Posted by: 黒い雪 | 11/20/09

FUTA ANE OP movie up, Shakkin Shimai 2 After Story on the way

The time has come! Our beloved I’ve Sound’s new utahime, Airi Kirishima, can be heard now! Futa ane OP movie, featuring A-chan’s two HeaRt, is now available for your pleasure both in its official website or in YouTube.

A nice work from Maiko Iuchi… and a very promising start for A-chan. XD


Another news update. Good news for fans of MELL-sama out there. Selen will release Shakkin Shimai 2 After Story and it will feature a song by MELL-sama.

Title: Noblest love
Lyrics: MELL
Composition & Arrangement: C.G mix

This song will be released along with the previous theme songs from Shakkin Shimai series, seduce by Mami Kawada and Love is money?! by Kaori Utatsuki, in the limited edition Shakkin Shimai 2 After Story with Soundtrack.

Now… Now… Shakkin Shimai is not Maiko Iuchi-exclusive anymore? I want more Maiko Iuchi in Shakkin Shimai :O



  1. New MELL song wonder if it will be a ballad or a pop song or one of her more darker songs. Either way i look forward to seeing its release and what it will sound like hopefully we will get a preview or a snippet of it soon along with one of her not make any relation or sense music videos that are oh so enjoyable and awesome.

  2. Edit:

    Probably a ballad or a pop song of some kind seeing what is connected but yeah either good to finally get something new from her feels like it has been for forever.

  3. ^ probably a euro-denpa like blossomdays. And it’s good to hear that MELL got another eroge tie-up. :D

    And I’m liking two heaRt. :D Well, well, well, looks like Maiko Iuchi is the I’ve producer of the year. :D

  4. YAY it sounds pretty good :)
    goodluck to Airi in the future

    and im also super excited for MELL
    cos i love her so much
    and Two face was awesome

  5. This song almost reminds me of -∞-DRIVE for some reason. I detect a hint of autotune in Kirishima’s voice, then again, I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised at all given how studio albums are nowadays. I enjoyed the composition on this one though. Good stuff!

  6. yey.. MELL-sama’s new song… xD

    the futaane song is good.. and i did hear a-chan sounds quite like eiko… >_<

  7. I was positively surprised by two heaRt, Airi Kirishima sounds great! I hope we’ll hear more from her in the future. :3

    The new MELL song also sounds promising. The title makes me expect something very epic, I hope it really will turn out that way.

  8. A very nice two HeaRt ^^. The first thing that went into my mind was weather Airi………. is Reina. They sound so similar, very very similar. Maybe that’s why her face was covered in a pic in IKU’s blog. If this is true then….. Reina has returned. :D

    MELL working on another eroge song? Seems like she has missed doing her thing in her early days ^^.

    • Definately NOT Reina. They don’t sound the much a like.

      • Also, IKU’s face has been covered recently because she has a cold.

      • “Maybe that’s why her face was covered in a pic in IKU’s blog.”

        SAME, please look at the special thread for A-chan in the forum for this reference

  9. “SAME, please look at the special thread for A-chan in the forum for this reference”

    Well damn! I thought he died! lol j/k
    Why would she hide her face? She can’t be any worse than the MJ mask.

    • *lol*

      that’s because she is supposed to be the mysterious girl :P
      If that’s really A-chan, though… =_=

  10. I thought it was MOMO reborn when the intro started XD

  11. Wow, her voice is good. She seems really promising for now, a welcome addition to the I’ve team.

    • She sounds almost like Reina… mixed with IKU’s soft but powerful vocal.

      yeah, I hope two HeaRt is a good start for A-chan :D
      as well as a good turning point for I’ve… “OTL

  12. Screw PV full version.

  13. i didnt like it as much i liked melty snow from mami kawada…who agree with me? … isnt aniemo 2nd stage better than futa ane..i main it is hard to come with something like it

  14. When is the release date for MELL’s Noblest Love?

    • Shakkin Shimai 2 after story will be released on 26 february 2010.

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