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I’ve Sound Blog First Annual Karaoke Competition

By popular (ok, so one guy said it’d be a good idea, guess that qualifies it as ‘popular’) demand, I present you all with the FIRST ANNUAL I’VE SOUND BLOG KARAOKE COMPETITION, an event so important I can’t keep the word order straight out of sheer excitement. An event where the two or three I’ve Sound Blog readers brave enough to submit karaoke recordings to be judged by the populace do just that, and we the readers and writers of the blog get to vote on which of the submissions sucked the least did the best. And, if all goes well, we’ll do the same thing next year as well so the ‘annual’ in the title can become that much less of a hilarious misnomer. Or so we can only hope.

Anyhow, the rules and regulations of the contest thingamajig:

All recordings must be submitted via e-mail to aibumeanscaress[at], posting them in the comments section before the date where the songs are to be posted for judging might lead to unfair bias and also cut down on the hilarity when we realize that everyone chose to do Red fraction. For streaming and standardization purposes, mp3 format only, preferably under 320 kbps. We don’t need ridiculously high bitrates for a karaoke contest.

Deadline for submissions is July 18th, 2009, 2 weeks after the contest officially begins. On that date, all appropriate submissions will be posted in a blog post and the sidebar poll will decide who did best in their karaoke effort.

-If you can’t find a karaoke or instrumental version of the song you want to do, don’t sing over the vocal version, just pick a different song. Just because you want to show the world your vocal power as you belt out Permit doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to do that. Unless you know something I don’t and there’s actually an instrumental version of Permit out there somewhere.

Every song must be I’ve. The kotoko single is out, as are any songs where neither composer nor arranger come from the I’ve camp. However, through sheer force of non-logic, Eiko Shimamiya’s “FLOW” would still be available if anyone wouldn’t mind bias against song choice probably preventing anyone from voting for you.

Keep editing to a minimal. I’m not by any means suggesting you don’t try to clean up your recording at least a bit, but let’s try not to have anyone using Autotune here. Vocoder effects aren’t banned, per se, but it’s questionable why one would want to use them since I’ve vocals have traditionally been fairly naturalistic anyhow.

Multiple submissions are accepted, but only one song per applicant will be posted for the contest. One per person means that nobody can try and increase their chances at winning by giving themselves mutliple chances. Oh, and I’ll be the one picking which one is the one to be posted.

And, have fun with it! Submissions can be sent in immediately, and from now until July 18th I’ll be taking songs from anyone who wants to send them in.

Edit – Oh, and when voting is over (the end of this month), the contributor with the most votes gets a prize of some sort. So there’s some reason to do this other than just the joy of embarrassing yourself in public.

Edit 2 – As suggested by Denpa no Sekai, the best freeware program for recording vocals is Audacity. Easy to use, versatile enough for what you need, cross-platform support and it’s absolutely free.



  1. Interesting… Can I sing my rewritten WHEEL OF FORTUNE *autostabs*. Hmmm…. this sounds good, though it would be hard to sing a song in japanese without a SINGLE mistake *coughredfractioncough*. Hell! Even MELL’s crappy Engrish would be hard to mimic…

    • All songs need to be sung with the original lyrics, otherwise we might get people changing them to make things easier for themselves. A level playing field is what’s being sought here, and that means everyone’s going to have to fumble their way through Japanese songs. Or, umm, Red fraction.

      • Aww, but mine is not easier, it’s art : D But okay, that’s very logical. People would put Red Fraction’s lyrics into all some other songs and say it’s a new ~artsy style~ xD

        (hmm…. I wonder if that html code will work…)

  2. @NumberXIII>> well you don’t have to mimic exactly the lyrics. This is after all a song rendition — you can sing w/ your style given the fact that we have different singing styles. ^_~

    • While it is true that one factor in evaluating a good performance is originality, the song’s lyrics as written by I’ve should be adhered to or else things start getting iffy.

      • Ah yes, I’m aware of that. Sorry maybe I delivered a bit “wrong” message but what I mean to say is that you don’t really have to copy MELL’s engrish just to qualify for a Red fraction song rendition. ;D I mean you can always do a different style (or maybe its for the better) because MELL’s engrish is a bit so-so. -_-a Who knows? We could do better than her! *Just kidding*

  3. And sorry for double posting, to those who want to participate, I would be willing to help! =D I may don’t have the karaoke/instrumental versions of all I’ve songs, I have at least 60% of ’em. Even the eroge theme songs. ;D

    So if you want to have a better English of version of Mami Kawada’s heavily engrish song “The Maze”, then maybe I could help you by supplying the instrumental version haha! — I don’t have the karaoke ver. though because it’s a bit tad hard to find it. D;

  4. Ok. then, I’m gonna sing RIDEBACK!… … … … …

    … just kidding ^^ because with my voice you’ll end up loving MELL’s engrish hahaha.

    But, you know, I like a lot this “competition” and also I kind of laugh with the introduction of it.
    Congrats Aibu ^^.

    • RIDEBACK would be an option, if it wasn’t for the fact that MELL’s engrish is like, coded or something. It’s not just weird, but also impossible to sing if pronounced properly. Seriously, she can turn “heaven” into “hen” or “australopithecus” into “austrrrocus””.

      I’d really like to submit something, now all I need is all my family to go away for a while so I can record in peace (their laughter would spoil it xD)

  5. i really want to be in the competition but i don’t have the confidence xP~

    i’ve tried recording my own version of PSI-missing but… EPIC FAIL IS EPIC !! xP~

    • Sorry Yuki but you don’t have an excuse on this… you must sing at least one for everyone pleasure ^^.

      • *lol* i didn’t save that so you wouldn’t be able to listen to it either way :P *instantly bricked*

    • ugh, i know how you feel. i couldn’t stand sitting through my own recording of that song, no matter how much i love it

      though i might try this contest, see how i fair….(fare??…)

  6. I’d like to make a submisison, but… does anyone know cool software to edit sound (like, adding the voice and so)?

    My… I think I sing fairly good, but I have never trid singing (publicly) in japanese, much less a woman’s part… Hmm….. I could try PSI-missing…. or agony… maybe even Re-sublimity…
    Blargh, Red Fraction seems like such a baity option, but it would be kinda lame xD.

    Oh, oh!!! I know!!! Naraku no hana xDDDDDD
    (time to kill that song! xD)

    • Use Audacity. It’s easy, it’s free and has all the features you’ll need (read: a record button).

      • Yup I second Audacity. In fact, maybe you should update your post with a link to this freeware, since it’s really perfect for this type of thing.

  7. This is pretty fucking awesome, good luck to everyone involved.

    No aibu, you won’t get me to do はじめまして、恋.

    • I was hoping for Princess Bride from you, personally.

      • Change my style won’t hurt either :P

  8. if there is a song that you wanna sing but you don’t have the instrumental version, would it be ok if we asked for one (that is, if we can’t find the original instrumental/karaoke version) via e-mail? :D

    • you can just put the title here… perhaps one of us here can help you :D

      PERHAPS… :P

    • I’m not so sure which instrumental you’re looking for but maybe I could help you. Haha. ;D email me ( for requesting and for more details. ;D

    • well, i haven’t thought of which song i’ma do JUST yet, but i know that i’m missing a few instrumentals (rather, i got rid of them cuz i don’t listen to instrumentals on a constant basis…), so if i decide to sing a song that i know has an instrumental but i don’t have it, i’ll ask. thanks for offering to help though :3

  9. MELL seems to be the karaoke favourite, hahaha.

    • oh really ?? if i do follow this contest, i won’t sing any of MELL’s songs. Mami’s or MOMO’s might be better for my vocal range xD~

      • Seconded. Either Mami or MOMO’s songs and some of KOTOKO’s songs as well. ;D

        And about Audacity, yes, I’m using it ever since I practiced vocalizing. :D

  10. Alright, I’ve been tempted out of lurking by the lure of karaoke. Fred’s been kind enough to supply me with a karaoke track as well so now I have no excuse. Nice to meet you all, I’ve been spying on you for the last 6 months or more. Bwahahaha.

    Er….yes. Good luck to everyone participating :D

  11. hmmm. MIGHT participate…but I have a question.

    “Every song must be I’ve. The kotoko single is out, as are any songs where neither composer nor arranger come from the I’ve camp.”

    So…are IKU’s songs qualified?

    • As qualified as a Britney Spears karaoke track would be. Which is to say, not one bit.

    • IKU ain’t I’ve, grace. that should’ve answered your question :D

      @Pi-pi-pi: why just spying ?? xD~

      • Because I get a kick out of reading everyone’s comments without them knowing I’m there.

        Actually there’s no particular reason T_T

  12. […] way or another, I will be taking part in this contest. For the actual entry specifics, here’s the entry in which this is being discussed (I can’t believe I forgot about that, thanks Aibu for reminding […]

  13. LOL, so I’m sure you maintainers are laughing behind your backs about all of this, but IDGAF and will probably submit something.

    (All right, fine, you’re not laughing behind your backs, that’s for sure, the laughter is pretty blatant :P)

    • Hikaruhoshi’s gone, it’s now ‘maintainer’ in the singular.

      As for ‘laughing’ at the contestants, yes maybe a little bit, but the point is more to have fun and share your love of I’ve than anything else. The laughter (which, I assure you, will not only be coming from me) is just another part of that fun, and also the reason I hope at least one of you tries a single I panned :P

      • Wait, hikaruhoshi’s gone? When did this happen?

        Ah, well, I won’t give myself any disillusions that the votes coming in are taking any of our “singing abilities” seriously, ‘sall ;)

      • The blog’s been a single-writer effort since… last month, I think? Not too long anyhow.

  14. […] Karaoke contest deadline extension Well, there have been a number of submissions for the karaoke competition that was supposed to kick off tomorrow – but, as I know some have expressed woes at not having enough time to smooth out the kinks in their recordings and/or try other songs, and some others probably didn’t feel there was enough time in the first place, I will be extending the deadline for contest submissions. Submissions will be accepted up until an arbitrary time (maybe midnight, maybe not) on Saturday, July 25, after which point all submitted songs will be posted and the judging shall begin. Rules for the contest can still be found here. […]

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