Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/06/09

KOTOKO-Iro update

Remember KOTOKOいろ, that photobook that was supposed to come out in September and didn’t? Publisher Ichijinsha does! And, for once, so did I. Funny how that happens. Anyhow, the publisher’s website has a preview of the book’s content, which apparently entails a “gravure part”, an “artist part”, a “fashion part”, a “private part” (stop giggling, dammit), a long interview, and a “photo essay”.

Similarly, the book’s Amazon Japan listing has been updated with a lovely photo of the cover image, as well as the information that the book comes out on October 23 rather than the originally-posted September date. If you’re reading this and thinking it’s wrong that you’re sort of more excited for the KOTOKO photobook than for her new album, you and I have something in common.



  1. *lol*private part*lol*

    that part is certainly Life side of KOTOKO.

    I’m not that interested in KOTOKO-iro, but things will be different if this photobook is Mami’s photobook instead of KOTOKO.

    GET ME SOME PHOTOBOOK OF MAMI KAWADA !!! *gets kicked by KOTOKO’s fans*

    • you get kicked by me….

    • Oh yeah! Mami should get one next! She was cute in all her stages of life! Cute baby, cute toddler, cute teenager, hot adult. Wow.

  2. Nice Tractor.

  3. Poppies are nice too.

    What was this supposed to be again?

    • dunno. Apparently for those mindless fans of KOTOKO like Maiku87 there :P

      *anyway, if you didn’t understand this, Maiku, Lemme tell you I was just kidding* :P

      @SAME: YEAH, Mami is so cute in nearly all of her phases of life xD~

      • ok ok…it’s your sarcasm…., i was also kidding….and hell yah….you are correct, i’m mindless when it comes for KOTOKO.

  4. I want a photobook of Eiko (and a new album too).

    • Eiko doesn’t need a photobook, she needs an autobiography, Pedro. :P

      well, yeah, a new album for Eiko is fine.

      • Yep, you’re right.

        You know, since I saw her performance at Budokan 09, specially with the song WHEEL OF FORTUNE that was an awesome one, I started to like Eiko very much XD, I mean, I like the dark and frustrating aura of her songs.

  5. Hmm I wonder what they will include in a photobook if they will make one for Eiko? O_O Seriously, maybe some “old stuff” unnecessary to reveal. But a new album would be great. I need new Eiko songs.

  6. I’m not that excited about the photobook or the upcoming Epsilon – KOTOKO just fails to excite me nowadays since there’s a lot of her going round.

    Admittedly I am intrigued about what’s going to be in the photobook since it seems to be a lot of material.


    • I hope for your sake that you’re just trolling.

  8. one question i have, does Amazon Japan sell outside Japan?…KOTOKO Iro is sold just there…i tryed to get an account but they stop talking in english….and use only kanji….damn it. Kanji ga dekinai…, dake kana ga shitte imasu…..
    eny help for me??

    • Amazon’s shipping is the most expensive now. KOTOKO iro is also available on HMV, just add ?lang=en to the URL if the page is not in English, like

  9. Thank you so much!

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