Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/17/09

Karaoke contest deadline extension

Well, there have been a number of submissions for the karaoke competition that was supposed to kick off tomorrow – but, as I know some have expressed woes at not having enough time to smooth out the kinks in their recordings and/or try other songs, and some others probably didn’t feel there was enough time in the first place, I will be extending the deadline for contest submissions. Submissions will be accepted up until an arbitrary time (maybe midnight, maybe not) on Saturday, July 25, after which point all submitted songs will be posted and the judging shall begin. Rules for the contest can still be found here.



  1. Bah! Now we have to wait to hear everyone’s entries :-P

    • Well in the meantime you can all check out my review of the ifrst 2 episodes of Princess Lover! over at my new anime blog [/shamelessplug]

  2. We’ll just have to take our time on this one. I already submitted mine but this can be a chance for me to think over if I’m okay with the one that I submitted or do another song rendition..

  3. Exactly how many managed to make it to the first deadline though? :o

    • Those numbers are classified.

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