Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/27/09

Heyo, what’s this? Master groove circle 2? Really?

Well, details are ridiculously scarce, but there’s a Getchu listing up for a “master groove circle 2“, due for release December 30. It has a catalogue number and everything, so it seems like a legitimate release, but there’s a slim chance this might not actually even be an I’ve release – Geneon Universal did recently add anisong juggernauts fripSide to their lineup, perhaps MGC volume 2 might be devoted to their works? One can only speculate.



  1. One can only hope. A fripside or other anime-type arranger-fueled mgc might be marginally better than the first one. Or even… listenable.

  2. What the hell are they thinking? I don’t even…

    And now back to watching Mami Kawada’s liver… I mean, live tour.

  3. Useful to note that it lands smack in the middle of Comiket 77 (which is on Dec 29-31).

  4. *lol* dunno what to say.

  5. I don’t like the idea. The first MGC was a really bad compilation. All the remixes were absolutely awful. I think they should recorder new songs instead of covering all the tracks composed until now. ¿When are they going to relase a new I’ve Girls Compilation?. four years have passed since Collective was published.

  6. Hopefully they get this one a lot better from the first one. Majority of the remixes in the first mgc felt lazily arranged (Real Onigokko and Re-sublimity comes to mind).

    We still don’t know which remixers will return to this album, but I hope that soyuz project and SINE6 is still on the list.

    • Somebody likes SINE6? News to me.

      • *laughs* besides you, who doesn’t? SINE6 has room for improvement. His two remixes from mgc sound good to my ears, with that “happy hardcore” feeling I got :D

  7. I think…

    the sky is falling. everyone take cover!

  8. *lol* i wonder who voted for “COOL IDEA”

  9. really hope for NueroSocietia and FISH TONE to take part on this album… XD
    it’s been a long time since i heard FISH TONE work with I’ve…

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