Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/28/09

KOTOKO Anime Tie-up Best Album ahead

According to Tower Record, KOTOKO is going to have her best album in the end of this year. There’s still no more info regarding the best album, except that everyone who buys the limited edition album will get the DVD containing KOTOKO’s WARP Special Stage live. Order, anyone?

Finally, KOTOKO’s best album. Anime tie-up. It’s safe to bet that they will include Re-sublimity, BLAZE and being into this best album. Surely.



  1. That DVD makes me want to order it, but since I only got two of KOTOKO’s singles, it’s a bit of a good thing for me. Plus, it being released two days before Christmas makes it a Christmas present for me. ^^

  2. Blaze, again ? Aww… Let Sociometry have its glory this time :p (but I guess B-Sides are no-no :-/)

    And like I said on the forum, this needs at least : Re-Sublimity, Agony, Sociometry, Love A Riddle, Snow Angel, We Survive (it was in the anime too), Chi Ni Kaeru.

    Face Of Fact could be in it, but please, not the remixed version orz

    • In what anime was We Survive used?

      • V.G. Neo The animation (but shh, it’s a hentai xD)

      • so Count it OUT. :P

  3. Forgot to add : Warp Tour DVD FTW !

  4. *bearly hears that from long distance*…KOTOKO’s WARP Special Stage live….wot’ ???!!!!!???
    LIMITED…….Order, anyone?
    WTF…, i sell my blood for that!!

    Strange…but this blog made my day happy, thank you!

  5. If this best album is for real then… count my copy in.

  6. I guess the idea of an anisong Best Album is a good one. I just hope there would be a bonus track (like a remix of one of the songs :D).

    • Actually I’m hoping they’re ALL remixed somewhat. Otherwise it’s just a quick cash grab. Have you heard the KOTOKO remixes on EXIT’s recent UMAUMA series? Pretty solid stuff.

  7. These are great news! I could by it… depending on the cover.

  8. These are great news! I could buy it… depending on the cover.

    • Sorry for that double post, it’s just this rocks.

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