Posted by: 黒い雪 | 11/12/09

ASSAULT GIRLS special page plus SCREW PV preview up

As the predecessor Real Onigokko had, Geneon thought ASSAULT GIRLS should be given a special page as well. You can see it here along with the PV preview of KOTOKO’s SCREW.

The cover single has also been revealed now. You can see it below.

It’s interesting that they actually recycled Epsilon‘s costume for the cover, although KOTOKO’s appearance in the PV was much better than this OMG-it’s-so-awful-like-Real-Onigokko’s cover.

one more time. SCREW? SCREW.



  1. At least this PV will look nicer than the Real Onigokko preview. :D

    Everything else looks recycled from Epsilon no Fune, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I get that SCREW’s PV might be a sequel to Epsilon’s PV, but WTS is up with the gigantic coelacanth?!

    • I for one welcome our new coelacanth overlords.


  3. :) i like it

  4. This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a costume from one PV be completely recycled to another. Is it because KOTO-chan wasn’t displayed at the two Epsilon covers?

    Costume aside, I like the PV and the song, though SCREW sounds like Epsilon without the tonal change of its chorus.

  5. The OP movie of Futa Ane will be up on November 21st(my birthday!!!) Now we just wait to make our decision abouts our new utahime.

    • Not decision, but opinion, dude. :O

  6. Yes, but when I say decison, I mean that we will all form our own personal opinion on her amonst no one other than yourself.

  7. well atleast the song’s good.. the pv…
    errr… i’ll pretend i didnt see those sub-zeros women and the dragon, thanks… xD

    • HEY! That PV needs the sexiness that in Rinko and Meisa!

      • that would be hard because KOTOKO is NOT sexy. *runs before killed by a certain KOTOKO freaky fans*

      • there’s no need for you to run because that’s the truht itself ^^.

      • Since when was KOTOKO considered sexy anyway? I also see no reason for you to run :D

      • who knows if that M-guy came back here !! xDD

      • even when rinko and meisa is sexy.. the giant legend fish made it un-sexy… xD maybe an add on of MELL-sama would make it sexy again… lol

  8. *runs before killed by a certain KOTOKO freaky fans* M-guy huh? KOTOKO was never sexy…not in a western point of view…and shurly not in the way that she would show her pants to some guys with their blood on their nose, just to sell 2 more records….KOTOKO allways has a great self-respect. Sexy?…maybe super kawaii…overdose actually. And maybe you will stop calling me a freak…don’t play with the words Yuuki.

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