Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/24/09

STEAL! theme credits revealed

As has been mentioned on this blog before, C.G mix’s long-running relationship with boy’s love eroge developer Spray continues with the theme song for their latest effort, the surely thrilling heist-themed porno STEAL!. And, although a proper preview for the hopefully-epic song has yet to be shown, we now know the full credits for the C.G mix-sung opener “true eyes”.

Lyrics will be handled by an outsider as per usual (this time some fellow by the name of ‘ask’), with composition handled by C.G himself and arrangement assisted by his new best friend Takeshi Hoshino. The game comes out November 13th.



  1. I’m really having a hunch that BGM is true eyes itself since in the 2nd CM, a different portion of it was used. But even if it is not, I have a high hope for this one. Since his BL tie-ups are usually good. Even the cheesy Welcome to HEAVEN! was good for me, and under the darkness (the original one, not the one in the album pray) was brilliant. So probably, this one’ll probably sound good as well.

  2. Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that the song was performed in the latest I’ve in Budokan right? Has anyone watched it? Or whatsoever way so that we can confirm that the BGM song being used in the CMs is true eyes?

    • The only way we can confirm that is to wait for the Budokan ’09 DVD to be released and someone kindly……. uploads them :) I doubt that anyone who frequently comments here has been able to watch Budokan ’09.

      • “true eyes” is actually not bad..possible in the same league as “under the darkness” although I *largely* (or soley) credit that on anyone else but C.Gmix in charge for these two songs.

        That said my Budokan ’09 DVD showed up here and I watched through it…it’s longer, it’s shiny and oh-so much professional handled than back in 2005..but damn, watching this made two things clear for me:
        1) I *demand* the recordings of Shimamiya’s Live released on DVD/Blu-ray n-o-w (*curses threenine Entertainment for having dropped I’ve Vocalist goodies from their line-up before the Shimamiya 2008 Live Pamphlet was added..although that’s probably the devil’s *cough* Geneon *cough* fault to begin with9
        2) I *really* miss the “good old days” of I’ve…having finished watching the Departed to the Future concert it felt so…lonesome that I am definitely planning to go back watching the 2005 Budokan Live all over again. That one was shorter but seriously it had much more concept and soul behind (what’s the point in letting each Vocalist perform 7 almost randomly selected songs out of their repertoire if each or almost every one out of them is shortened to death? “KILL” being the greatest disaster of that cropped ’till it bleeds)…
        Oh and the third thing watching this I’ve Live tought me or reminded me was that I really dislike IKU much more than the “she’s not I’ve yet advertised in the same breath/league” puzzled feeling I do bear towards her since her “Debut” but now she really goes on my nerves and patience..especially since she’s about the only Vocalist who was allowed to perform both of her mediocre songs in full length -.-

  3. I hope the song will be great. The “previews” seem to suggest so. (I’m glad those “previews” didn’t show any…… unfitting scenes… for now.)

    Takeshi Hoshino again? This could mean he will join I’ve…… or continue on as a “guest” arranger like SORMA >_>. But either way, it’s fine for me.

  4. C.G MIX Ahoy!

    Although a thrilling heist themed porno sounds great to me.

  5. @j4games>> it seems that way.

    Btw guys, as usual, daily-daily Dream leaked and I’m not satisfied w/ the titular track but I’m liking Message!! It doesn’t sound like a SORMA arrangement but it’s sounding real good and it works! (at least for me) XD

  6. hmm… CGmixHoshino combi… just like Nakazaki combi ~_~;;

  7. Oh…my…god…
    I just got my copy of Budokan and I’m so happy *_*;; I can’t believe more than 200 days of waiting are over XD~
    Sadly I have to do some homework now, so I’ll watch the concert later this evening!! x3~
    The DVD came with a small booklet with pictures of each artist but we now most of them (if not all O_o) from the barks feature. The booklet also lists a
    ‘I’ve history 1999-2009’ from regret up to Spyglass.
    Disc I contains Mamis, Eikos, Healing Leafs, IKUs and Kaoris performances, Disc 2 has KOTOKO, C.G mix, Short Circuit and MELL and Disc 3 contains
    Love Planet Five and some making of footage <3~
    Aaah, can't wait to watch the DVD~ XD Damn homework~~

    Yay, my first comment here :D'' Nice to meet you all ^0^~ Finally some guys who like I've Sound!! In my country none cares about I've T_T;;;; And please
    excuse my shitty³ english ;_;''

    P.S.:I really like daily-daily dream! :3 The PV is like "WTF?! XD" but the song itself is really good!! Message is a great song, too. Since KOTOKOs b-sides for
    her Hayate-Singles are always slow songs, I thought message would be something like 'Nakitakattanda' but it reminds me a bit of Ritas Little Busters! *_*;;

    • Hello there, Kiui. If you’re interested, how about dropping by at the I’ve IRC channel? If you don’t know how to get there, just message me here and I’ll place the steps :) (this also goes to all others who want to go to the channel but don’t know how.)

      And oh yeah, how much did the DVD cost you? I want to get my hands on one :D

  8. Hi, nice to meet you too :D
    (There’s the True eyes Live version under my nickname)

    • As much as I hate to say this, this resembles “under the darkness” if under the darkness were more upbeat. I am curious to watch C.G. mix singing this on the DVD, to see whether he does any sort of bishounen type moves. :p

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