Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/16/09

Mami Kawada official website upgraded, PV preview and Single info up

Finally, Mami Kawada’s Geneon Official Website has new layout. Well, it’s actually the same layout as KOTOKO’s, except Mami’s got blue-themed.

And, as the website now upgraded, it also has the PV preview for Mami’s next single Prophecy as well as more information on the single. The B-side track is now revealed and titled a frame. Sounds like a lame idea for me. Based on the current info, this B-side track apparently is not the ending theme song for OVA Shakugan no Shana S. Will the ending theme be released in a separate single? Still unknown, but… who knows?

Oh, thanks to Sekka for the information :D



  1. probably Mami’s going to come up with a new album soon. Just like they did for sense. The coupling song might probably be a Maiko Iuchi ballad. :P

    • probably, yes. by the beginning of next year, maybe.

      I have bad hunch that a frame will be ballad as well.

      However, fred, If it’s something Maiko’s greatest ballad return to that place, I’ll surely love it :P

  2. Be sure of it, next year we’ll have new Mami album.


    at least the shana ED isn’t prophecy :3

    fancam of the OP. i posted it in the last Shakugan preview post (was wondering why it sounded familiar when i listened to the PV preview on her site XD)

    the cover’s nice. reminds me of masterpiece. CANNOT WAAAAAIT <33

  4. I’m glad that something is finally happening? I feel as if Mami has been on this really long hiatus..xD

    Oh and the prophecy PV looks great, although the song’s just…okay. She looks as beautiful as she did in the Hishoku no Sora PV! Is it me or do they put in extra effort for the Shana songs?? O_o

    *chants* new album, new album…

    • welcome back, little sister kieyuku-chaan xD~

      yeah, the whole problem of this new single is… Prophecy sounded just rather generic, although the PV seemed good :D

      *chants part2* new album… new album… new album…

  5. I don’t know why, but it feels like Prophecy took a step “backwards” from JOINT, arrangement-wise. But the PV is quite nice ^__^

    I will make a Prophecy that indeed, Mami will have a new album sooner than we expect, which I will place on a (virtual) frame if i get the chance to grab it. (bad pun?)

    *chants part 3* new album… new album… new album…

  6. shana ED is called All in good time

    歌: 川田まみ
    作詞: 川田まみ
    作曲: 中沢伴行/尾崎武士
    編曲: 中沢伴行/尾崎武士

    *chants part 4* new album… new album… new album…

  7. Is it wrong that it seems that Nakazawa has become the new Maiko with half-assed arrangements? His stuff’s bordering on being too similar.

    • Nakazawa is being lazy just like Mix-nee.

      Too bad for Aibu that Maiko is going to have the best composer for this year.

      • Sad, but it’s starting to look that way.

  8. I wonder when the other sites will be updated MELL should be soon once they announce her next new single or her upcoming album one of the two but love the new look very nice

    pardon my typing doing this all on my ps3

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