Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/11/09

STEAL! OP movie up on Youtube

Finally, the public’s undying thirst for new C.G mix material can be quenched! The long-awaited studio version of True eyes is available for preview on Youtube, and, in the words of commenter acasacoco, “OMFG*dies from heart attack* I love it *.* Kyaa*fangirl scream*”. Whatever the fuck any of that means.



  1. hahaha, crazy ass fan girls. This song is cool, but not really as good as “Under the Darkness” at least in my opinion…

  2. I won’t do that, aibu.

    True eyes is good, but not as good as unzazazakunesu…i mean Under the Darkness…


  3. True eyes definitely is an upbeat “modification” of under the darkness. Not bad, but nothing new for my ears either. Either way though, the song is catchy, and IMO is better than under the darkness.

  4. I actually don’t mind this.

  5. Epsilon no Fune’s cover has been revealed. Looks like the image on collective, though ths one’s weird.. Perhaps a little too Star Trek-y xD

    • I liked daily-daily Dream’s cover more

    • I think it is a reference to her WARP live tour because somehow the pamphlet has something like that..

      look at this pict for reference to the pamphlet…

    • In the words of Picard:

  6. Well, here is my review of the first disc of “I’ve in BUDOKAN” dvd.

    Though almost most of the people talk about this concert as “not what I expected”, for me goes like this…

    -The dvd production is very good, the images in HD look great and the 7.1 surround sound feels amazing. I think that the price of this 3-dvd live edition is not expensive taking count the quality. OK, it is not necessary that features to enjoy the concert but, believe me, the difference is major. Let’s go to the live…

    -Mami Kawada. If I should use a word to describe the performance of this I’ve diva that would be “Proud” because I am really proud of how she has improved her skills not only as a singer but as an artist on stage too. Her first outfit looks great on her and the Healing Leaf one also fits perfectly the enviroment. She sings excellent and what a good way to do it, pretty secure of what she can do and not doing what she knows she can’t, moving the croud with her control on stage.
    Mami, you deserve a new album soon and though we know that you rocker side wants to arise, do not forget the beat, past songs are fine proof that you’re talented with that style in particular.
    For me, 5 out of 5 as my final score for your performance at Budokan 2009. then, we came to…

    -Eiko Shimamiya. At least!… thank you, thank you God for this budokan performance of Eiko so I can forget the weak one of the past 2005 and my only one live reference so far.
    This time Ms. Eiko did an excellent job with her stage domination we all know that she has but the difference came with her voice, one word, “Flawless” because she sang flawless, strong and nice at the same time, you know, I really enjoyed all her songs. I liked her outfits too, specially the dark second one and her on-stage interactions with Mami and Iku were charming.
    If you can release a new album with more beats on it, perhaps, perhaps I’d end up gettin it.
    My Budokan 2009 score is 4.5 out of 5 for this lovely lady.

    -Iku. My girl, you’ve had to support epithets like “boring singer” or “Singer of lullaby” by some people that don’t like you but, so far, I didn’t knew what to think about you because I haven’t had the chance to see you singing on stage, so far… because now I have my opinion. The first thing is when this lady came to the scenario, let me tell you, she is absolutely cute and beautiful (should I say Kawaiii^^) with an air of shyness that I was a little afraid of her skills as a singer but everything fade out when she started singing with a powerfull and pretty voice. She only performed two songs but two songs were enough to show to all the people that she is a talented little person with a great future ahead and you know, I really hope to see her in the future with a growing career in the music industry (wether with I’ve or not…).
    My budokan 2009 score is 5 out of 5 and an absolute “I love her!”^^. Now to the last one of the first disc…

    -Kaori Utatsuki. shit, this is what I don’t like to write but there’s nothing I could do about it ¬¬… Ms Kaorin, your outfit looks great but… it’s to much heavy for a nice lady with “happy” songs to perform and your show as a singer was only so-so, I mean, every song sounded the same because I wasn’t able to see the difference between one to another, sadly for me, this was the weak performance so far.
    I think that Kaorin needs a couple of hit songs with a proper brand new album soon because if nothing happens she could be eternally the last option of the band.
    My score is 3 out of 5… Y_Y

    Well, I can’t leave without mention the work of the band that is also superb, everyone of them did an excellent job. People like Kasumi Yagi, Harry Yoshida, Osaki Takeshi, Furu-Furu, Akira Yokota, Daiki Sato and Maiko Iuchi are a sample of all the talent behind our favorites ladies. A georgeous stage.

    That’s it. For all of you that read my humble review, remember, it’s only my opinion^^, and now, I’ll have to prepare myself for the second dvd with my favorites MELL and KOTO-chan. Can’t wait…

    • please wait for my official review of Budokan09… and…

      don’t be disappointed with whatever the review will be because that will be my first SERIOUS review. ~_~

  7. I was talking about the game not the song -.-“

    • Really? Sorry then, I guess.

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