Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/10/09

Shakugan no Shana S OP theme gets title, release date

Mami Kawada fans, this one’s for you: the theme song for the upcoming Shakugan no Shana S OVA series, Prophecy, now has a release date. The single is due out November 18th of this year, and as per usual will come in both regular and CD+DVD versions. Let the speculation about arrangement credits begin!

In only vaguely-related news, KOTOKO’s upcoming Epsilon no Fune album will apparently contain the bonus track “Hitorigoto (2009 ver.)” if one buys said album at any Tower Records store in Japan. Why Hitorigoto is getting brought out for a third time (the song originated as a Comiket single and was more famously re-recorded on Hane) is something of a mystery, but the announcement is interesting nevertheless.



  1. horray for kawada mami
    shes been kinda quite this year (releasing singles)

    i’ll be also anticipating KOTOKO’s new album =D

  2. One guess for the arrangement credits: Nakazawa and Ozaki.

    Hitorigoto getting a makeover!? A must wait!! Hopefully it’s of TFLC-quality. ^_^

  3. About the Hitorigoto 2009 ver., I’m totally excited because it’s one of (my) KOTOKO’s best midtempo ballads she had. :D

    About Prophecy, I’m more than excited since it’s the OP Theme we’re talking about here. Plus whether tested or not, late Oct-mid Nov of the year is always favorable to Kawada (remember Hishoku no Sora, JOINT and PSI-missing?). :)

  4. Prophecy sounds cool… am I the only one that hope it’s something IuchiNakaZaki ?? xD~ *bricked*

    and.. OHHH hane ?!?!? okay, this is interesting !!

  5. WOOHOO, finally another Shana song, for some reason those songs to me seem untouchable, they always end up being good. At least, IMHO.

    • being and BLAZE too?

      • haha being is oright
        and blaze slowly grows on you
        especially if you watch the anime op

      • @kakuu: Read aibu’s review of BLAZE, and you’ll probably understand why he asked you this.

  6. Kyaaa~ Mami song- cant wait for it
    —> I hope the Hitorigot mix is good, me thinks it may be shortened because its a long song. Right 8D???

    On a side note: I hope they release another LOVE PLANET FIVE song with Airi Kirishima in it x3 even tho’ I aint seen her yet~ I hope she’s cute…

  7. Yay Mami!! Can’t wait!!!

  8. I dug out my Hane CD yesterday to see what ‘hitorigoto’ was like. I’m looking forward to a new cut.

  9. Even though UZU-MAKI to me represented one of the weakest to disappointing Album in KOTOKO / I’ve history to date (title track aside) news of a renewal for “hitorigoto” sold me on Epsilon no Fune, given it’s to date my favorite song in case of KOTOKO. Furthermore with that showing by I’ve / KOTOKO that they haven’t forgotten about this particular song chances for a sought-after Live performance of “hitorigoto” seem to be getting better now as well I’d say…

    • Wow there are only a few KOTOKO fanatics that actually like that song. And I’m actually one of them and I quite agree on what you said. There’s a high possibility also that they will avail Epsilon no Fune because of that bonus song. I’m actually more excited on this song rather than the whole album. XP

      And I hope EnF won’t be as disastrous as UZU-MAKI album.

      • Well, I wouldn’t say “hitorigoto” stands out to me for the vocal job KOTOKO did on it back then (not bad at all, but she certainly came up with songs that are way more memorable regarded in these aspects such as “-hane-“) but the music arrangements and brilliant use of Synthie sounds with “hitorigoto” still tops a lot of what KOTOKO made ever since hence why I love and still regard “hitorigoto” that high after all these years.

      • Agreed. After the huge disappointment that was UZU-MAKI, something a little more refreshing would be greatly appreciated.

        I actually hadn’t really listened to Hitorigoto until people on the blog started talking about it as their favourite song off of Hane. I decided to listen to it more the past couple days and I can see why people like it so much. Forgive me if I’ve got a weird image in my mind for the song, but I feel it contains that warm, relaxing mood, while at the same time, keeping the interest and emotion that prevent boredom from ensuing.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this, at-last it will be release on Nov. 18 this year its a very gud song and special thanks to Mami Kawada keep up the gud work, I really like your songs specially the theme song in Shakugan No Shana S OVA (Prophecy)

    I can’t wait to watch the “Shakugan No Shana S”

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