Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/09/09

Blossomdays demo movie featuring “blossomdays” up

The demo movie for Eroge Hachimitsu Otome Blossomdays by Lupinus Soft, featuring the theme song blossomdays by I’ve Queen KOTOKO, is now available in its official website.

I haven’t listened to the song myself since my connection is “having its period”. In other words, SLOW connection.

Few words after listening: RETURN OF THE EURO-KING !!!



  1. C.G mix does Europop in blossomdays*. Seems like an old game of DDR.

  2. And for those who didn’t want to download, you can just watch it on YT : (I had posted this link in the Epsilon previews topic)

  3. blossomdays short ver. I ripped it from the demo in the Hachimitsu website. ;)

  4. This made me more excited than the Epsilon previews.

    • S/H

  5. Had some time… short version lyrics :)

    Kanji :

    ウサギも眠る夜に 気がついていてなんて 
    視線を合わすだけで それも言えなくなってた


    私らしさを気にしながら persuades pleasure time
    何をしてても彩られる perspective blossom days!!


    USAGI mo nemuru yoru ni kigatsuite ite nante
    shisen wo awasu dake de sore mo ienaku natteta

    doredake iiwake mitsukete nigeru no ka na?
    honki ja nai yo to gomakashite

    watashi rashisa wo ki ni shinagara persuades pleasure time
    shikatanai yo to hazukashige ni yume wo tsukurou
    nani wo shitete mo irodorareru perspective blossom days!!
    tatoe umeku wa dekinakute mo sakihokoreru toki made

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