Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/26/09

SCREW preview up

KOTOKO’s 14th single SCREW, which is going to be used as the theme song for the movie ASSAULT GIRLS, got its preview on KOTOKO’s Geneon Universal Official Website.


Godammit I don’t know what to write to expand the length of this post since there’s nothing else to post.



  1. This is decent, if only for the リアル鬼ごっこ flashback I’m getting.

    Also you ruined a decent ending to an otherwise fine post. Less is more, as Browning would say.

    • Hey about changing the poll to “best song off Epsilon”?

      • *lol* because I got my brain SCREWed for playing はらみこ and somehow it was crashed on one of the route “OTL

        about the poll… Aibu’s going to do that one. :D

      • haven’t done it because I’m a lazy ass.

        Edit – and mgc2 made a better topic

  2. SCREW, it’s not bad. I actually enjoyed that preview, quite futuristic. Should’ve been included in Epsilon no Fune. Sexual toughness wouldn’t actually fit with “I am space bee” though…

    • Why is everyone assuming that the title has to do with sex? It could very well be an actual screw!

      • Well, it’s much more… complex and less metallic (unless a robot is involved).

    • can’t screw mean a verb…, like to screw a bolt?…i’m not native in english so i might mistake

      • Yes, off the top of my head…
        screw (v): abandon, fasten, make love, cheat

        But it’s sexier *that* way.

      • It can also mean a circular spin. Kinda like how missiles will spin in a cicular motion in movies.

  3. SCREW is… Kazuya Takase’s work, I suppose?

    quite decent, and is it just me or I’ve is trying to go back to their trance-y roots??

    • and allways have KOTOKO for their big “first”.
      I’m shure that Mami will try the same next album, by the way…isn’t “Epsilon no Fune” the first total trance album by a singer since I’ve Sound is created?…..i mean..they are called “low Trance asembly”….

      • I can see that. I don’t think Mami will go on total trance, however, since Mami’s style is more toward trance-y rock now rather than I’ve early trance.

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