Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/04/09

Kaori Utatsuki does nothing to break stream of bad videos (Spyglass preview up)

Well, whoever guessed that the title track from SPYGLASS would be the included video on the album’s DVD, pat yourselves on the back because you were right. Uploaded for posterity (albeit in an abbreviated form and with a video screen roughly the size of a postage stamp) on Utatsuki’s official website, the R&B-tinged song’s inexplicably retro-leaning video is sure to confuse the hell out of anyone who thought they might have figured out what exactly it is Geneon is trying to do with Kaori. Folksy, down-to-earth electronica/R&B crossover artist? Single-member distillation of The Pussycat Dolls sans sex appeal and massive marketability? KOTOKO if she never stopped making Garasu no Kaze? It boggles the mind.



  1. Kaori is blantantly trying to channel Superfly in that video with the whole bandanna et al. I think it’s cute though.

  2. i personally love it because it’s a change of style for kaorin :D
    and she looks cool xD~

    but my friend (who happened to be a reader of this blog, too, but never posted a comment) said that she looked old… well, since when did she look young, anyway ? :P *bricked*

  3. i totally see that whole Superfly thing that K.N. mentioned

    honestly though, the pv reminds me of mami’s L’Oiseau bleau pv, with the whole random walking and road-side footage…

  4. @terrik: i know what you mean :D

    well, obviously they went to Saipan again for that PV… they seemed to love filming PV there, huh ??

    • That’s because it’s “sneak a vacation” time.

      • the lazy bums :P

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