Posted by: 黒い雪 | 08/27/09

daily-daily Dream @ BARKS

I didn’t even try looking for it, and honestly, I was looking for other things… but then I saw it!!

daily-daily Dream feature @ BARKS

including the full PV as well as an interview and photos from daily-daily Dream and also from her recent WARP!! live tour 2009.



  1. The first daily-daily Dream photo showing off KOTOKO’s suede boots and microskirt is frightening

    • In that pic, she looks kinda like Hikaru from Kalafina.

  2. the 2nd photo is even more frightening, aibu…

  3. Wow Yuki-chan is also a poster here. XD Now that I noticed. :P

    • Yes she is! Her and I started writing an article together (another list like the best/worst covers one, it’ll be finished/posted by the end of the week probably maybe), and one thing leading to another I got a new co-writer. She’ll mostly be covering news like Hikaruhoshi used to, but editorials aren’t necessarily out of the picture. Mostly depends on what she wants to do, I guess.

      • for now, i’ll have to say, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” ~_~

        and please comment on the post… I’m EMBARRASSED “orz

  4. Nice Yuki ^__^. Congrats on being aibu’s co-writer. Looking for more posts from you :)

  5. i hope shes around in two years time for when i get to go to Jaaapaaan~ <333

    • She probably will be, but… dude. Seriously. Ease up on the rapid-fire commenting, ok?

      • X3~ Im so sorry >w<

  6. KOTOKO, you’ve looked better. Honestly. Now you just scare me D:

  7. What is the point trying to make KOTOKO looked bad when she’s, in fact, lovely.

    I’m starting to believe that someone, maybe from the inside, wants to screw I’ve.

    • If KOTOKO comes up with the outfits for all her photoshoots (as I’m led to believe she does?), that would mean she’s screwing herself.

      • I can see your point Kanna and I agree but her outfit is OK, I think that THE responsible for taking the picture is the guilty one here (or the one that chose it to be officially in the single).
        We all know that certain “angles” in a photo are our worst enemy, same for KOTO-chan.

  8. Omedetou Yuki-chan. :D

    Or maybe what they thought is beautiful is actually… ugly. :P What a quirky choice this is. XD

  9. Futa Ane’s OP credits have been revealed now. The new singer’s name is: 桐島愛里

    The song is called two heaRt.

    • Also, putting the name into Google brings up basically nothing. So, a unknown singer it looks like.

    • From what I can see her first name is Airi~ methinks and tehn surname is =/ dunno~ something shima/jima D=

      • Airi Kirishima.

  10. er… I like the second outift in the PV.

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