Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/23/09

KOTOKO featured at BARKS

The real feature for Epsilon no Fune at BARKS is now available, thanks Sekka for pointing this.

You can watch the PVs for BLAZE, Epsilon, Hayate no Gotoku!, and Real Onigokko. There is a message video from KOTOKO, so all of you KOTOKO fans out there… PREPARE YOURSELF!! :D As usual, there is also interview, in Japanese of course. In case you cannot read Japanese (like me), you can just use Translator… for example, shitty Google Translator for your “pleasure”.

Another news, thanks to Terrik. To all Mami Kawada fans here, since the OVA Shakugan no Shana S has been released, the credits to the Opening theme Prophecy has been revealed now, as well as the ending theme entitled All in good time. Both songs have usual Shana-song-credit:

Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition & Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki

Edit note: well, not really usual since Takeshi Ozaki is also a composer now. I didn’t believe it at first but, yeah, it’s the truth.


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