Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/27/09

daily-daily Dream! single credits

To anyone who bet “C.G mix” in the office pool, you can collect your winnings in the break room. daily-daily Dream!, the new Hayate no Gotoku!! opening theme, is both composed and arranged by Mr. mix, as was previous KOTOKO-sung HnG theme Shichitenhakki*Shijoushugi. This bodes well.

Boding… if not well, then interesting at the least, is the credit for the B-side: the new song, Message, will be arranged by SORMA No.1 and composed by none other than KOTOKO herself. It’s been a little while since KOTOKO did any songwriting of her own, and fans of her Princess Bride! should be pleased to know that the KOTOKO composition/SORMA arrangement combo from that famous song will be making its return.



  1. So, if we consider the single cover and the people behind both songs, we probably could conclude that this single is going to be a good one (or maybe a great one… who knows by now?) of KOTO-chan.

    Despite that I like dark songs from KOTOKO better, I do have special feelings about Shichitenhakki… and for the same I have big hopes about this single.

    Now we can start thinking about the funny daily-daily dream! PV that this release surely will have^^.

  2. WOOWW… this surely might be Denpa combi…

    Denpa no Sekai will be ultra-happy if he know this :P

  3. I am not exactly sure if this is appropriate to ask here, but I’m not sure where else. Is it possible to request reviews.

    I am sure you are very busy and I whole heartedly appreciate the work on your blog, It is great, but if you have some free time, would it be possible to get some reviews for:

    Short Circuit, Short Circuit II and The Front Line Covers?

    I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just a humble request…

    • I was actually in talks with fellow J-music blogger Denpa no Sekai about the prospect of doing joint reviews for the Short Circuit albums, that fell through but I’ll keep in mind that people want to see those ones reviewed. Front Line Covers never got reviewed when it was originally released because I had some kind of weird thing against covering Comiket releases, but I’ll see what I can do. Don’t expect a review with any sort of haste (I’ve Data File 06 has been gestating for half a year because I never cared to finish the thing), but do know your request’s being considered.

      And to anyone else wondering if this means they can request reviews: yes, it sort of does. As long as it’s not IKU, the Ao-iconoclast single or anything else debatably-to-not-at-all I’ve, that is.

      • But isn’t Front Line Covers re-released as a full album last March 25? Well I just kinda thought of that but if you’re not in the mood to do review with the album, then it’s okay. :D

      • That wasn’t really a mass release, they just had excess stock that they sold online after Comiket.

      • I greatly appreciate you taking the reviews into consideration, and let me just say now, that I thought that the front line covers album was done quite nicely, I think there was only like one song that I didn’t care for.

        Plus, it was kind of nostalgic to hear some older songs from the current line up. My personal favorite was Eiko Shimamiya’s rendition of “DROWNING”

  4. To the requestes: Aibu: You should do one on SHIHO and MOMO they are ex-I’ve Sound girls do they count lol

    • I don’t do individual song reviews, but compilation albums with both SHIHO and MOMO on them have been reviewed already.

      • I seen lol xD

  5. @Aibu>> well you’re right about that. It sold poorly and it did not even chart. o_o

    Hm.. is the I’ve respect arrange vocal album – unify not countable as well? :)

    • As the title implies, it’s an I’ve tribute album, not an I’ve release. I don’t think Aibu does reviews for things like that. That and all the artists on there are all doujin pop artists which means… most of them do denpa for a living. :p (Except for Beat Mario, who is awesome for sounding like a complete dork and doing it well) It wasn’t a terribly spectacular album on both counts but at least they tried with the denpa side of things.

    • It was actually the I’ve respect album that made me first decide not to cover doujin projects; I had heard about and considered giving it a mention, but then I decided against it and it’s been official policy ever since to keep things restricted to I’ve. Therefore, it’s not getting a review.

      I will say though, some of the arrangements are pretty damned nice, particularly the re-done Collective.

  6. I cant wait for this lol

  7. On the topic of SHIHO and MOMO; I thought they were pretty good .O. did you Aibu~???

    on daily daily dream… the name sounds quirky <3

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