Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/22/09

I’VE in BUDOKAN and daily-daily Dream! jacket scans up

To all the members of I’ve:

If you’re struggling with poor sales, it’s probably a good idea to try and ‘step your game up’ in some form or other. Preferably by being less horribly lazy with your compositions/arrangements/vocal performances, but there are other ways too. Such as not releasing singles with covers that look like this. Or not making your official live DVD releases wholly indistinguishable from Chinatown bootlegs from 1995. Just a thought.

I now feel sorry for anything bad I’ve ever said about any previous graphic-design mistakes on I’ve’s part. Shit has nothing on daily-daily Dream!.



  1. Whoever is in the graphic design department for I’ve has the opposite problem the arrangers have: Plenty of effort but zero talent.
    And are those CROCS? KOTOKO usually has much better taste in footwear.

    • @hikaruhoshi: lol those seems like CROCS :P

      and about the DVD cover… they should have made like Budokan ’05 DVD -_-a

  2. The cover of the DVD is rather bad but this is just terrible, crocs, and just everything the way it is set up God can we just move on please….

    anyways Mami looks really strained on the front where she is singing lol

  3. Gosh….. they left Godzilla out of it just because it’s not colorful enough.

  4. wow, it is cheerful!
    is it my daily-daily Dream to see such cover?
    colorful and “dreamy”

  5. The random sunflowers make me cringe, KOTOKO’s outfit makes me cringe, the colour scheme makes me cringe and I’ll bet this single makes me cringe.

    • If this single turns out to totally suck there’s a pretty good chance that the ‘review’ will just consist of this cover image.

      • well, i’m still hoping the best for this single though
        kinda hoping for a song like bumpy-Jumpy!
        it’s pretty good despite its title

    • as long as it ends up as another shicittenhakki and not another Special Life!, this single will definitely be good :P

      • You’re absolutely right!
        I hope that your words would come true and about the dvd cover, it’s ok with me but what’s most important is what’s inside it.
        Can’t wait to have my copy on hand ^^.

  6. @Pedro: ahh i envy you >__<~

  7. I like it…………….I feel dirty -_-;;

  8. Not gonna lie though, while the cover is kinda lame, IT’S JUST TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

  9. What the fuck Aibu? WHAT THE FUCK??




    Best cover ever. To hell with everything else they’ve done. Fuck this current pseudo-post-hipster-pre-contemporary-adult-artso-fagso-let’s-invite-the-fucking-blue-man-group bullshit wave they’ve been riding lately. This better be denpa, and it better knock my socks off.

    • Are you, by any chance, a coprophiliac?

    • It’s just a badly executed cover. The KOTOKO + Baseball idea I find cute.

      It’s cluttered and it’s really busy and it’s just “My… eyes hurt after staring at it trying to figure out what’s wrong with it.” Plus the lens flare is very 2001.

      • You are missing the point. It’s the Bat of Supreme Dominion. It’s supposed to blind those who dare catch your fly balls. Which it won’t ever hit, of course. Only intergalactic homeruns.

  10. asfjwea;ofijaw;oefa IT’S SO AWFUL


  11. I think it looks cute 0=
    I reminds me of Shinchiten Hakki Shijou Shugi Wooo mouthfull xD
    i hope its good 3=
    KOTOKO//according to wiki sales are satisfactory, she should up her game to try and compete with the likes of er… Ayumi Hamasaki!
    I would be very happy for her if I seen a big ‘1’ on the oricon, maybe from this song~??? xD
    GOOD LUCK KOTOKO~!!! <333

  12. Is this single with I’ve~??? Because I just read a post that she was on a possible leave =_=’;

    • All indications are that the single is with I’ve, yes. She didn’t leave, the speculation that she was leaving was just paranoia on a few fans’ part.

  13. Cuteoko = lame, face it.

  14. XIII: wait until you hear the song d=

    • I know I should’t judge anything bu it’s cover, but this one seems a little too exaggerated. Still, the songs may me nice.

      • But I gues you do have a right to judge by the cover… but some may say ‘dont judge a book by its cover…’ that isnt always true >o> xD Im sure it’ll be good ^^; lol ~!!!

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