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New KOTOKO single announced, title unfortunately sexual

Holy euphemism for sex, Batman! Continuing a now 2-movie-long stream of collaborations with I’ve, Mamoru Oshii’s new live-action film “Assault Girls” is set to include an unfortunately-named KOTOKO theme song, simply titled “SCREW”. Whether the title is truly meant to complement the earlier Oshii live-action theme song “KILL” as the other half of the ‘sex and violence‘ equation or if it’s just a reference to the thing you use to put two pieces together in construction projects remains to be seen, but either way this one has promise.

The movie is going to debut in Japanese theatres December 19th, and the single is due for a December 2 release.

Edit – credits for SCREW revealed, and as with KILL the song is composed and arranged by Kazuya Takase.



  1. how delicious is THAT! I hope for another “Real Onigokko” type single.

    • that is exactly what I thought Dx~

  2. KOTOKO again… I’m tired of this pattern…

    we all know Mami’s finished with her recording, but not even the slightest hint for the single!

    Geneon/I’ve is being unfair to even Mami now…

  3. titular track credit revealed!! — it’s from Takase (just as I thought). XD

    @FullMetalQAF>> Or rather another KILL type of a song.

  4. I can has budget D:<

    Pancolle brings back bad memories <.<


    That is all.

  5. So how’s your holy pilgrimage this year?

  6. I think we have enough of KOTOKO this year. Seriously. In the past months, she’s had 2 singles (and 1 indie), 2 eroge songs, an album to come out on October, and a 3-month LIVE TOUR!!! And we’re still gonna expect another single from her!?

    Even though the other girls won’t really be as “talented” as KOTOKO in terms of vocal variation (as I see it), Geneon/I’ve must understand that if this keeps up, the quality of her releases will definitely deteriorate.

    More from the other girls please, (pi)Geneon!!

    • @j4games: If you’re tired of KOTOKO, fine, but there’s no need for you to said that it is enough of her for this year, the next one or her carrer. If you don’t want to know or hear more from her, simple, don’t listen her anymore but there are many others here and there who are always waiting for new releases of this lady.

      I respect your opinion but, obviously, I don’t share it.

      • I may have said that she’s had too many releases this year, but it doesn’t mean that I’m tired of listening to her. What I’m just saying here is that the other girls (especially Kaori) don’t get as much exposure as KOTOKO does.

        Even with this fact in mind, I will still wait for this single to be released :) . I’m still hoping the SCREW and its B-side will be great songs. But giving equal spotlight to the other girls couldn’t be hard for Geneon, right? Especially that their A-side songs in their singles are “advertised” by attaching them as theme songs to various anime, games, and movies in the past years.

  7. The first thing that came to mind was Mami’s “JOINT” so somewhere in the future we’ll probably get Kaori with a “NAIL” or MELL with a “BOLT” of some sort. Forgive my way of thinking, haha.

  8. I hope the song is as awesome as the title. Hot mess anyone?

    • That describes the whole current situation with I’ve.

      • yeah.. Seconded.
        SCREW you, I’ve/Geneon!


    i don’t really listen to KOTOKO as much, but it does seem like she’s having more attention put onto her rather than everyone else =\

  10. Really sounds like a MELL kinda release~ should have been a new MELL me tinks

  11. I love KOTOKO, and I’m happy to hear it’s gonna be done by her. But seriously, if I was one of the other I’ve members, I’d be so pissed. They never get to sing anything (well, not compared to KOTOKO, anyway). I mean, she sings more than her teacher or her fellow students. That’s gotta create some in-studio tension. It’s not exactly a recent development, either. No wonder so many members quit. Makes you wonder what keeps Love Planet Five (plus Airi now, apparently) with I’ve in the first place. I understand Mell, since she was the first member and all, but the others? I especially wonder about Eiko and why she keeps bringing them new talent when she (and the new people she brings in) get shafted all the time.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you! I feel KOTOKO is being overhyped by the I’ve staff when they have 7 other women they could work with.(That’s including IKU.) On top of that, I have a feeling that with Kaori writing her own stuff now, Airi’s gonna take the place of the one KOTOKO writes for.

  12. Oh please, don’t overdramatize things. If only you followed all their interviews and blogs. Most recently is Mami’s entry 3 days ago.

    KOTOKO should be at the center of attention now because it’s >>>3 years<<< since she got an album.

    • “KOTOKO should be at the center of attention now because it’s >>>3 years<<< since she got an album"

      That's a strong point.

      Well, I'm very happy today because 2 days ago I received my copy of the "I've in Budokan 2009" DVD and the nice clear file too, so now, I have to manage some free time to watch it but I'm very sure that the experience it's gonna be great^^.

  13. Hey, hey everyone. Calm down. D; Don’t want to see everyone arguing over some small things.

    Anyway, I can’t say I’m totally excited because KOTOKO got the spotlight once again. :P But I’m happy for her but just like Ayame indicated, they should give the other I’ve girls some chance because they deserve it — they shouldn’t stick to just one.

    But on the other side, even if KOTOKO flops on (almost) every release she had earlier, they should give her a “shining moment”.

    Hopefully the Hachimitsu-blossomdays-KOTOKO-penned-song, Epsilon no Fune, and SCREW would be something that would benefit her, nee?

  14. @pedro: it’s not too satisfying.. The live, i mean..

    @fred: sry, pal. Just being upset with the current condition of I’ve

    @skan: if you did read their blogs, you must have known that Eiko-sensei WANTS an album. Didn’t you at least read her blog? Or you just read Mami’s and KOTOKO’s? And of course, will they show us if they do get pissed up for KOTOKO’s release in their blogs/interview? There’s no way they will.

    • Eiko says she wants an album or a live tour or something *all the time* on her blog and bbs. I don’t know, but sales-wise, KOTOKO is still the one to go with. If anything, it’s for the own good of the label. Anyway, new albums for the others (except Kaori) should also be coming soon b/c it’s about time. Just saying :)


      • I read MELL may be having one quite soon, lol Im hyped tho’ –all these new releases!!!
        Eiko really should have more songs and MELL// like Bizzarie Cage wasnt even released as a maxi singe =w=. . .

        + the new japanese transfer student at my school hasnt heard of I’ve Sound xD or KOTOKO etc ={

        To be honest I agree with the fact that, the anger proberbly is boiling from MELL, Kaori, Eiko, Mami <—well actually I think Mami's done well this year~
        Geneon/I've need to big up the other girl's you've seen Ayumi Hamasaki getting publicity by interviews//photoshoots- I think the I've girls simply dont get enough of it =+= *megabricked*

  15. hmy god eiko lover two albuns is so greatª!

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