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KOTOKO in BUDOKAN 2010 updates

I admit, there were actually quite a few news updates on KOTOKO in BUDOKAN 2010, now officially entitled “thank you” and “from now” KOTOKO LIVE IN BUDOKAN 2010『Pleasure×Pleasure=Pleasure!!!』. The live now has its official webpage on I’ve Official Website.

The second news. According to Anime News Network, I’ve USA created a special package tour for KOTOKO’s fans in America who want to watch KOTOKO live in BUDOKAN. $1700 for KOTOKO in BUDOKAN 2010, anyone?

The last… The attendances of the live will be given a special pamphlet CD which will contain a brand new song composed by the I’ve Sound King, Kazuya Takase.

So… will anyone here attend KOTOKO in BUDOKAN ??

thank you” and “from now” KOTOKO LIVE IN BUDOKAN 2010『Pleasure×Pleasure=Pleasure!!!』」


  1. $1700?


    It’s like they acknowledge our existence, and yet, they have no idea who we are. I mean, if this were a few years ago and I had more than a month to arrange money, I would have considered it, but… yeah.
    Hey, Aibu, how many visitors have we had in the past month? [/rhetorical question]

  2. I would but I would much rather go see MELL though but yeah that is merely personal preference but it sounds rather responable to go see her but I wonder if that includes a plane ticket to and from japan and lodging.

    • It does, according to the website it includes… (just a copypaste)

      – Singapore Airline from LAX – NRT with coach class
      – 5 nights hotel accomodation at the elegant Hilton Tokyo International Hotel, based on double occupancy, inclusive of hotel service charge and government room tax. Your hotel is located on the west side of Tokyo’s famous Shinjuku business shopping and entertainment district, overlooking Shinjuku Central Park.
      – Airport Limousine Shuttle Bus coupon
      – Halfday Sightseeing with English speaking guide.
      – Tokyo Shopping Day with English speaking guide, includes JR 1 day pass for Tokyo Shopping day. (ONLY if 5 or more people are interested.)
      – Tickets/Coupon Delivery Fee to participant.
      – One Concert Ticket for KOTOKO in Budokan.
      – KOTOKO’s merchandise souveniors

      • It become SOOO expensive because of these things *_*

  3. If I’d have US$1700 maybe but sadly, I’m unable to give myself that present.
    Moreover, I have to have a lot more money to spend in my “hobbys” once there, as I said, unable.
    And about that CD, I’d like to have it only if it’s something as majestic as LBN on it (just kiddin^^).

  4. I wish.

  5. They really think $1700 is a reasonable price just to see her concert? Sorry, but it’ll take me probably 4 years just to save that amount >_>

  6. Well I guess if you were really that desperate to see her you could always take out a loan LOL I would love to see that

    So what is this loan for sir?

    Oh it is just to go for about 5 or 6 days in Japan to see this musician named KOTOKO



  7. Honestly, I am amazed that nobody noticed the last news about the special pamphlet CD. :O

    • it seems that you didn’t see my previous post, sorry.

      • Ah, yes, sorry “OTL

  8. for KOTOKO??

    i’m sorry, but am i the only one that thinks KOTOKO is waay overrated? especially this year. granted, i’m not one of the more avid listeners of her (i LOOOVE the Re-sublimity single. that’s…just about it…), but i don’t think she’s that great of a singer and what i’ve heard of her music is kinda eh..

    if i had the money and if i was interested i’d totally consider it though

    • Yes, you are the only one! ^_- (Only kidding!) But seriously, comments like yours annoy me a bit, for the simple fact that they’re usually made by people who can’t sing, who can’t write lyrics or compose music, who are frankly in no place to judge those who can and who have the guts to get up in front of a massive audience and perform. Don’t worry, I defend cosplayers too against the masses who can’t glue, let alone sew!
      Anyway, I can sing, I can’t write lyrics half as good as Kotoko’s and I can’t write music at all, but I have tried to sing some of her songs so I have a pretty good idea of just how good she is. So you don’t like her music, that’s just your personal taste, not universal evidence that she’s bad.

      And yes, the price was a pisser, but if I’d had the money I would have been there so fast….

  9. They seem to be making this package for those who are really enjoying life.

    Singapore Airlines = expensive, duh
    Hilton Hotel = expensive, DUH (five nights at that too!)

    That said, USD1700 is actually kinda reasonable.
    Wow, really. They actually bothered to make something like this and not try to cheat money out of fans.
    If I’m a KOTOKO fan who lives in USA and loves Japan, this package would really rock.

    • You’re about the only one who gets it here. 1.7K is surprisingly decent considering all that’s included. I’m not sure they’re making much profit (if any at all) from “selling” these packages. If there’s any premium, it’s greatly offset by the luxury of having everything taken care of for you and basically getting the VIP treatment.

      And did you folks really think there would be custom arrangements for Middle-South Barnaboola and every other square foot of this planet? The idea is you get to LA on your own, then you can take advantage of this offer. Don’t forget this is I’ve USA after all.

      Now do this w/ a Short Circuit III and I’ll drop 2K.

      • Completely agree, the price is very reasonable. Unfortunately, I’ve likes to announce these sort of things at the last minute, so there is no way for me –who might have actually gone ahead and booked the trip — to save enough money to cover the cost. I would have loved to go see MELL at Otakon last summer as well, but they announced that about a month before the con, again, not enough time for me to make work arrangements or raise funds.
        Speaking of which, unless my Google-fu failed me, no one ever did a proper concert report from Otakon, did they? Just a bunch of people that said “oh, I know Red Fraction, but I didn’t recognize the other songs… awesome show!”

        (Side note: If I were to go alone, I’d have to make my own way to LA, plus an additional $445 fee for single-occupancy rooms, assuming no one else signed up. And then, of course, there’s shopping, that’s another, oh infinite hundreds of dollars… oh for a couple thousand dollars to fall in my lap)

  10. well…that package of 1700$ does really shows that I’ve and KOTOKO really knows about us fans from internet…but..why the fuck they don’t think about EUROPE!?! 1700$? a freaking cheap bargain considering the details….i had made myself some calculation and….3000 – 5000 $ was the least i would need….since i don’t need Visa to go to Japan.
    There was somebody who sed she is overated….no she in’t(“KOTOKO Live in Budokan” is the proof)…that guy is gelous that no other I’ve diva made it like KOTOKO did.
    And…as a simple thought…if she would open Mutant Dwarf internationaly…she would get freaking ritch!

    • And what about us? the people who lives in South-America? Most of you don’t even know that we exist…

      Agree with your words about KOTO-chan being overated, she isn’t at all…

      • first..i must note that for the first time…somebody is actually agree with me here…and wath do you mean by “And what about us? the people who lives in South-America? Most of you don’t even know that we exist…”?
        about who you are talking? yo tengo mucho amor por el latino america…eso es porque..yo soy latino…

      • Surprise that you’re from this place of the earth!

        But, you know, I don’t consider myself as a “latino” but as a “South-americano” instead. And believe me, there’re differences between those two nicks.

        And it’s not something weird to agree with your words about KOTO-chan because she doesn’t need to show to anyone that she’s a talented singer though it’s true that there had been awful mistakes in some of her works but overall she is a wonderful performer.

  11. Well truly, KOTOKO isn’t totally overrated but she’s on the “hot seat” in the I’ve world (which made her a little overrated for others).

    I wonder how SCREW will perform in the Oricon charts. Non-anime tie-ups are usually underrated rather than quirky anime tie-ups.

    • well, i listened to her old stuff, and i wasn’t too interested honestly (one of them was..uh…some sakuranbo kiss? which wasn’t too bad, but her voice was obSCENELY cute, even for my taste X___X)

      and then this year happened and she’s pretty much the only one that exists. mami had a small thing (which was a huge let-down), but whenver i came onto this site it was kotoko this, kotoko that =\ and no, it’s not because i’m jealous of kotoko making it compared to the other divas, it’s that i don’t really like her as much and don’t see all the fuss. i’ll be happy to hear other people’s takes on it, but that’s my opinion. (my other opinion is Re-sublimity is HOT. the whole single, too, not just the song)

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