Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/16/09

Finally, Kaorin’s first solo live

To all of you who are fans of Kaori Utatsuki, be happy!

Kaorin has finally got to have her first live! Hands up! WAIIII *bricked*. The details can be seen in I’ve official website.

Kaori Utatsuki a. k. a. Kaorin… finally first live, huh? I wonder what style she will bring to the stage, considering it’s SPYGLASS live.

Oh well, let me sing Do you know the magic? for now. *sang happily then bricked*




    I’ve almost memorized the lyrics to that song and it’d be nice if Kaorin could sing something else for a change. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen and we’ll get to hear it again for the ten thousandth time…


    Do you know the magic?
    It’s spell only love
    We can fly in dreaming
    Do you know the wonder?
    It’s spell mysterious
    I feel in sweet heaven

  2. Ahhh! I think I can go :O


    • Wait…KOTOKO has one around the same time. I think I’d rather go to that. Sorry Kaorin :-P

  3. Haste makes waste, nee? At long last Kaorin’s been granted a Solo Live *waii* Given how amazingly well she’s done and moreso improoved on the rare occassions of her Live appearing (Budokan 2005 – SHORT CIRCUIT II Premium Show IN TOKYO 2007 – Budokan 2009) she’s certainly going to deliver some great stage performances…and I’m sure it’s going to commence and end before lastly I will get my planned Japan trip done (*still hoping of some I’ve touring in August 2010…*)…wait a moment, I’ve Sound Explorer lists it as to be held *on* 11th October so that’s just an one-time Live instead of having several stops then >_<
    Oh and that of course brings also the Set List possibilities for such a Kaorin Live up as thought. "SWAY" (full sized for Live at last?), "open" (the amazing yet sooo gone under ballad before she had her Solo career started?) and most certainly "Do you know the magic?" ^_^

  4. Well, based on her past budokan 2009 performance I have serious doubts about her in the leading role of a solo concert and that was very clear because when she was on stage alongside KOTOKO she did a better job compared with her previous presentation on the same show.

    They better put some dancers on stage…

  5. It’s about time for Kaori. Hopefully she will give a spectacular live show. Considering it’s gonna be her very first solo tour, it’s expected that she may get nervous at times, just like Mami in SEED live.

    Hopefully other songs to be included are: Anata ga Suki, I’m Home, end of refrain, and Shiroi Rinbokyoku (pure win!)

  6. first solo live. and surely not first time without KOTOKO on the stage to support her. and yes, pedro, you’re right. Kaorin did better when she was with KOTOKO than when she was on solo in BUDOKAN09. it’s like she can go all out with KOTOKO rather than on her own.

    most certainly, she will include all of her song in SPYGLASS. certainly. i mean, why would they even call it SPYGLASS Live if it won’t have all songs from the mini-album?

    and the additional would be Change of Heart (I know how Kaorin enjoyed her perfomance on this song in BUDOKAN09) and Do you know the magic?, the only song in which Kaorin were able to “hypnotize” the crowd to sing and jump with her. IT’S THE ANTHEM OF KAORIN, DO YOU KNOW THAT?! xD~ *bricked*

    @pedro: OHH I bet they will put some dancers on stage, just like what they do to Mami back then in her first live tour.

    @pi-pi-pi: *lol* right on the same time? I’ve is surely cruel to Kaorin, nee~

    • It’s a couple of days after. Kaori’s Sunday then KOTOKO is the following weekend. But luckily, I imagine I’ve fans to be the type of people who would shell out for both ^^;;

      • those mindless fans of I’ve will. not those who favor only one utahime ~_~

      • If I would be at Japan, certainly, I would KILL for being part of a show of MELL and I would BLAZE myself on a live from KOTOKO.
        I wonder if that makes me a mindless fan? ^^.

      • yes, pedro. you’ll be certified as a mindless if you really do that.

  7. Regarding Kaorin’s MC corner during Departed to the future I fail to agree on that her performance were not at their best. I mean that’s certainly beyond my bias when it comes to this vocalist but come on – “SWAY”, “Chasse”, “Change of heart” were among the best renditions shown that night (as far and good as this can be judged from the Budokan’09 video recording). In fact it felt to me quite the opposite in that she improved from her previous two Live stage appearances stepping forth vocal-wise (specially noticeable during the SHORT CIRCUIT MC corner where her voice lastly could be heard way more prominent next to KOTOKO than how their joint performances were handled back for the Premium Show Live…

    However what still puzzles me is the treatment a so-called first Live for this I’ve vocalist apparently receives. Okay she didn’t release a full-fledged Album as Kawada or MELL had back at their stage Solo debut but that didn’t stop Shimamiya either to go on Tour with ULYSSES nor Endless Loop contrary to the one-time event thing SPYGLASS seems to receive here…

  8. @Yuki-chan: I agree with the fact that is almost 100% probably that KOTOKO will join Kaorin on a couple of songs in her live and bearing in mind the style of music that she interprets and that is happier and nearby it would be a smart move.

    Also and for the same last reason, the need to use dancers on stage is obvious and, you know, this BUDOKAN 2009 wasn’t as charming as the past and one of the reason could be the lack of dancers that give more life to the stage on a live performance.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I really hope this first solo from Kaorin means a great step on her career but, beware, she is several steps behind the talent on the road so far of Mami and KOTO-chan.

    And I don’t want to forget to mention that even though my I’ve favorites are KOTOKO and MELL, the great winner of this BUDOKAN 2009 in terms of advance, overcoming, talent and stand out was, with no doubt, Ms Mami-chan that did an absolute impressive performance and I bet that soon we’ll have more proof of her talent ^^.

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