Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/20/09

Epsilon PV preview up, More Shana S trailer

Okay, this time I’ve brought two news.

First, KOTOKO’s latest PV, ε~Epsilon~, for the upcoming album is now available at  her Geneon Official Website. Futuristic KOTOKO, huh?… still prefer Re-sublimity KOTOKO.

Second, Shakugan no Shana S OVA trailer featuring Mami Kawada’s latest song is now up in YouTube. It is unknown whether the song in the trailer is Prophecy or not. Nakazawa or Mix? I’ll place my bet for Nakazawa.



  1. I love both but I still love ε~Epsilon~ more. It’s getting kinda addicting for some reason. XD

  2. And about the trailer, I doubt it’s Prophecy because it doesn’t sound too upbeat for an opening theme… maybe it’s the untitled ending theme.

    • My thoughts precisely. This is too tame for an intro.

    • Me also. It fits the “generic pop-rock song” description very well.

  3. I’m not really feeling the whole Deep Space Nine theme of the Epsilon no Fune but the PV doesn’t look too bad, it has to be said.

    • I wasn’t really captivated by the PV at all. Seems like KOTOKO is trying too hard to go back to the Re-Sublimity days. Hopefully the album will prove my expectations wrong and feature some original sounding material (I was very impressed and pleased with SPYGLASS, so I know I’ve is still capable of surprises).

  4. That PV looks very good. I hope that the album keeps the same line.

    And her tickets for the live tour at SHIBUYA-AX stage are currently sold-out; no need to wonder why KOTO-chan is the best after saw her performance at BUDOKAN 2009 ^^ (and maybe after several years since her last official live dvd we could have a new one from this tour *bricked*).

  5. wow am I the only one who’s getting addicted w/ Epsilon? XD I don’t know — it somehow caught my attention. Hmm but I don’t the PV is not that bad.

  6. i like the PV =)
    i think its better than re-sublimity.. that was too crazy =S lol this one is good looking!

  7. i’m not feeling “prophecy” (for lack of a better name for now) ): hopefully it’s just cuz previews always suck :D

    • don’t worry. just like what we said, it may not be Prophecy because it’s not too upbeat. I’m assuming that it will be something rockish like JOINT.

      • i’m hoping so. JOINT was AWESOME. then again, all of her shana-related songs have been, so *shrugs*

  8. ε~Epsilon~’s music was great
    but i actually hope KOTOKO will deliver more powerful voice just like in real onigokko or lament…
    well, hopefully the full-length song will be great cause i’m dying for new songs. haha

  9. As for Epsilon, it’s like: kicks! + TRILL + triangle + Re-sublimity. In other words: AWESOME. I hope the full version of Epsilon will indeed be an epic one.

  10. This song sounds awesome. Damn u I’ve and ur addicting as hell songs


    Epsilon previews up. If tracks 7 and 11 are not C.G Mix, I’ll eat my nonexistent hat. The album sounds very listenable apart from scene and LITTLE BABY NOTHING. I’m still cleaning the blood from my headphones after listening to the latter, so fair warning.
    I’m loving the title track, it sets the theme for the rest of the album very well.

  12. Dear God, Kazuya sings again.

  13. another trailer of the shana song. it’s longer, but it’s also fancam (though better fancam than the last link i posted)

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