Posted by: 黒い雪 | 12/16/09

I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol.II Tracklisting

The tracklisting for I’ve upcoming C77 release, I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol.II, is now available.

  1. Ha!!!ppiness (Outer)
  2. The Maze (川田まみ)
  3. prime -“thank you” and “from now”- (KOTOKO)
  4. Fortress (島みやえい子)
  5. our youthful days (MELL)
  6. absurd (KOTOKO)
  7. こなたよりかなたまで (MOMO)
  10. 砂の風 (MELL)
  11. Fatally (KOTOKO)
  12. 秋風に君を想ふ (Healing Leaf)
  13. ↑青春ロケット↑ -SHORT CIRCUIT II EDIT- (KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ)
  14. under the darkness -Remix- (C.G mix)

In case you can’t read these, you can just visit here.

Gosh… I love how they include Seishun Rocket -Short Circuit II Edit- into the list but, nevertheless, the tracklist is rather disappointing. I would rather have seduce instead of The Maze for Mami Kawada’s. As for KOTOKO’s prime -“thank you” and “from now”-, it’s probably the song composed for KOTOKO in BUDOKAN 2010.



  1. MOMO is still here? :O
    yes quite disappointing
    also, only 1 mami song and its not great :(

    hmm imterested to listen to the healing leaf song

  2. Not the best compilation, but I’d buy it. I’d love to own The Maze, Fatally, absurd, and CAVE legally. And actually, I’m pleased that the song they chose for Mami was The Maze. I think it’s one of her best. I’m actually surprised there’s not more from her though…I always think of her as the second-most popular after KOTOKO (don’t actually know if this is true or not).

    • I’ve MANIA Tracks has always been Mami’s enemy ever since the 1st release.

      And, God, no Kaorin’s solo song.

    • Actually, according to search-engine hits on this blog, MELL is actually the second most-popular I’ve girl, with Eiko in third place and Mami in fourth. I actually get more search-engine hits for Kazuya Takase than for poor Kaori :(

  3. lol….am i the only one to see kotoko on 7 songs out of 14?! i bet a few guys here are pissed off….thouse prime songs really are must hear for me.
    P.S. Mami…one song! lol

    • I’ve MANIA Tracks has always been on friendly term with KOTOKO since the first volume. SCREW the tracklisting. I’d buy SCREW or Epsilon if I had the money instead of this one.

      • but you sed you don’t like the SCREW song….by the way, eny results so far on the best song from i’ve in 2009? you mey clearly know my opinion… *chough*Epsilon*chough*

  4. The Maze! loves it. hahaha
    although i’d love to see that seduce was included as well…

    seconded to 黒い雪. no kaorin solo song…?

  5. EIKO one song ? oh my god

  6. If you take away the “downloading” factor, this becomes a good tracklist. Finding songs like The Maze, CAVE, and Akikaze ni Kimi wo Omofu has never been easier.

    Though….. I’m sorely disappointed with the lack of HYDIAN WAY Vocal version >_>. If See You PV mix got a spot in the first I’ve Mania Tracks, why couldn’t they do it this time?

  7. Only one Eiko song and probably one of the most boring ones to date. -_-

    About the Mami issue, at least they chose a more decent song. I mean, Lythrum is good but of course, it’s not her best song. In the first IMT, I’d rather see Kaze to Kimi wo Daite rather than that one.

    @Aibu> I think that was already aeons ago. I think Mami is the 2nd prolific I’ve girl today. Oh well, it still depends. I just based it on random facts and basis. Or probably because Mami is the 2nd to sign up for a record label after KOTOKO…

    • Uh, Kaze to Kimi wo Daite is on OUT FLOW..

  8. Hm. Not a bad track list, if you’re a collector.
    Apart from prime (remix), our youthful days (ANIM vocal collection), and Seishun Rocket (obv), all of those songs are very hard to find on the secondary market, even more than a normal Comiket release.
    Too bad the songs themselves aren’t that good.
    Suna no Kaze is great, KOTOKO’s CAVE isn’t quite as good as the remix, neither is Eiko’s Fortress. My biggest gripe is the continued lack of Inori no Toki, Spiral, and LAST IN BLUE. Our youthful days?? Come on, man!
    I’m not the biggest fan of the song personally, but would it kill I’ve to finally re-release Onaji Sora no Shita de? One of that era’s biggest eroges and only the ending theme has been widely released — in three different versions.

    Your homework tonight is to come up with three reasons why either Absurd or Fatally should not be on the album.

  9. I’m hoping for some ‘loose’ presence on the seemingly now-inevitable volume III, because that song really deserves a spot on a compilation one way or another.

  10. Hey at least Re-sublimity didnt pop up again

    as far as the MELL song and popularity goes, she is more and becoming more popular since preforming her live tour and the whole Otakon thing with all the weeaboos seeing her she is bound to draw a crowd and a following and as more people hear about well the rest is explainitory

    but the list just seems average and not much variety or anything new or remixed oh well at least we have MGC 2 to look forward to…hopefully

  11. Im happy to see MOMO! X3

    I really liked, Lythrum from Mami last Mania…

    Eiko Shimamiya one song again.
    No Kaorin solo D’x

    MELL I’ve Mania debut :3

    I love Cave, aweshum!

    Minus Tsutsumi Inosuke.

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