Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/06/09

Rock on, flower child: SPYGLASS cover art revealed

In addition to a fancy new banner image featuring Kaori Utatsuki’s retro-hippie outfit in all its anachronistic glory, a thumbnail-sized preview of her upcoming album SPYGLASS’s cover art has been posted over at the Geneon official Utatsuki page. Only on that Geneon page, apparently, as Amazon is still using her end of refrain single cover as a placeholder image and no other sources would appear to have the cover in a size larger than bloody 130 x 130. Oh well, a better version of the rather plain image is probably coming down the line soon enough, and until then we can all bask in the glory of the I’ve costume department’s increasingly bizarre choice of accoutrements for the girl as shown so lovingly in the banner image.



  1. ah… looks like end of refrain with no beach and sweet cloth -_-a

  2. …wait, is this Kaori we’re talking about or Superfly?? O.o

    it’s a pretty cover though. very colorful. i don’t mind ^_^

    • Save for the generic qualifier “some Japanese girl with horribly unoriginal taste in names”, who the fuck is this Superfly everyone keeps talking about?

      • Me too. I don’t who is this “Superfly”. Can someone please enlighten us? ;D

        About the cover, I just like the colors but the concept — not too great. They could’ve just forget the bandana thing and include that only on the PV.

  3. Superfly = 60/70s influenced artist (used to be a two member unit of a vocalist and guitarist, now it’s just vocalist Ochi Shiho) who’s rising in popularity at the moment in Japan. Their sound is very influenced by the Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin and their fashion and artist aesthetic is hippie influenced (just look at the cover of the single Hi-Five.).

    The general look of Kaori for her Spyglass album is very reminiscent of Superfly’s look, so I thought I’d bring it up as a comparison.

  4. i totally agree with fred
    forget about the bandana thing, and she would look a lot more better
    and ah, the banner…
    i like the previous banner much much more…

    • because she looked WAY YOUNGER in the previous banner :P

      • yes, she sure is
        she looks old in the new banner

  5. When has ANY of them looked young? *stabbed*

    • Well you have a point at that. xD But still, I already accept the fact that I love these girls even though they don’t look their age. :D

      • Seeing as we don’t have a clue to any of their ages, except for Mell, it’s hard to say if they look their ages or not.

      • speaking of ages, WHAT ARE THEY??!! X_______X and why is it that NONE of the birthdays ever mention years?? D:

  6. >why is it that NONE of the birthdays ever mention years?? D:

    Because age is supposed to be a delicate issue for women? *j/k*

    Besides, the days are actually known (to jp Wiki at least):
    KOTOKO – 19th January
    MELL – 1st August
    Shimamiya – 20th April
    Kawada – 13th February
    Utatsuki – 6th September
    C.G mix – 11th January

    • and don’t forget the rumour that KOTOKO was born in 1980… :P

      anyway, we’re getting out of topic xD~ *bricked*

    • so C.G mix is a woman? :P

      uhhh…..hmm….back on topic….


    • MELL is anywhere from 35 to 37. I figured it out with a Madonna single…

    • Random fact: the only I’ve member with a complete birth date identified on Japanese Wikipedia is Tomoyuki Nakazawa: January 1, 1977

  7. Bad News guys!

    I just received an order update from Cdjapan telling me that the release date of the I’ve in Budokan DVD has been changed from August 05 to August 26 2009.

    I wonder what could happen with them? because this is an awful news ¬¬.

    • Ah yes I also read about this news somewhere. D; And the new release date was also daily-daily Dream!! by chance. I’m hunching that day will be historical for loyal I’ve fans because they’ll get their pockets busted for ordering both. XD *jokes around*

      • You’re right fred!

        But, as for me, definitely I’ll go for the Budokan DVD but I’m gonna wait a little to see if this new KOTO-single is worthy or not because if this is as funny as like “Shichitenhakki ☆ Shijoushugi!” I’m going to get it for sure ^^.

        And about the poll, this is very tough for me because I have four fav-singles that are “Re-sublimity”, “Shichitenhakki ☆ Shijoushugi!”, “Real Onigokko” and “BLAZE” but in the end I based my opinion comparing the b-side songs and for that my favorite is “Real Onigokko” ^^.

  8. Kaori’s an odd one, I’m never sure if I like her or not. She’s super cute on the Budokan 2005 DVD and I love songs like SWAY but…something’s not quite right with her Geneon stuff. I think it’s the heaped tablespoon of sugar that goes into it.

    Come back slightly creepy SWAY Kaori T_T

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