Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/11/09

KOTOKO for BALDRSKY Dive2, short version now available

Since Aibu hasn’t posted this, I’ll be the one to do it. Even though I’m still on vacation. “orz

The short version of the theme song for BALDRSKY Dive2, sung by KOTOKO, is finally available on its official site.

C.G mix is “in love” with our Hoshino-oujisama? Just kidding. But they do work together a lot recently. A LOT. (愛撫 edit: they do work together a lot, but on jihad C.G mix is actually working with Takeshi Ozaki.)

And, what the heck with that title? KOTOKO… what are you thinking… you… *facepalm*



  1. So do the characters in Baldrsky Dive2 actually go on some sort of holy journey to struggle in the name of god? :s

  2. Wikipedia’s “random page” feature strikes yet again. A little less explosive than the other BALDR songs, and yet it’s the same formula. Not that it hasn’t worked in the past. Sounds good so far…

  3. C.G mix is “in love” with our Hoshino-oujisama? Just kidding. But they do work together a lot recently. A LOT.

    Hahahaha. :D ROTFLMAO but they do worked together a lot this year. Maybe C.G has a hidden crush w/ Hoshino-san? :P even with jihad. So there’s a high possibility that we’ll see more of them (probably) on coupling songs of Prophecy or SCREW.


      don’t want MamiMix… “orz
      Need more Mami+IuchiNakaZaki xD~ *bricked*

      @aibu: oh, ozaki ? guess my eyes didn’t work well last night -_-a

  4. The title… wut.

  5. Oh was that Ozaki?! :D I got blind and only saw the “Takeshi” kanji *ignored the surname*.

    • *bricks fred* and i was so idiot to trust you !! =.= *bricked*

      anyway, Takeshis showdown: Ozaki vs Hoshino. :P

      • If there was one, i’d have a hard time choosing between the two, simply because they only play the guitars xD

      • Hahaha but I was sleepy that time hahaha and it’s the first time that I had a mistake on the info. :P haha. But if you ask me, I like Ozaki better than Hoshino. xP

  6. Loving jihad (a LOT) but NOT its name. What could be the connection between the title to the song?

  7. It’s actually a pretty cool song name, assuming they’re going for the personal struggle approach to the word. At least, from what I understand, it literally just means “to struggle.” Though given that’s not how the word is generally interpreted, you’d think they would, I don’t know, take a word meaning “struggle” from a language where it isn’t usually interpreted to have negative connotations. I guess they’re getting tired of their random French and Engrish song titles.

    • And the song sounds pretty cool. Liking it better than Restoration so far (but definitely not as good as Face of Fact, imo).

      • If we go for the strict basic definition of what jihad is, it is a noun that means “struggle”. I don’t know whether you know anything about the Islamic religion, but jihad is taken to be a important concept (it gets mentioned a lot in the Qur’an) of struggling for Allah. I suppose one possible equivalent in Catholicism is the concept of “resisting sin”, but the only problem is that Islamic countries will only undertake warfare if it is “jihad” (as dictated in Islamic law) for the expansion and defense of the Islamic state. Which isn’t very good.

  8. Similarly, one could note that when it comes to culturally sensitive issues Japan has had a long history of not quite “getting it”. Especially issues related to religion. Ever played a Final Fantasy game?

  9. *listens to demo size previer of “jihad”* okay, why did I even enter another theme for the BALDR series which has KOTOKO and C.G mix in charge with the ill-believe it could turn out something fresh or new at all…sounds to me like “Restoration” slightly (C.G mix style) altered… I for one only hope the Mr. leather-dressed I’ve creator will soon start learning something while collaborating/teaming-up with Okazaki or Hoshino…

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