Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/30/09

I’ve Sound Explorer year-end poll ’09

It’s a bit premature, as the guys at I’ve Sound Explorer acknowledge themselves, but here’s the I’ve Sound Explorer year-end ‘best-of’ poll, where you pick your favourite song from 2009’s offerings. It’s a shockingly comprehensive list, so anyone who wants to use this poll as a chance to express their undying love for, say, Everything is assumed to be connected can feel free to do so. And please post your vote in the comments thread, it’s more fun that way.



  1. Bizarrerie Cage FTW.

  2. Spyglass for me, though this ain’t awesome enough to beat Epsilon up there >_>

  3. We should cheat once again to make any other song than Epsilon win -_-;;

  4. um geoglyphs is pretty good :)
    then comes
    soliloquy 2009 ver.

  5. voted for Mami’s masterpiece. :D Although I like Epsilon, I don’t want it to win. :P

  6. clearly..Epsilon!

  7. -∞-DRIVE?? :D

  8. Two Face. No doubt about it.

    • isnt that 2008

      • Yes, but not according to that poll.

      • Comiket releases are always counted as the beginning of the next year in the I’ve Sound Explorer polls.

  9. Somehow I could vote twice, and those votes went to masterpiece and Kono Sora no Shita de.

  10. Im thinking snIpe or Epsilon~

  11. hey sorry for double post but can anyone tell me where to find the 2009 hitorigoto mix +_+

  12. I voted for RIDE. xD It’s pretty much the only song from i’ve i liked this year.

  13. RIDEBACK as the only song worthy from MELL.

  14. @taokaTOKIin> download it here. :)

    surely Epsilon has been on the top. And I thought album tracks are not so famous. D;


  16. meh, only fickle, bumpy-jumpy and blossomdays really interested me this year.

    • Sounds like you’re pretty fickle yourself then!

      Oh snap! I kill me.

      • denpa no sekai is denpaholic ~_~

  17. LOL I totally voted for Super Scription of Data. XD I was dying for that song when it first came out on the OVA’s so yeah… xD

  18. i tyotally vote chikai higurashi no naku koko ni nartaku no hana i love!”

  19. -∞-DRIVE for me
    love that song

  20. Two face -The Front Line Covers-, everything has been so very mediocre to unlistenable this year. Geoglyphs comes close, but KOTOKO’s probably getting votes enough.

  21. Wait why isnt SCREW or BUCCANEER not up there?

    • because the single hadn’t been released at the time the poll started.

      • oh i guess that explains it…..anyways my vote totes went to Bizarrerie Cage, but that could be just cuz i thought it was better than RIDEBACK by a little bit.

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