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Note to anyone considering buying the special edition of KOTOKO’s upcoming anime-song compilation: the tracklisting on the bonus DVD is somewhat… bizarre.

  1. ひとりごと-2009 ver.- (Hitorigoto)
  2. Re-sublimity
  3. BLAZE
  4. ハヤテのごとく! (Hayate no Gotoku!)
  5. bumpy-Jumpy!

All songs taken from to October 16th date of her recent tour, performed at SHIBUYA-AX in Tokyo.

And now, it may be blasphemous to say, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one thinking it: would you all be perfectly content to never hear Re-sublimity ever again? It’s a great song and all, but it’s been on so many KOTOKO releases by this point that it’s hard to get excited about hearing yet another version of the Kannazuki no Miko opener. The presence of recent highlight bumpy-Jumpy! is a pleasant surprise, though, and may be just enough of one to make up for the somewhat uninspired selections it’s been surrounded with. Regardless of that one gem of a song choice, however, nothing on the bonus DVD really seems to be enough to elevate this one to “must-buy” status.



  1. I agree, can’t they leave Re-sublimity alone for just a little while? Why couldn’t they have included a Epsilon no Fune song (not talking about BLAZE.)? Everything about this release is disappointing.

  2. Possibly an incomplete list, but here’s every time they’ve dragged out Re-sublimity to the best of my knowledge:

    Re-sublimity maxi-single (2004)
    Garasu no Kaze (2005)
    KOTOKO LIVE TOUR 2004 DVD (2005)
    Starlight Symphony (2007)
    master groove circle (2008)
    I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 DVD (2009)

  3. Like I’ve been saying, anyone who buys this release is either an insane completist or a brand new fan who doesn’t have any of her releases. The former would want every version of Re-Sublimity, while the latter doesn’t yet have a live version of one of KOTOKO’s concert staples. Either buyer gets what he wants.
    The rest of us, myself included, could not care less.

  4. Though I agree with your Re-sublimity point I’m kinda tired of many of you that only see the bad side of I’ve all the time, bitching everything.

    • well you can’t blame them because that’s exactly what happening lately. How would you expect anyone to be excited with this release when the contents itself are not worth concerning for.

      And well, it’s not only I’ve who is experiencing this kind of life in music industry. There are also some (too many to mention) who’s getting “bitched” when it comes to releases.

  5. i didnt like futa ani’s OP as much i liked melty snow from mami kawada…who agree with me? … isnt aniemo 2nd stage OP better than futa ane OP..i main it is hard to come with something like it

  6. You don’t need to keep telling us that you don’t like two heaRt. It’s all up2u whether you like it or not.

  7. A MUCH better bonus could have been a remix album of the songs in the compilation, even if it’s just six or seven. This DVD is somehow a rip-off for us fans.

  8. mmm only watching teh Bad side of releases… just take it and think it!!! times i dont post here and things havent changed, one friend told me about this…

    i could agree with you about the tracklist but even that way i think all KOTOKO songs where good down and people isnt like you like it!

    … BTW Hi again ^^

  9. I know this is completely off topic but I was watching the live version of Hydian Way and Takase and KOTOKO looked strangely similar like facially, eye shape and so on. Is it possible they could be related I mean I could be horribly wrong but they look like they could be sibblings maybe I am just seeing something that is not there though lol.

    • no, they are actually different. you’re just seeing things :P

      • LOL thought so I figured it was just the lighting but yeah boy am I red lol so yeah so is there anything even worth buying this little album over it does not look like there is any new song or no new PV specially made for it so what is the real worth of it.

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