Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/17/09


Faithful reader, Sekka, pointed this out in the forum. According to KOTOKO’s official website Mutant Dwarf, KOTOKO is going to have her One-man-live in NIPPON BUDOKAN.


So… KOTOKO’s solo Budokan live? What does this mean?



  1. It means it’s awesome.

  2. Excelent news. ¡¡¡Congratulations KOTOKO!!! this year is going to be a very good one.

  3. Whoa. As much as I love KOTOKO, I’m stunned, haha. Pretty awesome news.

  4. i knew about that, thing is she has on 17 Octomber a live show in shibuya ax on some special stage, but there are 2 dates for same location, after that 2 other cityes… I read about Budokan, it was time for her to bring a crowd there all for her and not playing just a few songs that are not really all her best. Well…, she just came from a 3 months tour around asia and japan…, during this period she relased alot of songs, now her verry good sold/recived album….for which she goes to little tour…than a new single Screw+Kotoko iro…. Budokan Live….and shurly there will be other lives shows close to new years eve…cuz’ her 3 months tour was a Mutant Dwarf tour…

    isn’t she great?

  5. It’s january 2010, pupu-chan. read it carefully :D

    well, KOTOKO’s so busy these days… I’m afraid she might be ill again after her BUDOKAN2010 =.=

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