’ (magazine-as-book) format common amongst ‘light’ Japanese publications of the non-fiction sort. Content will apparently include a ‘photo essay’ and a long-format interview with KOTOKO in addition to information about the artist and other miscellaneous bits of fanservice, and the book will retail in Japan for ¥1890. It comes out on July 28.

BALDRSKY Dive2 theme song

The second installment of Giga Soft‘s episodic continuation of the venerable “BALDR” mecha-meets-eroge franchise, BALDRSKY Dive2, has just been announced. While the game itself doesn’t have a release date yet, we know that, just as with Dive1’s “Restoration”, Dive2 will have a new KOTOKO theme song and said theme song will apparently be released in maxi-single form as a part of retailer Sofmap‘s “Furo Agari Hurricane de Sky?” (ふろあがりハリケーンでスカイ?) set, to be released August 28, with preorders starting June 26.

Odds of another C.G mix production for the theme song: very, very high.

KOTOKO’s third Hayate no Gotoku opening theme

As venerable comedy-anime juggernaut Hayate no Gotoku!! (ハヤテのごとく!!) marches on with its second season, so too does it roll out a new set of opening and ending themes. Following up her previous theme efforts Hayate no Gotoku! and Shichitenhakki*Shijoushugi (or however your romanize it), KOTOKO’s new opener for the show will be called “daily-daily Dream”, and if bumpy-Jumpy! is any indication then the random capitalization and idiotic title should make this one a certified winner. Producers as yet unknown, but seeing as all but one of the previous season’s theme songs were produced by Kazuya Takase it would seem a decent bet that he’ll be responsible for this one as well. The single comes out August 26, in regular and DVD versions as per usual.



  1. Is she leaving IVE or staying I am confused?

    • Staying, naturally. ‘kotoko’ might’ve been a one-shot deal for all we know, and even if she does some work outside of I’ve it doesn’t mean she’s left.

  2. Regarding the new Hayate no Gotoku theme song by KOTOKO: at least hasn’t got some bad English/Japanese puns in the title like “U make Ai dream” I wonder who composed this one, I kinda have my money on Nakazawa doing it.

    btw, just a random point, apparently Ao-iconoclast was released under the name “kotoko” and this is apparently to distinguish from her “KOTOKO” I’ve work. How bizzarre.

    • i put my bet for Takase, although i kinda hope it’d be something like CG mix’s Shichittenhakki… such song fitted hayate no gotoku’s spirit the best, rather than the current ELISA’s ‘Wonder Wind’ -w-

      @suzaku: i think ‘kotoko’ is just her alter-ego for anything outside I’ve Sound. so basically KOTOKO is still with I’ve, probably.

  3. Don’t forget her duet with Eminem.

    But anyway those two new songs should prove interesting.

    • Awful fan-made remixes are out of canon, so to speak.

  4. wth, “Izzat Some Hurricane That’s Just Come Outta The Bathroom in the Sky?”…

    Is that gonna be denpa or what? Btw there’s a small pun in the title so I mirrored it in my trans of the title.

  5. Call me pessimistic, but I couldn’t be less excited about “daily-daily dream.” Unless it goes straight-up denpa, this song is odds on to be yet another forgettable Special Life/Hayate no Gotoku song.

    @Azu: If you want a preview of the BALDR SKY 2 theme, just listen to any one of Restoration, Genzai no Requiem, Ketsudan no Entrance, or Face of Fact -RESOLUTION-.

    • And this is why you got kicked off the blog.

      Kidding-that-isn’t-actually-kidding aside, I’m waiting on a production credit before I write off ddD. If it’s another Takase, your pessimism is probably about to be vindicated, but Nakazawa or C.G mix I wouldn’t mind keeping my hopes up for.

      However, if it’s Iuchi then yeah it’ll pretty much suck completely.

      • you’re being unfair to Maiko, Aibu. too unfair. Maiko is great, too. -_-;;

        CG mix’s shicittenhaki is certainly great and the possibility of Nakazawa doing the OP is quite low as he wasn’t included in any of the first season’s OP ED, and Maiko’s possibility is probably even lower than Nakazawa.

  6. It’s always good to have news from KOTOKO and these are also good.

    I did never see the Hayate series but I do like a lot the singles specially “Shishiten Hakki Shijou Shugi” (or something like that, could you traslate this title for me please?…) so much that I end up getting it (the PV rocks ^^).
    So, I hope the best for this new single (freaky style @o@).

    • according to ivesoundexplorer -> 七転八起☆至上主義! (しちてんはっきしじょうしゅぎ)

      Shichitenhakki Shijoushugi

      that’s the romanization

      七転八起 -> (noun) 1. vicissitudes of life

      至上主義 -> Supremacist

      so ??

      • Thanks Yuki ^^.

        But, now I’m more confused about the title hahaha… :3

      • You guys are thinking too hard. It just means “Never give up, that’s my motto”.

      • i think it means to fall down seven times and get up eight times ^^

  7. wo0t xD coolness

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