Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/25/09

Karaoke contest officially over

Congratuations to the lovely Pi-Pi-Pi, because she’s the winner of the First Annual I’ve Sound Blog Karaoke Contest!

Everyone did well, but there had to be a winner and the talented Pi-Pi-Pi’s rendition of “DROWNING” let her take the crown in style – if you’ll allow me to editorialize, I’d have to say she came the closest out of anyone who submitted to truly sounding like the original vocalist for the song – an impressive feat, considering MOMO’s considerable talent.

She’ll be getting her prize (a maxi-single of her choosing) in the mail sometime soon, and in the meantime I’ll be leaving up the karaoke sidebar for another week so anyone who wants to hear the submissions still can. Congratulations to Pi-Pi-Pi and all who contributed, and here’s hoping for an even bigger event next year!



  1. Thank you Aibu! (T_T) thanks a lot everyone!! It tough competition, everyone sounded great. I hope more and more people will want to participate next time. It was a lot of fun hearing everyone’s entries and singing!

    DROWNING was one of the first I’ve songs I ever heard so it’s always been pretty special to me. MOMO may have left I’ve but she will never be forgotten!!

    Thank you very much for voting for me if you did >_<VVV it was a lot of fun doing I've karaoke!

  2. Woah. Congrats pi-pi-pi!! (:

    I wonder which single you chose as your prize. :P

  3. Congrats to Pi-pi-pi! :D I didn’t realize this was done already lol.

    And gah this contest made me miss the good ol’ I’ve. Excuse me while I go back through their backdated music and reminisce.

  4. Thank you!!!!

    Well, since DROWNING isn’t available as a single, you’ll have to think laterally about what I chose :D

  5. Congrats to Pi-pi-pi. :D

  6. zOMG I love MOMO gwee~ xD

  7. Omedetou Pi-Pi-Pi! And that’s because you did great! :D

  8. Posting a bit late here, but better late than never, right? Congrats Pi-pi-pi! Your DROWNING sounded awesome. You deserved it!

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