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Single review: KOTOKO – daily-daily Dream!

Her sort-of-13th single for Geneon, daily-daily Dream! is also KOTOKO’s third theme song for parody-anime juggernaut Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく!), coming on the heels of past successes Hayate no Gotoku! and Shichitenhakki☆Shijoushugi. How does the single fare? Well, don’t take it from me, take it from a few of my friends…

KOTOKO – daily-daily Dream! (2009, Geneon Universal)


1. daily-daily Dream

2. Message

3. daily-daily Dream ~Instrumental~

4. Message ~Instrumental~

The review:

dino comics parody

(click for full-size. Dinosaur Comics layout courtesy of Ryan North, used with permission)



  1. Love it. Rawrgh.

  2. Okay, that was unexpected xD. I haven’t listened to it, but denpa=CUTEOKO, therefore, it’s not exactly attractive…. for me at least… (That plus the creepy cover…)

  3. Your style of reviewing this single is quite nice. I guess using comics for your review will make it easier for you to express what you think about daily-daily Dream!, seeing as you have mixed feelings about the song.

    I haven’t heard Message yet, but I think C.G. mix modeled ddD more from Shichitenhakki than Special Life! (maybe none from Special Life! at all)

    (And I have noticed that, starting from Special Life!, you’ve reviewed KOTOKO’s denpa singles somehow negatively.)

  4. @j4: he certainly was trying to make the successor of Shichitenhakki… but ended up with less spirit than the predecessor ~_~;; and even less cuteness from KOTOKO :P

    and about aibu reviewed KOTOKO’s denpa singles rather negatively… it’s because THEY ARE not as good as the previous Shichitten.

  5. ok ok but… is it good or not???
    because I haven’t listened to it yet

    Leave the irony aside please ¬¬.

    • I like the single more than I liked Special Life!, but that isn’t saying much. ddD is one of KOTOKO’s weaker releases, all ‘irony’ aside.

      • Thank you Aibu.

        I was asking this because I haven’t listened the single yet and, you know, I like Shichitenhakki☆Shijoushugi a lot and I thought that this one could be at the same level or maybe, even better.

        It seems that after all, I was wrong… too bad, but your review made my day.
        Thanks again^^.

  6. I think I may grow to love the song the more I listen to it, but the b-side is a snoozefest.

  7. @Naddie> wow we sure had a contradicting taste now. I’m loving Message and I’m not liking daily-daily Dream that much. >_> That’s why it took me a while to make the wiki article for it. XD I just made the article last night. :P

  8. I didn’t like any of them. Seriously, Epsilon no Fune BETTER be awesome…

  9. This is again a result of the inability of the sound producers of I’ve Sound to stop reminiscing about the past and move on.

    They’ve shown they’re quite capable of doing things outside their comfort zone. Why, of all times, must they be afraid now? More SPYGLASS, less of this.

    • “This is again a result of the inability of the sound producers of I’ve Sound to stop reminiscing about the past and move on.”

      seconded. especially C.G mix. while Maiko is actually still doing everything outside the zone ~_~

  10. TELL’s new name >.>——
    I liked it >w<
    But dinos were so phuuun

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