Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/23/09

International Wota writes up MELL’s Otakon press conference

International Wota, while known mostly for being a portal to the world of Hello!Project fandom (and various similar boy/girl pop groups), occasionally features some I’ve content thanks mostly to their intrepid staff member Pengie, and recently she delivered the goods in admirable fashion with a full transcription of MELL’s brief “press conference” at Otakon 2009. You can read her article here, and while admittedly the questions and answers are a bit lighter than some may have liked, it’s still a good read for any MELL fan.



  1. That was a very funny and interesting press conference and… she likes hard rock! ^^ that’s cool (even evanescence! even more cool ^^).

    But what called my attention was that she’s going to start working on a new album that, probably, will be out at the end of the year or early next year and she also wants a new tour.

    All good news. Would like to see this conference so bad >_<…

    • seconded. i envy those who can attend the event Y-Y

      i lol’ed when she was amused by the word “cutesy” xD~

      and new album.. can’t wait xD~

  2. MELL sounds so funny cool lol…

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