Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/29/09

Open call for random shit

Alright, continuing the new trend of posts not directly related to I’ve (please let this end soon), I’m going to be honouring a user request I said I’d honour a few weeks ago and totally forgot about!

Regular reader Fred Itachi, when I asked for suggestions about new blog content, was the first to come up with this and I think it’s a fine idea: that readers of this blog are, from now on, encouraged to create shit and send it into the blog to be posted in a fan-creation spotlight I’ll get around to creating once I have anything to put in it. Now, that description probably sounds horribly vague and maybe a touch half-assed, possibly because it is. But! (I like big buts and I cannot lie), however, there is a positive aspect to this looseness.

Basically, the idea is that you guys can submit anything you damn well please. Fanart? Welcomed with open arms! Fanfiction? OK, that’s kind of weird, but cool! Fan remixes? I’ll totally ignore the fuck out of copyright law to post these if anyone makes any! A new banner for the blog (736 x 229 pixels please)? Marry me~! Original songs inspired by I’ve in some vague way, shape or form? Probably nobody will ever submit anything of this kind! Cover song recordings? Just as long as they aren’t just you singing karaoke! Question? Overenthusiastic answer!

Now that the open call has been sounded, uhhh… Yeah, if you’ve got anything you want me to put up, send it to me at aibumeanscaress[at] and I’ll put it up in due time. Whenever I may feel like ‘due time’ is. Have fun!



  1. 5 page treatise on how much Departed to the future sucks?

    • But would you really want to spend 5 pages talking about DttF?

  2. “A new banner for the blog (736 x 229 pixels please)? Marry me~!”

    *lol* xD

  3. anyway, sorry for double posting…

    btw… is wallpaper fine ??

    • A wallpaper is fine too

  4. Wow my name’s on the post! *gets a little shy coz I’m the one who thought of these shenanigans* xD *BRICKED*

    Oh well does that mean I could submit my “hitorigoto” cover song? But of course, I recorded it w/ the hitorigoto -Karaoke- with my voice on it. I don’t do acapella renditions since I know from the start that I’m not a born singer and that my voice is great even without background music. :P

    And about wallpaper, avatars, and other graphical images, I’ll definitely submit one or more. :D

    • Karaoke recordings are, as of yet, not amongst the list of accepted submissions (musical elitism GET) – however, if enough people show interest I wouldn’t rule out the idea of a karaoke contest at some point in the future.

  5. How about musical “fanart”? (Using the music but write the lyrics your own way, it’s cool) I’ve been thinking of doing a “written cover” for Diorama.

    • I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about, but when you get done with it, e-mail it to me and I’ll throw it up

      • lol, k

  6. Well, this doesn’t really have to do with any of this, but is there anyone here willing to help fix up the I’ve Sound wikipedia page? I tried to separate some things and make some new articles and whatnot, but the damn Cluebot or whatever decided my changes weren’t constructive and deleted everything. I was thinking that more references should be added along with an external link to this blog if possible. I know it seems like I’m going ADD on this shit, but honestly, everytime I visit the I’ve Sound page I can’t help but notice how cluttered and unorganized the damn thing is.

    Here are the two articles I created:

    and the actual I’ve Sound page without the changes I made:

  7. lol no karaoke covers?

    Do we have to provide our own instrumentals…?

    I’ve stuff must be insanely hard to figure out on piano or guitar x_X

    • Chibi-Tech and the CODE SPEED guys managed to cover I’ve just fine using synthesizers…

      But, really, seeing as you’re the second person to mention karaoke ‘covers’, maybe I should open up a karaoke competition. Any thoughts, readers?

      • Why yes. That would be exciting!!! xD First time that I’ve Sound Blog helding a contest!! :D Oh well that’s just my opinion. I think we should do something like this once in a while. XD

  8. Karaoke woud be nice, though not many of us host a female voice xD. BTW, 愛撫, this is what I meant by saying “written cover”, though it’s not exactly a cover anyway… here’s a link to what I’ve done: http://i–numberxiii–

    I simply listened to the song and wrote my own lyrics. It’s quite cool.

    • (Read below the lyrics first)

      • It’s been posted over at the new ‘fun stuff’ page. Check it out!

  9. OHHH my submitted wallpapers have been included in the fun stuff as well xD~ *blush*

  10. Well Im gonna draw MOMO and KOTOKO nao ~~~ >.>

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