Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/02/09

Epsilon album previews up

Credit for this find goes to Hikaruhoshi, apparently. Previews for each song on KOTOKO’s latest are up on her official site, and while we don’t know any arrangement credits for sure yet, it’s probably safe to assume they’ll all be following shortly. The album comes out October 14 on Geneon Universal records.



  1. I have already preordered it…., it comes with a new look, i hope i will find some romanizated lyrics to try to understand more of wath message the illustrious wanted to be transmited on this album.

    • Wow. WOW!!!!!!!!! Your comment is a million times more entertaining than the Epsilon previews.

    • Pretty sure the message ‘the illustrious’ wanted to be ‘transmited’ (sic) on this album was “it’s been three years, guess I have to make a new album now.”

      • hey…, i’m not native to english, ya’ can kiss my…., nah’…doesn’t worth to be agresive with plp like you.

      • Had you read more than 3 posts on this blog before commenting, maybe you might have noticed that sarcasm is kind of how we do things over at I’ve Sound Blog. Just because I don’t take I’ve DEAD SERIOUSLY like you apparently do doesn’t mean that I’m any less of a fan, and you getting all upset over a joke just shows that you really don’t belong here. So, really, either lighten up or get the fuck out, either is fine by me.

      • It’s not that i’m not lighten up, like i sed…it’s no good being to mad….no good, i am sorry for my bad behaviour…. I see how 3 o 4 plp here are so against KOTOKO, and so extremist for Mami Kawada. Actually in such a way that they will do eny thing to denigrate KOTOKO and I’ve….(actually i don’t care to much for I’ve, i’m agree with them on that part), and they say only good things about Mami…, now is that fair? Don’t get me wrong, i apreciate the work this guy Aibu and his helpers do for the I’ve fans in geting info about i’ve, i read these posts since like…since some 2 years ago… But simply you can’t say Mami Kawada had the best album from I’ve….or UZU-MAKI is a bad album…..just think about Iruka….she made that song, both song and lyrics. I undersatnd this Mami fans…, she will be limited to be 2 after KOTOKO, limited by her talend and guys in I’ve, such as CG Mix( a faggot…if you ask me…) and Takase Kazuya…(limited in how much new he can create in the future). Sometimes i see u guys blame in some way KOTOKO for taking all the action in I’ve, all is creaded for her, the other girls are just attachements…. I say…KOTOKO allway enjoyed helping everyone, she had Mami in her radio show, promoting her, if it wasn’t for KOTOKO, you would not even know about Mami Kawada. Kotoko was the spark in I’ve, she still has the bigger sales…., both Mami’s albums sold less than UZU-MAKI…..most of the singles Mami had are related to KOTOKO and still she hasn’t sold more…

        For the end, in Youtube i have a channel with a total of 250000 views of KOTOKO PV , even if i personally don’t like Mami Kawada, i still don’t denigrate her…in the way KOTOKO is denigrated here.. sarcasm or wathever.
        I am sometimes a bigoted troll…,i’m sorry…you thing about your adiction to Mami and try to understand me.

      • “But simply you can’t say Mami Kawada had the best album from I’ve….”
        I can, and I did. I’ll say it again: SAVIA is, to this date, the best collection of songs by a single artist under the I’ve Sound umbrella to be released.

        “or UZU-MAKI is a bad album…..”
        It is. While its main problem was how it was choked by mediocre ‘filler’ tracks and suffering from a lack of strong singles (unlike previous effort Garasu no Kaze, which boasted many of the best songs KOTOKO had written in addition to its often-great originals), it also failed to impress on a conceptual level with a tracklisting that gives no real thought to natural progression or thematic cohesion, and caps it all off with one of the laziest ‘remixes’ in I’ve history at the end of the album. Yes, I won’t say it was without its good songs (the title track in particular), but it was by no means a good album by any standard, much less KOTOKO’s usually much-higher benchmark for quality.

        “just think about Iruka….she made that song, both song and lyrics.”
        And it was fairly mediocre compared to most of the songs made for her by Takase and the other producers. How does songwriting credit make a song better? KOTOKO is a talented singer, and far less talented as a songwriter (just listen to her thoroughly unimpressive ‘Message’ from daily-daily Dream as an example), so why is one expected to heap applause on her for doing what she isn’t as good at when she has no shortage of collaborators capable of setting her lyrics to something much better?

        As for the argument that Kawada ‘made’ KOTOKO, that’s… really, I don’t know. It’s just so flawed on every level that I’m just going to let it be for now.

        Finally, you are aware that I’m Aibu, right? You keep referring to me as if I’m some third party.

      • I don’t know what you want to imply Maiku, but I need make it clear that we don’t hate KOTOKO. We love KOTOKO as well. Everyone here has their own favorite Utahime, like me and fred who obviously like Mami, littleharlock who is a big fan of Kaorin, or Kanna who loves MELL, but We all respect KOTOKO.

        as for me, I love Mami, but I try to be critical when her song isn’t like what I expected. And of course, Loving someone doesn’t mean you always praise that person, does it?

      • Yep, we all have our favorites ladies and even though I would marry MELL with no problem XD, KOTO-chan’s still my number one.

        It was hard for me but, after all, I was able to noticed the sarcasm on this blog and survive to tell the story ^^.

        Yuki being critical about Mami???!!!… sure she is @____@’…

        And Mr. Aibu, I know that we talked about this in the past but,
        Why don’t we have a website? we could arrange everything better and get to known us as well, I mean, sometimes I feel a little fed up with the off-topics and it’s almost impossible to find older information.

        Shoot, I’m wearing my shield today ^^…

      • I was in talks with the owner of the Italian I’ve Sound Blog over letting the English-speaking fans have a corner of the forum she started, but that kind of fell through so we’re back to square one. I have thought about creating a forum to keep discussion on-topic, but I’d prefer if someone else did it for me. I have no desire to be admin for a forum of my own creation, too much work :P

      • But Aibu, if you can’t do something… then who???

        Sadly, I don’t know anything about websites but I’m sure that we could help to keep it going on.

        I’ve Website!!! I’ve Website!!! I’ve Website!!!

      • I can get an Invisionfree domain up and running if you want.

        In fact I could do it right now.

        Though someone else is going to have to make a banner because I can’t photoshop worth shit.

      • KOTOKO has been sucking lately, period. Orgasms about how she is SUCH a a nice person who descended to us evil mortals to enlighten us with her ultragentle presence and just how she is Ive’s money machine along with much more fandom jargon, are simply not going to make up for how much she has been SUCKING lately.

        So what if she sells more? Britney Spears sold millions, does that make her the best singer ever? No, that just makes her a money machine designed to please other money (providing) machines.

        Seriously, Iruka sucks. The only nice song released on UZU-MAKI was UZU-MAKI since being had already been released. Come on, Iruka? That’s japanese for “dolphin”. That says it all.

        SAVIA is really awesome. Even if some don’t like it, it’s the best album. Maybe not the best songs EVER, maybe not the most sold ever, but it’s an album one can push play and let it roll without the need to skip the crappy songs (most of the time).

        Now, the thing with KOTOKO is that she has the unique skill of releasing the BEST song along with the WORST (on mankid’s history). It’s amazing how she could release something like Re-Sublimity (along with agony and Suppuration) or UZU-MAKI and Collective, and at the same time make something as lame as chercher or U-make-Ai-dream or message or Iruka for heaven’s sake.

        It’s not all her fault. Kazuya Takase, C.G. Miss and Maiko (may she drown until she releases something really nice) have made their share of crappiness lately as well. She sings well, but singing is not enough to make nice stuff (plus that stupid “cute” image she has been forging lately really gets on my nerves since it only provides “cute” stuff. Barney and the Teletubbies and unicorns and teddy bears and are “cute” too but they don’t produce nice stuff. KOTOKO makes lots of money out of that though…)

        Anyhow, Epsilon no Fune seems mediocre, as KOTOKO has been lately.

      • “Though someone else is going to have to make a banner because I can’t photoshop worth shit.”

        Have you not seen this page’s banner? The one that’s incomprehensibly awful?

  2. thank GOD the previews made me have faith in this album. So far so good :D

    • >thank GOD the previews made me have faith in this album. So far so good :D

      Really? O_o I had a listen through the samples for the new songs and couldn’t find one particular that captured my interest…and that wasn’t even the case back with UZU-MAKI where at least the title song was not complete waste of talent. This Album…I haven’t even pre-ordered it given how lukewarm I feel about KOTOKO stuff of recent times but listening to those samples it seems so amazing underwhelming that it admitted scares me. Guess the only reason for me now left to do so, is the hitorigoto remix though given how other retakes on classic I’ve Vocalist songs of recent times ended up (with the exception of the Front Line Covers) I’m not to excited approaching that part of Epsilon no Fune release bit.
      Oh and “LITTLE BABY NOTHING”…please don’t tell me that’s a C.G mix in duet with KOTOKO there >_<

      But let's wait and see how the real thing turns out and whether those samples are just Geneon advertising gone totally wrong…

      • No, it’s Kazuya…That doesn’t even sound like C.G mix.

      • Yep, it’s Kazuya, with a lot of help from Autotune.

  3. Is it just me, or does she sound a lot like MELL in the second track preview?

    • You mean Real Onigokko? Not really.

  4. >No, it’s Kazuya…That doesn’t even sound like C.G mix.

    I didn’t mean arrangement/composition but the male singer audible at the sample of “LITTLE BABY NOTHING”. Or do you mean Kazuya is supposed to be the singer? That would really surprise me, given it’s still unconfirmed (though the Inosuke Tsutsumi alias “Treating 2U” seems to be the case) whether he ever participated vocal-wise for I’ve music…

    • unconfirmed, but Tsutsumi Inosuke sounded TOO MUCH ALIKE with our Kazuya Takase.

      well if everything sounded so different just like how the verse of epsilon sounded, the album surely would be a great album. although I still dislike the chorus of epsilon for sure. TOO I’ve Generic from Kazuya Takase.

    • Takase already did sing with MELL with VIDEO-KILLED-THE-RADIO-STAR cover. So there’s a high possibility that the one you’re hearing w/ KOTOKO is Takase himself.

      • If anyone’s heard the prototype of L.A.M, they’d know for a fact that the male singer in Little Baby Nothing is most definately Kazuya.

  5. My preorder’s also in but since already a month ago and not for these previews but because my faith about this lovely singer.

    So far, it sounds very good and the addition of four good knowing songs is a safebelt for this Epsilon travel ^^.

  6. I draw parallels between this album and the Toronto Maples Leafs (as weird as that might sound). When we first heard about both of them coming into this year, we had very high expectations for them and expected everything to go smoothly right from the start. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the previews that they’ve shown us (the Leafs in their first regular season game and Epsilon in the Geneon site snippets) seem to suggest that nothing has changed from the past 4 years and that things will just turn out to be the same old stuff we’ve been seeing all this time. Then again, it’s still too early to call (for both the album and the Leafs) so we’ll see if either of them can redeem themselves later on.

    tl;dr I’ll just get to the point. Other than the singles featured on the album, the only tracks that managed to impress me in any way or form were 雨とギター, 限界打破, and RI←SU→KU. Everything else was mediocre at best (with LITTLE BABY NOTHING being at the bottom of the pile). Every track seems to love syncopated rhythm and it’s driving me nuts. It doesn’t make it any better that they decided to include scene on this album.

    Well, in any case, like a Leafs fan would, I’ll still remain loyal to the I’ve cause despite all of the failings that have come about these past few years.

  7. Holy fuckin hell a Leafs fan. HOCKEY ON THE I’VE SOUND BLOG.

    • he’s just comparing them, dude.

      • It’s OK I’m Canadian too. Also a Leafs fan.


        Anyway my first and final thoughts on Epsilon: MEH. There are some good intentions but the whole thing just stinks of redundancy. I’VE SOUND USED TO FUCK SHIT UP.

    • Hahaha, I read your denpa-to-hockey comparison so I knew if I posted something like that, I would get a reaction out of you (not saying that that was my full intention… <_<).

      The Leafs are looking very good…to land a high draft pick this year

  8. I’m definitely not impressed. I was hoping for something like Mami’s Savia, where I liked a good portion of the songs, but…this isn’t really cutting it for me. It’s not BAD, just really, really mediocre-sounding so far.

  9. at the very least, this album falls to GOOD rather than BAD album. although some obviously-mix-tunes are still there *cough*monera no kizuna*cough*and*cough*geogylphs*cough* which are boring for me, honestly.

  10. If I think about the difference of my taste compared with most of you, the truth is that I’m very happy that you think that this album will suck.

    I love BLAZE (while you think it sucks).
    Fo me SAVIA is not as great (while you think is the best from an I’ve singer).
    The second album of Eiko-sensei is great (but for you is not).
    Kaorin did a poor “performance” at Budokan 2009 (most of you think she did great…).

    Anyway, keep the pace and you, surely, will be happy boys and girls.

    • 2nded… although I Still think that SAVIA was really great and BLAZE was only so-so.

    • What are you even talking about, Pedrophilia? I loved BLAZE.

      • You also drink paint thinner, Denpa.

  11. Boring boring BOOOOORING!!!! Jeez! So much time from UZU-MAKI and they weren’t even able to match it?! So far, all the previews sound like autopilot C.G. mix to me. He even dared meddle on the last track!

    There may still be hope, but that’s what people always say when something’s doomed…

    • (or Kazuya Takase, whomever is that common japanese voice)

  12. These are just samples, people, so don’t make your judgement yet. For me, LITTLE BABY NOTHING may be one of the most experimental songs I’ve has done so far, and I’m happy for that. This is the first proper male-female I’ve duet song that I’m kinda looking forward to happen (I don’t really consider DETECT as a proper male-female duet song).

    But for the other song previews in general, I dare say I’m impressed. This could be KOTOKO’s best release for some time, after a flotilla of mediocre singles.

    • How come you are impressed? All these songs are either annoyingly happy or mushroom-inducedly peaceful, not to mention they all sound pretty similar, if not exactly the same. It kinda reminds of C.G. miss’s pray…

  13. For those who didn’t know..

    our LITTLE BABY NOTHING here is most probably a cover song.

    thanks for Sekka and Aibu for the information ~_~

  14. This album doesn’t sound bad with these previews (IMHO). After all these “meh” singles…

    Lemme look at the list : リアル鬼ごっこ ? Didn’t like it. BLAZE ? Sociometry was better. Special Life ? U make 愛 Dream ? daily-daily Dream ? Please, let’s stop this !
    Only snIpe, 決断のentrance, Restoration ~沈黙の空~, jihad and 蒼-iconoclast were enjoyable (remember, IMHO, even if some songs there are not really singles).

    I have good faith in this album, nothing shocked me in it (I don’t really like Little baby nothing and the repeats, except scene).

    *puts on flameshield*

    • No need to put the flameshield up, it’s not like you said you liked ‘scene’ or anything…

      Oh, wait, you did. Yeah, prepare to get burnt to a crisp. Welcome to the blog!

    • how about a bazuka? heh?

    • wot’? you, but mainly other plp here…are so aggresive(“sarcastic”) on KOTOKO. That guy Number…whatever….., is that guy on period or something? all his bullshits come from he’s frustration of what Mami Kawada can’t be…just put mami to sing a song like UZU-MAKI…..or Real OniGokko or Re-sublimity…., oups….she can’t cuz’ that would be like a freaking rained smashed-patatos meal, isn’t it?(am i “sarcastic”?)
      ok, now let me put on the table some old school KOTOKO joints…how about …Crossed mix, bright wings, agony, Boundary line!!!
      …dont get me wrong…i’m not all into kotoko(i lie…), for example…i really like Eiko…and Kaori. Eiko because she has her type of voive i like, a bit low and soft, she does great on slow songs. And Kaori can do more, i aree…if KOTOKO keeps whriting for her, than is no use…for Kotoko….and Kaori will stay on hold….not progress.

      yes, i am ussualy agresive…i freaking live in europe….deal with it.

      • Well, I live in Europe too… Some people can’t stand Kotoko’songs ? That’s what we call “taste”. To each his own.
        While I’m a big Kotoko fan, when they don’t like it, if I like it, that’s what matter.

      • Hey, take it easy. I love KOTOKO too, but are you going to commit autoburn by denying she’s been sucking BADLY lately? Surely her past stuff is awesome, but come on, is chercher even decent? Is message worth even mentioning? No. Don’t just moan and howl about KOTOKO’s supposed almightiness, at least give some reasons about why you disagree with my opinion.

        BTW, I didn’t say Mami was better than KOTOKO, I just said SAVIA is a really REALLY good album. Please chill down and lear… umm read before you come against me with strange yet useless arguments.

        KOTOKO wouldn’t be able to sing TRILL, nor Eiko UZU-MAKI, so what? That doesn’t matter; each girl has her songs for a reason. And for the umpteenth time, I don’t hate KOTOKO, it’s quite the opposite. Kaori is pretty boring though ¬w¬

        *unsheaths sword*

  15. Well, apparently this will be the epitome for all those who prefer the b-sides over the a-sides. This will be a B-Side album, meaning that all the new songs will be b-side-like.

    Unfortunately, for all those of us who really REALLY RRREAALLYY prefer the awesome A-sides like Real Onigokko, BLAZE, Re-Sublimity, UZU-MAKI, etc (eventhough some are not even singles but you get what I mean) over the b-sides, we were not even close to being considered for this album…

    *cries bitterly*

    (OK, seriously, all songs sound b-side-y)

    • i’m actually agree that KOTOKO did some bad songs, singles…. but what can you do about it?…i also don’t like it, cuz’ i know she can do better…., it just that when a guy that makes an anime comes with cash to takase and say ” i got a stupid anime/H-Game coming up, do me a song with Kotoko’s name on it, maybe i sell something…and get some publicity.” What you think Takase would do? He would fucking be dancing and have Mami and Kotoko singing Acapella! I’ve is kinda’ wasted…aldo i like songs from the last album, she can do more.
      One week ago i’ve been in a club where a great local DJ has hes shows, i played him Kotoko…., and he love it. He sed that she can do more in House than Trance, House is the big fashion here….

  16. but no vain was such a great b side… XD
    well, the days of revelation of how this album really sounded will come soon.
    i really hope that this album won’t ruin my expectations… been longing for new KOTOKO’s songs…

  17. Well, I made a domain and the link is in my name.

    I just made it, and haven’t done anything with it yet, so it’s very bare, but I’ll promote the appropriate people to administrators and hope that they can help fix things up.

    As I said before, we can use a different domain if you don’t think this one is any good.

    • MDA and me have joined the forum for now. :D

      I can help with the banner, but I don’t understand anything about php.

  18. for all of you who are complaining i think we should wait to hear the full version of each song to really get an idea, i just heard Epsilon in full and is FUCKING EPIC.

    • How did you hear the full version ? O_o

  19. Epsilon starts at 3.06

    • ohh rite, forgot about her radio program… I’m just 255 episodes late :p

      • BTW, blossomdays short version available with the demo movie : (sorry for double post)

      • Eh, not exactly the full version, but that is some promising stuff. Unfortunately, at this point in her career, “promising” is anything that doesn’t sound like Chercher, scene, or U Make Ai Dream. Yes, I went there. An album full of epic techno-spacey songs like Epsilon is light-years ahead of the garbage filler from UZU-MAKI.

  20. yeah well not exactly the full version, just multiply the fragment we heard by two and there you go, i’m loving the song! :p

  21. Epsilon leaked: – ε~Epsilon~.wma
    I don’t find the full song that much better than last time.

    • and just to make it clear, I like the song :P

    • the song is a hit!…really hit me…wasn’t expecting this…, verry well made. Futuristic trance KOTOKO, a hit! Take that Aibu!

      • Do you really need to be that aggressive ? Or is my sarcasm detector out of order again ? :p

        But yeah, this song is good… as well as some other on the album ^^ (Thumbs up for RI←SU→KU :D)

  22. Well, I’ve added more boards/forums, so even though things are still pretty bare, people can actually start posting stuff now.

    More renovations to come when I actually have the time (damn University >_<).

  23. @Skan>> is that the PV version or the album version?

    • that’s the PV version

  24. im still waiting for the 4th KOTOKO album…. Thx 4 that link! im downloading da file, hope it to be the full Version ^^.

    visit my youtube channel

    • did you saw how sarcastic they are about KOTOKO? ….


        You love KOTOKO like a really obsessed stalker loves his prey. I’m a big bad meanie because I think UZU-MAKI wasn’t that great an album, and also apparently my love for Mami Kawada has some effect on this as well. We know all this. You’re a broken record, please for the love of god either get out or get a new shtick.

      • KOTOKO this KOTOKO that.

        What an overly obsessive KOTOKO-stalker you are, Maiku. Get outta here if you’re not going to post any decent comments, please?

        I thought that “hot topic” was already out and you’re bringing it on again? Oh c’mon, grow up. You’re too biased and way too persistent w/ your uta-hime. She’s not only the center of all roots of I’ve Sound, you know.

  25. I’m not gonna say too much but all of you please just calm down!!!

    Maiku, I’ve told you in one of my comment that we all respect each of the utahimes even if each of us favor a certain utahime. So, please be more polite regarding this thing. If you continue this, I can’t say I won’t do the same as Aibu & Fred did.

    And, Aibu & Fred, please calm yourselves down.

    • hey…i’m not agresive…(and aibu seems funny to me), i’ve asked my frind an opinion….i tryed to be sarcastic, but i get frustrated…and hay…i’m not a stalker! c’mon man….i have bad temper..i know that. I just can’t bring an argument and not to be considerated “agresive”…

      • shame me….you where a girl……not a guy…and i knew you since alot of time ago…in yt….shame me…

  26. Maiku, lemme tell you, be yourself.

    but keep yourself aware that you are nearly stalker level lol.

  27. Flame wars never cease to amuse me.

    What fun insults will people come up with next?

    Let’s face it people. This is the INTERNET. Where everyone has the right to not take anyone seriously. People are entitled to their own opinions, but people may also have opinions on opinions and so on. Criticism of opinions does not make the opinion wrong, nor does it make the criticism wrong. It’s just there as something we may or may not choose to constructively improve future opinion formulation on.

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