Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/29/09

SCREW full-length video up

A bit late on this one, but hey, better late than never. Right?



  1. messy song, bizarre PV.

  2. @黒い雪: really? i pretty much enjoy the song though… :D
    but the PV does a little bit bizarre…

  3. “Ceeerreeeaaaaalll.” is what I hear when she says Screw. >_> Aside from that, I guess it’s an ok song.. But I haven’t been as impressed with her recently, I suppose. =/

    • Sorry, I marked the first comment (when you just said ‘cereal’) as spam because, well, it kinda looked like spam. Problem fixed now!

  4. To be honest, at least, to me, this and epsilon feels like a more futuristic pre-UZUMAKI KOTOKO is back. Which is VERY good, imo. Both this and epsilon are making me feel very nostalgic, in love<3

  5. OMG! again here??

    like the song even i didnt hear it! lol gonna download the PV and tell how BIZARRE IS….

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