Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/18/09

blossomdays theme song entitled “blossomdays”, another Mix credit.

Credits for the theme song of Eroge Hachimitsu Otome Blossomdays have now been revealed in its official site.

Another C.G mix work for KOTOKO, except with no KOTOKO on the lyrics. The lyrics were handled by the same person who was in charge for the lyrics of MELL’s Bizarrerie Cage, Matsushima Shishi (CMIIW). *bricked*

Quoting some parts of what fred said in his blog, C.G mix and KOTOKO have many songs in their pocket this year. KOTOKO’s and Mix-nee’s own album, two songs for Mix-nee and KOTOKO in the 10th anniversary CD Box, and then these eroge songs… They’re overworking both Mix-nee and KOTOKO, nee~ *sigh*

Aibu, what would you do if I told you that I need more Maiko this year? *bricked* Maiko dominated the first half of the year, but the rest would be Mix-nee and KOTOKO… “OTL



  1. a) wait for the album
    b) the BaldrSky2 song took Mix-shi about two minutes to create, and most of that was just copy and paste (I’m still not complaining yet). and
    c) I want this to be happy hyper denpa so bad it hurts.

  2. Epsilon no Fune, Prophecy, SCREW, and two HeaRt are the one’s I’m waiting for. I’m extremely excited about the new utahime!

    • So am I !! xD~

      let’s combine the title… Let’s SCREW the Prophecy for two HeaRt… wait… this one is bad for Prophecy -_-;; *bricked by herself*

  3. @SAME. Same like me ^______^

  4. Now that you’ve said it, C.G. mix and KOTOKO have done so many songs this year. But I think it’s only KOTOKO that has been overworked this year, seeing as mix-niisan dosen’t release his solo songs very, very often. So if you think about it, Maiko composed a lot of songs last year up to early this year, and mix-niisan for majority of this year. If this trend continues, next year would either be Nakazawa or Takase.

    Looking at the illustrations of the eroge, I’d say the song could be a hyper-cute electro denpa like Crash Course ^__^

    Also, it’s quite rare that KOTOKO’s not the one who writes lyrics for her songs. When was the last time this has happened?

    • well if I’m not mistaken, it was for Maria-sama ga Miteru theme songs (Chercher, Kirei na Senritsu). Oyuki Konno who is the mangaka for the said manga/anime series is the one wrote for those two. And it was from last two years.

      So you could really say that it is really rare that KOTOKO doesn’t write her own lyrics.

      • You’re 100% corrct. KOTOKO had very little to do with Chercher and Kirei na Senritsu other than being the vocalist.

  5. What is this *bricked* thing you keep doing? I don’t get it.

    (I just realized there’s a new writer.)

    • It’s apparently a mannerism Yuki picked up from Fred. I think it implies that someone throws a brick at her every time she says something that the theoretical strawman disagrees with, but I’m not entirely sure.

    • ah, sorry about that. Aibu’s explanation is correct, anyway :P

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