Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/16/09

New anime themes from I’ve coming down the pipe

Fans of To Aru Majutsu no Index and Shakugan no Shana, take heed: the new season of Index will apparently continue its trend of I’ve-produced BGM (while not handling the theme songs, apparently), and more impressively the new Shakugan no Shana S OVA will feature Mami Kawada on vocals for both its opening and its ending theme. The Shana themes will, of course, get a maxi-single release from Geneon Universal later this year, and it’s worth noting that Index will likely follow the pattern of its previous season with Maiko Iuchi being the sole contributor to its BGM.



  1. Ah yes, as is to be expected. Hopefully things will turn out more like Joint than Blaze.

    • I liked Hishoku no Sora and being owO
      The second season hasnt been released in Ireland yet but Im looking forward to my copy

  2. Good to hear…Shana has some good theme songs.

    But I’m confused. It’s the themes for the third season or for a NEW OVA?

    • A new OVA, titled Shakugan no Shana S.

  3. I have a really bad-hunch that this Shana theme songs will have some relation with C.G mix “OTL


  4. Hmmm, Mami Kawada + Shana = cool. Seriously, Hishoku no Sora was awesome!! Index… well, if Maiko is going to handle it and there won’t be any of the girls, then it’s not worth it…

    Then again, she’s weird, maybe it winds up being nice…

    (as if ¬w¬)

  5. Even if I’ve won’t do the first OP and ED for To Aru Railgun, maybe they would do the 2nd OP and ED.

    If Mami will do the OP and ED for the Shana OVA, i wonder how long the gap is between the single release of her Shana single and the To Aru Railgun (if she will sing for that anime, and if I’ve will make the 2nd OP and ED in the first place)…..

  6. @j4>> well that would be a bit short gap but if you ask me, they can do it since other J-pop artists can also do that.

    There are lots of possibilities, just like if ever Mami would be also tasked to do the To Aru Railgun OP1, she could release 2 singles w/ 1.5-2 months gap which KOTOKO already did way back 2007.

    • I’m just a little worried that I’ve/Geneon will “overwork” Mami just as they did for KOTOKO years back. Remember the times when KOTOKO will release many singles and an album in just one year? That one happened about two times >_<

      • I’ve had that suspicion earlier… but it’s only half a year, and Mami’s releases this year are only masterpiece, L’oiseau Bleu, and the upcoming Shana OP/ED.

        Geneon still make KOTOKO overworking, you know. an album which is recorded during her tour ?? that’s overworking.

      • its becvause she brings the money in owo

  7. @TELL>> not nowadays. It is true indeed that KOTOKO is the “money-earner” of I’ve Sound but it’s not very true today. Kawada’s earn the trophy this year.

    @Yuki-chan>> if you’re not going to include the filler single L’Oiseau bleu then Kawada just released one single this year and one eroge theme song and that’s kinda weak. Why not include the single because they’re just selling as much as they can since the DttF CD Box Set did not sold very well.

    • yeah, fred. that’s why i didn’t think about our (pi)geneon overworked Mami. at least for now… “orz

    • Yuu~~ @fred: Yes i agree for this year- but all timely, KOTOKO is no doubt the ”most” money earner lol >3

      O=, UNLESS KOTOKO IS actually leaving OMG~ and they need to big up Mami to get money D=

      LOL that wouldn’t happen >~>

      • KOTOKO will always be the main star of I’ve between the current ladies, that’s not matter of money but a matter of quality and talent.

        Sadly for Mami, she’s still a few steps behind KOTO-chan but what she has on her side is that she’s very young and with a promising carrer ahead.

        And sadly for MELL is that she’s not as young as the other members of the band because she’s full of talent and if it wouldn’t be a matter of age the stars would shine for her.

        Am I talking something here ^^?

  8. Oh god guys, just when you thought Seishun Rocket was bad…

  9. preview of Shakugan no Shana S. fancam (obviously), so lq, but you can hear snippets of the song. can’t wait!

  10. ^ It’s too LQ I can’t hear Mami’s song that much. >_<

  11. A higher quality trailer I found.

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