Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/28/09

Futa-Ane full credits up, new singer’s name revealed

So, is Lia rejoining I’ve? Eroge-song princess Rita dumping her GWAVE connections for a more well-established brand? The return of Reina as a full-time member? Nope! In fact, this new girl is a complete unknown – whether she’s one of Shimamiya’s pupils like most of Love Planet Five or a random find by Takase like IKU remains to be seen, but it would seem to be confirmed that Airi Kirishima (桐島愛里) is now an official member of I’ve.

Her debut will be the song “two HeaRt” for bootUP!‘s eroge Futa-Ane, and as has been mentioned before the song will be composed and arranged by oft-maligned producer Maiko Iuchi with lyrics penned by KOTOKO. Additionally, the game itself will feature background music from I’ve, with the only outside help on the soundtrack coming from sometime collaborator Yui Isshiki (Hyouketsu no Yoru, My Friend). No release date has been announced as of yet, but expect one in due time.



  1. I have a hunch that this Kirishima Airi is Eiko-sensei’s pupil called A-chan… and probability that this song would be something denpa-ish -_-;;

    • Yuki, As one of the most connoted fans of Mami, coud you share your favorite single from her? I’ll be glad to know ^^.

    • did someone say A-chan?? lol perfume.

      Anyhow, it’s about time for a breath of fresh air. I’ve was getting stale for me, really.

      • not that A-chan, dearest kieyuku-chan *lol*

  2. I seriously thought it was going to be IKU considering that her stuff tends to be lumped in the I’ve section in stores :p Oh well. I hope more information about her will surface soon.

  3. Is it weird that I’m always freaked out when there’s a new member? In my mind the Budokan 2005 I’ve line up has never changed >_<

    • >w< OMG I'm the same~X3

      [btw]~ haiii~ everyone~<3

  4. It is time to move on.

    • Actually, speaking of this, the LDP lost the Japanese election in a landslide. The Democratic Party of Japan will now be in power and they use the Obama-esque slogan of “change” as their rallying cry. Seems to be working, but it’ll be interesting to see what effect it’ll have on the country and its current culture.

  5. “It is time to move on.”

  6. Yeah but w/ Iuchi on the composition/arrangement, be on alert that this will probably one of her Stars Biscuit-like works or probably another Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku (w/c is probably one of the ugliest song I’ve ever heard in the I’ve discography). Hopefully better this time. I miss the old school denpas like Ren’ai CHU!, SRSLY.

  7. Stars Biscuit was a fun song! Very fun, very fun indeed!

  8. Meh I’d rather have some news of Reina singing new songs. But I guess I should be glad that I’ve is semi-working their butts off, yes? Yeah.

    Lol I sound like a bitter fan these days :(

    • It’s better than the self-loathing of being a Hello! Project fan. I’m still bitter three years later ^^;;;;;

      Anyhoo, I guess any I’ve news is good news. I wonder what it takes to become an ‘official’ member of I’ve. Wasn’t Reina an official addition? Or was it like that random American girl who got to sing SHIFT after winning a karaoke competition at an anime convention…?

      • I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t something like the “American “Crap” Model” contest hahaha.

      • She’s either one of Eiko’s students or another one of Takase’s discoveries, like IKU, except Airi (Eri?) was willing to do eroge so she evaded Geneon and got the I’ve seal of approval.
        I guess.
        Stephanie Yanez won AX Idol in 2005 and as a prize got to record Sabaku no Yuki, SHIFT (in both languages) and Ningyo Hime but I’ve never did anything else with her. Last I heard she was cosplaying in Akiba and continuing her endless search to find a pitch.

  9. One step closer to I’ve than most of us! Was she any good? Although I could probably google her…

  10. .o. KOTOKO
    has a new song coming SCREW!!!

  11. . . .I’ve seems to be hiring alot of Eiko’s students er(If this is A-chan). . .Which makes me thing OMG MELL~!!!

    Airi Kirishima I wonder if its possible if she’ll actually be treated/(and promoted) as much as *cough*not promoted*cough* as Kaorin-x'[ c’mon its totally not fair how they dont give a shizz about Kaorin and its obvious~:E

  12. On the balant side of random tidbits about the new I’ve vocalist…anyone following Shimamiya’s Blog (which *is* highly recommended to do btw.), she mentioned the new girl in the boat within her 2008/08/12 entry (whithout dropping a name back then of course ^_~).
    And it better be not IKU..I highly doubt she’d turn out as new vocalist because if that would be the case I don’t see why I’ve hasn’t introduced her as their new addition from the very start of her “solo career” anyways.

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