Posted by: 黒い雪 | 12/11/09


I’m not sure what this event is about. *bricked* The info has something like “Various labels or genres of artists and creators to gather”… Bleh. Someone help me with the translation, please.

You can see more details on its official webpage.

As  you can see, the event will have Eiko Shimamiya, Kaori Utatsuki and IKU as the performer. Meh, include Mami Kawada, KOTOKO and Airi Kirishima, and you’ll have a gathering of Eiko-sensei’s ex-pupils in I’ve.



  1. No MELL-sama aw…neglected i know she isnt a student. Collaboration obby~ I hope Airi gets the chance to go LOVE PLANET SIX? or atleast mainstream Oricon-wise.
    BTW I was off for a while, did I actually read someone taking credit for KOTOKO’s sucess XP

    P.s @>fred: i needs a code to unlock the hitorigoto 2009 sorry >.<;

  2. Now this is a sudden announcement. Since it’s titled as “COMMUNICATION MIX”, will mix-niisan sing along with the girls? Or the girls will just sing songs that have been composed/arranged by him (don’t know about IKU, though >_>)? Uber lolz :))

  3. @TaokaTOKIin> what code? Maybe I could help. :)

    And about the one who’s taking credit for KOTOKO’s success, I hope he would already step out of this blog and make his own KOTOKO union of fans. The blog is peaceful without him anyway and it’s better that way, tbh.

    @j4> haha just because there’s a Communication Mix on the title doesn’t mean Mr. Communication Groove Mix will be there. :P I don’t think C.G mix composed/arranged a song for IKU so probably, it’s just a name but there’s completely no relation to C.G mix. :D

    • LOL….


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