Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/13/09

KOTOKO website gets major overhaul

As part of Geneon Universal’s re-branding efforts, it seems that the I’ve girls are to be getting website upgrades, starting (naturally) with the most prominent of I’ve vocalists, the lovely KOTOKO. As of yet there’s no preview of her new Hayate no Gotoku!! theme “daily-daily Dream”, but there is a “PV archive” available for your perusal as well as the front page’s snIpe preview. Hopefully the other girls won’t be far behind, as the new site really does look quite nice.



  1. Good stuff I suppose. I actually ended up using Geneon’s profile of KOTOKO as the first citation on her wikipedia page :P

  2. nice new layout :D

    i love it xD~

  3. Oh wow nice layout.

    And speaking of KOTOKO, all of her singles are in the poll right now. I was just kinda wondering who’s the potential voter for her Special Life! single? xD

    • ehh really xD~

      leaving no voters for 421 -a will-, Kirei na Senritsu, and U make Ai Sle… Dream.

    • I’m the lone Chi ni Kaeru voter <.<

      I was actually going to vote for Re-Sublimity like everyone else, but I decided I'd go out on a limb and choose the one that no one seems to care about.

      On another note, I got BlazBlue. Feels weird hearing KOTOKO on an XBox, let alone on an HD Television

      • “On another note, I got BlazBlue. Feels weird hearing KOTOKO on an XBox, let alone on an HD Television”

        I’m very used to listen to KOTOKO and MELL songs on my 360 games because I put the music in the HDD to all the games that support that feature (Burnout, DOAX2, Project Gotham, etc).
        To make a “Takedown” while listening BLAZE is priceless ^^.

      • Re-sublimity is the only song i know of hers (other than that shana opening and snIpe), so…VOTE!

        oooh, BlazBlue! wait, it has KOTOKO in it??!! *must get even more….*

        seems like the PV archives are only short clips :( aw darnit…

  4. It seems logical for KOTOKO to get the first overhaul; as she has sold the most songs… no offence… shes so cute *U*

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