Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/01/09

master groove circle 2 initial tracklisting revealed

Well, it’s unknown if this will be the actual order of the songs, but from Amazon Japan:

1. Collective
3. Lament

■Mami Kawada
4. intron tone
5. PSI-missing

6. Way beyond there

■Eiko Shimamiya
10. Naraku no Hana (奈落の花)

■Kaori Utatsuki
11. Shining stars bless☆
12. Spyglass

■Love Planet Five
13. Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi (天壌を翔る者たち)

■C.G mix

Remixers still unknown, so nobody knows who will be doing what just yet. However, I find little to complain about with this tracklisting, particularly the pleasant surprise of Lament resurfacing; here’s hoping they’ll do a better job on the actual remixes this time.



  1. Wow the tracklisting looks promising (w/ the exception of BLAZE and Shining stars bless — I’m not saying they’re that bad, but I can’t imagine how will the remixer will remix these songs) :P

  2. As I can see, this new MGC wont be as bad as I thought. I imagine that the most of the remixes of these songs will sound OK.


    this MGC2 might be much better than its predecessor… we have to wait until the remixers’ list is released :D

  4. wow…

    @fred: well, how about a heavy electro remix like change of heart? i hope so…

  5. I might actually be looking forward to this, but at the same time, I won’t get my expectations too high. Seems whenever I do that, things end up falling flat on their face.

  6. Remember when we were all excited about Re-sublimity remix on mgc 1?

    this time i won’t keep high expectations, but definetely the tracklist looks promising for now.

  7. I’m very pleased with the tracklisting, so here’s to hoping they actually do these songs justice.

  8. I will not base my opinion in the name of the tracks. Remember what did happen to most of you who talked a lot of crap about the last album of KOTOKO based just in samples.

    Let’s wait to hear the songs and then we’ll see if they failed (again) this time or not.

    Lately, I feel like I’ve is giving us just disposable garbage instead brand new decent albums.

    • Agreed on all points save one:
      Way beyond there was my favorite song from 2008, and Naraku no Hana was the most surprisingly awesome song from a surprisingly awesome album, so I’m going to give whoever was responsible due credit for picking some real quality tracks.

      Doesn’t mean they won’t excrete the same sort of filth as the first mgc (Real Onigokko, wtf) of course…

  9. The song choices are absolutely fantastic. Collective, Lament, even ULYSSES and DETECT!? *cries happily*

    Artist-wise, the tracklist became more diverse compared to the first mgc. I just hope they won’t be lazily remixed (points to Re-sublimity and Real Onigokko remix).

  10. Naraku no hana OH MY GOD! ist so happy , so cool song by isnger EIKO SHIMAMIYA REMIX! Wow excited! best song remix!

    • I’m still unsure as to whether marbella is just really overenthusiastic and vaguely incoherent or an actual spambot.

      • lol (this was clearly a spam…)

  11. I am more wondering how KILL being remixed will play out at least one can hope I wont have to hear Maiko and his homo calls like kicks! was live so annoying

    • Sorry, what’s the connection between Maiko Iuchi and Ken Morioka? I admit Ken Morioka was rather annoying *lol*, but what’s with Maiko? She was just standing behind her keyboard all the time :O

  12. OMG i hate master groove circle
    please make mania tracks vol2 ><
    muchh much better

  13. as you know MASTER GROOVE CIRCLE was not the best sound ive group but at least they could do something. Although it was much better IVE TRACK MANIA!

  14. For me the most beautiful song in MASTER GROOVE CIRCLE was this remix WHEEL OF FORTUNE I hope to continue his predecessor Naraku NO HANA as good as this remix you hear on this CD REMIX

  15. could someone put it on youtube Shimamiya Eiko songs he sang at Budokan 2009! I would like to see please.GINGA NO KO or WHEEL OF FORTUNE

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