Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/25/09

I’ve Sound Blog First Annual Karaoke Competition!

Well, the moment some of you have been waiting for! The submission phase of the first annual I’ve Sound Blog karaoke competition has drawn to a close, so now it’s time for the submissions to be judged! Exclamation marks all ’round!

The brave contestants’ submissions, which will be judged by you, the readership, are as follows:

AyameAbyss (originally by KOTOKO)

NaddieDROWNING (originally by MOMO)

Pi-pi-piDROWNING (originally by MOMO)

FredSHIFT (originally by Lia)

KannaUnder the darkness (originally by C.G mix)

Good luck to all involved, and whoever has the most votes in the side poll by August 25 gets a prize of some note. Have fun, guys!



  1. Apologies for not having a streaming option available; WordPress limits mp3 uploads to paid accounts, it turns out.

  2. oghhh okay… I’m amazed there’s actually someone chose our mix-nee’s song xD~

    and between Love Planet Five only, there’s only KOTOKO chosen ~_~”

    you know what ?? somehow i feel relieved i decided not to enter the contest just by listening to Ayame‘s voice… -_-;;

  3. LOL I can’t believe we have repeating submissions even if there’s only 5 entries :P Haven’t listened to this yet, will probably do so once I get over the initial embarrassment of having entered this contest.

  4. Okay not playing any favourite (lol wait this is a competition right) but I think Pi-pi-pi wins this hands down. Good God why we have to have the same song is beyond me :P

    I love Ayame’s strong vocals though.

  5. ^ nice performace there Naddie. I like your voice. It’s so soft yet somehow it resembles MOMO’s voice.

    And as for me, I’d get a vote if they think I deserve one. Good luck to all of us who submitted renditions! :)

    May the best man person wins! Hey wait, I’m the only man who joined! D;

    • Thank you, fred :) Lol I know my voice is nothing compared to others :x

      I like your voice, you should pick KOTOKO songs, or even C.G. mix without the emo wardrobe ;) I think I used to know you from, which is dead now.

      • Thanks too! ;) But yours is really better. It’s a good thing I listened to your rendition first! :D

        Well I actually submitted 3 renditions (SHIFT, hitorigoto, and flow ~mizu no umareta basho) but I let Aibu chose what’s the best. :)

        @Yuki-chan> well the reason why I chose that song is on my blog. ;)

  6. *lol* isn’t Kanna a male ?? *bricked*

    @fred: you could choose many other songs… and you chose Shift ?? you should have chosen another song :D

    @Naddie: don’t underestimate yourself, dear… your voice is still much better than mine :D because mine is more rock type and has no vibrato Y-Y

    • And one of the reason why I choose SHIFT is a bit of a “quirky” choice. My other 4 competitors chose to do an upbeat and trancey songs. I wanted to do a “different” piece and I just wanted to prove that midtempo ballads are not half-bad to perform as well. As you can see, I’m the only one who did the ballads.

      Oh well even if I lose, tis just a game. I’m enjoying it to the best that I can. :-D

    • Kanna, is female. Kanna was actually going to do another song (Princess Bride), but she only knew 1/2 of it and under the darkness was the one I knew the most of. *shrugs*

  7. I Knew this would happen XD never mind!!! Although I think Aibu will be dissapointed that he didn’t get five RIDEBACKs going on. Heck, even I’M dissapointed that didn’t happen. I think we should all agree not to vote for ourselves though XD I’m having trouble deciding on who to go for! Everyone did great.

    Ayame: amazing *_* I love it so much!! Good job, you sound just like the original version. Passionate, fierce. Thumbs up!!! So good!!!! Jealous now.

    Naddie: now I’m embarrassed! I should have paid more attention to what people were going to sing (or posted what I wanted to do) I feel bad. But you obviously have good taste ^_~ we’re just very similar in our I’ve love but I would have switched songs if I’d realised! Sorry!! I’d even been practicing

    But you are seriously good, super smooth and mysterious :D not a stumble or a note out of place anywhere. Perfect! How did you get the mixing so nice *_* it sounds so dreamy.

    Fred: Yay a boy!!! I’m shocked we didn’t have more boys entering though, I thought they outnumbered the girls about 100 to 1 to be honest. Good rendition of SHIFT though, very good. I always think it’s more difficult to sing than it seems but you did it great!!! :D what a great chorus T_T

    Kanna: I’ve never heard this song before but it certainly made a good impression! It really stands out, great (darknessssssss) Good joice of song and excellent execution. 10/10!

    • Wow you’re flattering me a bit. xD But you did yourself a good job. ;D And that I congratulate you! The song suites you. :D

    • You should hear C.G. Mix do it, lol. He does a better job than me.

      • That’s debatable, Kanna – the original, sure, that one I’ll give to C.G mix, but I actually like your take better than the limp autotuned mess on ‘pray’.

  8. But considering we only got 5 entries, they’re quality goods! heh heh, cream of the crop.

    • I quite agree. I’d be glad if this will be repeated next year. :D

  9. @K.N> Right. You’re a girl because you’re Kanna — short for Kannazuki. :D That’s why I told Yuki-chan that I was the only man who submitted a rendition. Good job on your rendition of under the darkness btw! ^_^

  10. As someone who unfortunately could not enter the karaoke competition at this point in time ;__;, but does have a history working with vocal training,

    Ayame: Excellent! You voice was nice and powerful with enough vibrato to keep the song going. Way to go! I really liked your voice when it would climb up from low to high for the last part of the verse before the chorus & the chorus. ^_^ I would love to hear you sing more fast songs!

    Naddie: I hear your vibrato softly here and there, but it’s still there. You used it excellently. You as well gave an excellent performance!

    pi-pi-pi: All I can say is…*__*
    YOU FREAKING GO GIRL! You sound just like MOMO and I LOVED the way your voice just flowed throughout the whole song and you stayed on key the whole time which keeps you having a wonderful, full sound! Also your vibrato was excellent!

    fred: Way to have the balls to post something :D. I really enjoyed your performance and listening to your voice. it was great!

    Kanna: Not gonna lie! I like yours better than the original :D You have quite the talent as well.

    Great job guys! I hope this continues on next year! Maybe I’ll give a crack at it then. XD

    • Aw I wish you’d been able to participate too >_< the more the merrier!

      It wouldn't have fit into the rules (being a solo album song and not having a karaoke track) but what I really wanted to do was Kawada Mami's 'Portamento'…

  11. @Pi-pi-pi: LOL it’s okay I don’t mind, I agree we have great taste ;) I wanted to do Mami’s I pray to stop my cry ~little sea style~ or KOTOKO’s Lupe but I didn’t really have any time to try those songs out so I gave up, heh.

    @Lance7652: Aww, thanks :) My vibrato sucks D: I’m practicing to get a more natural-sounding, strong vibrato but it’s hard when you work all day and have no time to sing haha. Do join in the fun next time (if Aibu feels like punishing us again :P Heck maybe Aibu will join next time…)

    • The best taste in the world ^_~ oh yeah, I pray to stop my cry is a great track. I wanted to do Mami’s ‘Portamento’ but a) no karaoke track and b) not a real I’ve song so it wouldn’t have worked for the contest T_T it needs more love.

      • Haha I don’t think I could’ve pulled off I pray to stop my cry though. I loved portamento btw! One of my favourites off the album.

      • You’re right about it not having a karaoke version, but portamento is in every way a “real” I’ve song and thus would’ve been an acceptable choice if it weren’t for the lack of a karaoke track.

  12. The quality in the entries is amazing. Good luck to all involved =) I, too, am in the surprised camp that out of 5 entries, 2 ended up being the same song…and not even a super duper popular anime one. But whatever DROWNING is awesome and so were the two renditions of it. Glad to see some MOMO love.

  13. Damn! Girls are too good xD. I attempted to give it a try, but I was interrupted by passing cars and my family, then I caught a cold and got my voice all duckified T____T. I was going to sing PSI-missing since my versions for Diorama and Naraku no Hana sounded too gay xD.

    Wow, this submissions are REALLY good… except for Fred’s and Kanna’s. Sorry guy’s, no hard feelings, but girls rocked xD. I bet Ayame will win though, her voice is really cool!

    • Hold a sec, that sounded too harsh and I didn’t mean it to. Fred’s and Kanna’s are cool as well, though I really loved the other ones.

      • well it’s alright. I already know inside myself that I’m not a born singer. But at least, I know I tried my best. xD

      • Was it a bad choice to send in under the darkness then? lol It’s just that I can’t take any karaoke contest seriously. If I have my Skype microphone in my hand while singing somehow I’ll just explode into laughter. And I thought, if I’m not going to be able to take this seriously – I might as well pretend I’m an aging bishounen being a goth queen.

  14. @NumberXIII = And you forgot Kanna’s also a girl.

    • Yeah, I read that just a while ago xD. I recorded myself with my mom’s mp3 player, great recording capacity. Still, I was unable to post since I didn’t get to do it correctly and caught a cold then. Haha, one of the times I sung PSI-mising with lots of passion, I noticed the mp3 had run out of power xD.

  15. Oh, I’m so torn right now! Everybody did great! I really love the 2 Drowning renditions. Each of those submissions used a different MOMO technique that I heard within the original and applied their own style to it (very good!) And because I love Drowning, along with under the darkness I listened to those first. Kana is a female!! Her voice totally sounded like a guy(I loved it!) I think I liked Kana’s rendition a little better than C.G Mix’s. Also Ayame totally love your vocals too, it went well with the rapid flow of the song.
    But in the end I choose Fred’s rendition of Shift. Not only did I love the vocals, you did very well in keeping your voice right on par when the lyrics shifted into English. And besides you chose to do a ballad, a quite long one at that! I listen to your whole track (not that I didn’t do that with the others as well because you guys did so well.)
    Well I’m going to stop blabbing now and wish all of you good luck! I wish everybody could win you guys where fabulous!!

  16. hi… i thought of dropping some comments.
    i;ve listen to all 5 songs and having a hard time to choose, especially nadie and pipipi’s drowning… it sounds great.. xD
    ayame’s great too, but it looks like somethings off.. sorry.. xD
    and kanna’s like shes laughing a little in the middle ahahah…
    lastly fred, i think you sing too close to the mic… xD

    i thought yuki was gonna join with immoral.. but she didnt.. ;p

    i’m sorry for my comments if it bother you… orz

  17. @stepmanga>> gee thanks. ^_^ I’m really overwhelmed to see that you enjoyed my rendition. :D I love midtempo ballads and just like what I said (in my past comments), it’s of a quirky choice since the other participants did the upbeat ones, to keep the balance, I’d do a ballad (either midtempo or slow). :D

    @mda0909>> well kinda. But I did that because my voice is not very loud if I keep a certain distance to the mic so I’m sorry if that one bothered you. XD

  18. WOW. The submissions are awesome. Sorry for seeing this so late.

    I really love the two DROWNING submissions. Pipipi has a stronger, stable voice, but Naddie’s rendition is well done as well. Oh gosh, it’s hard to say who’s better, since both are good in their own ways.

    Ayame sounded slightly shaky, but still good.

    Hey fred, your voice is pretty good, but overall I found the song just alright. It’s not your fault though. Not many guys can sing girl songs well.

    Kanna sounded really like a guy lol. I think under the darkness isn’t an easy song to sing, unfortunately.

    Hmmmm ….it’s such a hard decision!!! *debates*

    Goodness knows why I haven’t listened to the original DROWNING. Now I’m in love with it. If only I can find the download…

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