Posted by: Mike, the Ultimate KOTOKO fan | 12/17/09

Single review: KOTOKO – SCREW

This was originally going to be an Aibu review, but after numerous complaints about bias, unfairness, unnecessary profanity and unmasked hatred for the blog’s readership, a new writer was called in to take the place of the sourpuss who usually runs this show. Which is good, because the new KOTOKO single is great!

KOTOKO – SCREW (2009, Geneon Universal)

apologize for tiny image




3. SCREW -instrumental-

4. BUCCANEER -instrumental-

The review:

As Jay-Z once said, “please allow me to reintroduce myself”. Except unlike Jay-Z, who sucks, I never really introduced myself in the first place so the quote doesn’t really fit. ANYHOW! I’m Mikey. Michael. Mike. Some variant of that. You could call me Michelangelo, but that’d be stupid because it’s not my name or really a commonly-accepted replacement for the name I was given at birth. ANYHOW! I love KOTOKO. More than anything. Except maybe KOTOKO. See what I did there?

Yeah, so I love KOTOKO? And I was given the chance to write a review for this blog? I think that’s how it went. Anyhow, the first KOTOKO song I heard was Shooting Star. A lot of you guys probably think you’re pretty “old-school” if you started with Re-Sublimity, but HA, you all suck because I’ve been listening to KOTOKO longer than you and I’m a bigger fan. How do you know I’m a bigger fan? Because I own every KOTOKO CD. No, not ‘every KOTOKO CD’ in the ‘every Geneon release’ sense, even though I do own regular and LE editions of every one of her amazing maxi-singles for Geneon Universal. No, I mean that I have all her eroge singles too. Even the Synthetic Organism single, which I hunted down on Yahoo! Japan and bought for well over $100 before I’ve Mania Tracks made demand for the Outer singles drop off completely. My collection is worth thousands, and I’ll never sell a single one because that’s how much KOTOKO means to me.

See, what this blog’s problem is? That would be that it’s about I’ve Sound. Really, those I’ve Sound guys are awesome for discovering KOTOKO I guess, but her voice could make a classic song even if the background was just, I dunno, the sound of a ping-pong ball or something. The I’ve guys don’t mean shit, and these other vocalists they’ve got? Fuckin’ suck. All of them. Especially Kaori, her music puts me right TO SLEEP. ANYHOW! That’s why I’m here, to provide a fair, unbiased, totally balanced and objective perspective on what is unquestionably the greatest KOTOKO release since the last one.

So SCREW, god, I would love to SCREW KOTOKO! I’m sure we all would, because damn that girl is SEXY! WHOO! ANYHOW! I love this song. It’s from some crappy movie nobody cares about, I think it might be from the guy who made Ghost in the Shell and then The Most Boring Movie Ever Made (The Sky Crawlers) and after that started making martial arts movies with vampires or something. The movie looks dumb as hell, but that’s just another symbol of why KOTOKO rocks and I’ve sucks: I’ve picks out the lamest thing ever to put KOTOKO’s beautiful song in, and she performs it like it was the theme song for the fucking Godfather or some shit like that. She’s too good for everything, and I’ve just doesn’t understand that. God, if I managed her… things would be so different! Ugh! I’VE MAKES ME SO MAD! ANYHOW! THE SINGLE!

SCREW has a lot in common with the title track from Epsilon no Fune, from a sort of similar sound to the fact that she wears the same (SEXY!) outfit in the PVs for both Epsilon and SCREW. She also rides in a train while coelacanths float outside the window in the SCREW video, though, so I don’t really know what the hell is going on there. It’s the kind of song to make really cool AMVs to; (maybe AMVs like this one if anyone’s looking for inspiration!) I can already imagine a badass scene from Advent Children or something while KOTOKO sings her heart out. Like she always does, of course. It’s not the fastest thing, but KOTOKO is great at any tempo and this song proves her range in great style.

On the flip-side is BUCCANEER, a song that sounds basically like what I imagine sea shanties will sound like when instead of the sea we’re flying in interstellar battleships across space. It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean meets The Matrix, except even more awesome because KOTOKO’s involved. It doesn’t sound possible, but then you hear the song and HOLY GOD, KOTOKO DID IT AGAIN! It’s amazing! She keeps defying expectations, even when I set my expectations unrealistically high. I don’t even know how she does it, but god, it’s SO AMAZING to hear her do the same thing over and over. The same thing being “knock it out of the park”, of course. (Anyone else thinking about the daily-daily Dream video right now?)

Anyhow, long story short, this single is amazing, just like the last one was. And the next one will be. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on KOTOKO, I signed up for Mutant Dwarf with help from a Japanese friend, and I’ve seen her live 3 times. I am the ultimate KOTOKO fan, and I know a good thing when I hear one: she’s got another winner here.



  1. (comment removed at writer’s request)

  2. Best Christmas present ever, ahaha. :D I love it.

  3. That was unsettling. Glad to see someone’s excited about I’ve, maybe share the excitement with the rest of us? I feel like I need a bucket of hand sanitizer or something.

  4. God, in the name of sanity, I pray that you give hikaruhoshi a bucket of sanitizer. Maybe you can give me, too. “OTL

    Okay, from my point of view, SCREW could have been the best single this year. The titular track SCREW has something that’s… old. Nostalgic. I admit, it was rather disturbing at first. The transition, especially. However, the more I listen to it, the more enjoyable the song is. And then we have BUCCANEER. Those I’ve Fanatics would say “THIS IS NOT I’VE” based on the music, composed/arranged by Aibu’s half-beloved Maiko Iuchi. It sounds kinda Ayumi Hamasaki-ish on some point, but it works on KOTOKO, at least for me. Well, indeed, KOTOKO is all about vocal-strained nowadays. Who cares if it works out fine?

    and Maiku, you need to make it… impartial, okay? You could be a better writer if you were impartial.

  5. Okay, the single is good. But you don’t have to squeal or brag of something we already know. I am not the biggest KOTOKO fan here in my country but I anticipate ALL (that’s right, ALL) of her releases, provides info (if I can), helps with spreading of the word (uh-huh) but at least I do it with all the I’ve utahimes and not just KOTOKO.

    And I thought you said in one of the last comments that “KOTOKO is not sexy?” and that she is just cute or somthing? Oh come on, this is not some kind of a nudy show or something.

    However, with the obvious biases content on this review, somehow, I’m happy that at least one person is oh-so excited for an I’ve release. I’m excited with the release of this single but not to the extent of euphemism or something.

    And personally, I didn’t find SCREW sexy. It was heavy (a bit comparable to Abyss) and personally, I like BUCCANEER better because I find the song something different and daring.

  6. Speechless. Just…… speechless. The review was filled by so many icings on the cake. I can’t stop reviewing your review. It’s just as Yuki said, very impartial.

    But onto my thoughts on this single. SCREW SCREW. Arrangement-wise, it’s good (loving the “train ride” feeling), but the way its lyrics are sung sounds like Takase/KOTOKO couldn’t think of how it should be sung. Like, the chorus is the weakest one I have heard for an I’ve song.

    BUCCANEER, however should take SCREW’s place as the A-side. Wow, starting from masterpiece, Maiko-chan’s been improving her composing skills for techno-rock songs like this one. Keep it up!

    • Funny, I thought the chorus was the best part of SCREW. To me it seems like a bit more of a refined version of the Epsilon hook, and that’s fine by me since the chorus was really the only weak element in that song.


    Aibu, This is not April Mop, you know xDD

    Maiku~ where are you?? :P

  8. What’s this Fuc*** review!

    It’s just full of irony though it was funny specially at the beginning but I don’t really know what to think about this in particular.

  9. “the first KOTOKO song I heard was Shooting Star… you all suck because I’ve been listening to KOTOKO longer than you and I’m a bigger fan.”

    Heh, I started with this too, so sh*t up :p

    Anyway, totally biased review. Waiting for aibu’s (which could be biased in another way though xD).
    IMO, Buccanner > Screw.

    Oh… “this single is amazing, just like the last one was”.
    Wait… daily-Daily Dream was amazing ? Where ?

    /me still laughing

  10. aww, kaori utatsuki’s songs are good… (for me at least)

    hahaha, i can’t find the sexiness you described though mike… i hope i could find it someday… XD

    love both SCREW and BUCCANEER (why did its both title had to be caps? can’t find the reason…), excited bout the titular track of the single, not the “cereaal” part though (it’s like she struggled a lot just to say a single word of “screw”)

  11. Okay…when I started reading the review I was like “wow, seriously biased dude”. My first thought was that Maiku wrote this. And then I thought again, “wait, wasn’t his english awful?” Then i banished the thought that it was Maiku.

    As I was reading I was thoroughly entertained, mostly because I thought the review was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek by some funny writer.

    Then I saw the comments.
    “WAIT, WHAT?”
    And it all went downhill.

    Maiku. Mike. I should have known.

    • Except Maiku didn’t write this? They’re two separate people you know. Although I’m sure Mike, the Ultimate KOTOKO fan, would have a lot to relate to our good friend Maiku87 about.

      • If so, then they will be VERY good friends…… or fanboys in crime >_>

  12. ROFLMAO. I can’t stop laughing for whatever reason xDDD

  13. Love it.

  14. I lol’d

  15. yuuki asked where am I?….well…i’m on hollyday in Sicily/Italy. I woke up this morning…i had my morning shower and my mom’s expresso…..
    After that I got to my laptop because i remembered about Aibu’s blog…and i sed…hm..let’s see what other crap we have today about Kotoko, what it’s on the menu today….
    I read…”This was originally going to be an Aibu review”…i sed to myself..ok…this will be a yuuki post…than…”but after numerous complaints about bias, unfairness, unnecessary profanity and unmasked hatred for the blog’s readership, a new writer was called in to take the place of the sourpuss who usually runs this show. Which is good, because the new KOTOKO single is great!”….so..half awaked i fall into my deepest WTFness of my life….
    my imediate question was….what the hell is wrong with the Aibu man and Yuuki-chan??? are they on crack?…did a train passed them over? the big question: WTF happened wrong here? So i continue my reading sencing some imminent convulsions…..i see talks about Jay-Z(american rap…and my own opinion about this rapper…), Shooting Star as the first song…, btw..i am too an old fan of her…but i don’t make a case of that. My eyes started to come back to their orbits and my breath got slower as i read about the thousant of dollars of KOTOKO CD’s. damn it…, it’s not me who wrote this post( i have spent just a few hundred so far)….so…check…Mike! WTF!…and the whole post was enything less i would say about KOTOKO…even i tryed to sign up for Mutant Dwarf…but i wasn’t able…even if i also had a good japanese friend who tryed to help me….
    Ok…something fishy is smelling here…and i read again Yuuki’s comment “ROFLMAO.

    Aibu, This is not April Mop, you know xDD

    Maiku~ where are you?? :P”
    I am here and i see someone who want’s a beef with me…Aibu man, what are u trying to prove?… do you make fun of me?…
    MIke is not Maiku, for the fools who belived that!

  16. My second comment didn’t apear…..
    again, i must note Aibu’s style of blogging….he starts from an initial truth than adding his shit in order to modify the truth to his own frustrations….he placed a review under a name close to mine( some dumb plp actually…thought is me), and you made a full bullshit out of me….
    the initial truth is that i am ..the extremist fan boy of KOTOKO…, but my respect to her takes me way over having comments like:
    ” So SCREW, god, I would love to SCREW KOTOKO! I’m sure we all would, because damn that girl is SEXY! WHOO! ANYHOW!”

    and from here strats the bullshits… I belive this is way to much a rude post against KOTOKO, and thouse who like to stay out of Aibu heard. What did you do Aibu man, did you study me before whriting this post? whitch is easy by reading my comments and look around my youtube channel. You know i like rap…even Jay-Z…, from my comments you had my opinions about I’ve sound….and so much other places from where to take my words about her and all of I’ve Sound.
    I am not against you posting in your own blog…but i get pissed off when i see you passing the limit of how rude you get sometimes. I apreciate your work, as well as other blogge’s who post info’s on I’ve Sound related news, lots of plp come here and take notes. But i also see how confused they are when they see how an enemy you are for KOTOKO….. sometimes.

    Sidenote: kieyuku…stfu…i speak spanish, english, italian, i’m a beginer in japanese, and native lenguage, romanian. I can easily understand portugese and sometimes, french. Exept my lenguage, i learned them all alone, less with the help of eny school….so you diss me, but i am proud of me.

    • I didn’t ‘study’ you, I just read your posts and wrote a parody review in the style of an obsessive fanboy who just happens to share your name. You’re not the only one getting skewered here (the “I own every KOTOKO release ever!” bit was actually mostly making fun of former Aibublog contributor Hikaruhoshi, and the fragmented writing style was self-parody), but I’m going to say this much: you come to my blog, shit all over the comments section with blind fanboyism and call me an ‘enemy’ of one of my favourite singers, and then you can’t take it when I give you a little something in return. Doesn’t make you look very good.

      You say you respect me, but I don’t believe a single word of it. Not going to be eloquent here, I just want to say fuck off. You’ve insulted me, insulted my readers, and never added a single thing of value to any conversation. If you really hate how I treat KOTOKO that badly, just don’t force yourself to read it. You say you can read Spanish; KOTOKO in the World is a fine Spanish-language resource where you’ll never have to read a bad word about your queen.

      But, if you’re going to stick around and make yourself an enemy, this review is just the tip of the fucking iceberg.

      • no fucking kidding. so many LOL comments being generated…

    • Maiku, I find your behavior here to be disrespectful and rude, to everyone who posts here. Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, doesn’t mean you have to go all out on them on why they’re wrong and should agree with you. I happen to like KOTOKO a lot too, but I can see when there’s a song of hers that’s not as good as others. That’s okay though, every singer has a good song and bad song at times. KOTOKO is a good singer, we all can see that, but I’ve is not all about her! There’s four other singers there that are just as good but in their own unique ways! I would actually like to see them get some more “spotlight” than KOTOKO at times. She does enough as it is..

      Anyway, if you don’t like how this blog is, or any of the comments from the readers, maybe you should just go somewhere else and leave us alone..

    • Maiku, you must not realize where the hell you are, so I’ll remind you. This is AIBU’s blog for I’VE SOUND fans, not just Kotoko fans. In my honest opinion, you shouldn’t even be allowed here, because you’re too extreme. I don’t care if this hurts your feelings, too bad, but not real singer wants a fan like you. They don’t even like the fans like you. If you’re tired of the comments toward you, get over it. No one on this blog doesn’t even read your comments twice, infact, if you never commented on here, no one would notice or care. Just go sit in front of your little Kotoko shrine in your room and fantasize and obsess all you want, but don’t do it here.

    • //No disrespect- Erm… extremist fan???
      Didn’t Bjork get sent a bomb by an extremist fan D’:

      fyi.: like Buccaneer lots, since I love Ayumi I like that comment about it being Ayu-ish

  17. The reviewer who wrote up this review should be axed for obvious reasons to those with even half a working brain. Tch, it pains me to see such insolence going on around here.

    • Now that’s not very nice to say :(

      • I’m sorry if you dislike my aptness, but it’s true. The reviewer lacked ANY sense of professionalism at all. I mean, just read the way the writes his “review”. The immaturity, the insolence. He sound as if he’s a teenager on raging hormones or something. Let’s note a few things here:

        “A lot of you guys probably think you’re pretty “old-school” if you started with Re-Sublimity, but HA, you all suck because I’ve been listening to KOTOKO longer than you and I’m a bigger fan. How do you know I’m a bigger fan? Because I own every KOTOKO CD…”

        What a brilliant way to put off your readership. To start off the first thing by proclaiming we all suck. Is this guy even serious? Also, we don’t need to know how much of a Kotoko fanboy he is, because the more he does that, the higher are his chances of being biased. Which negates the point of a review.

        “The I’ve guys don’t mean shit, and these other vocalists they’ve got? Fuckin’ suck. All of them. Especially Kaori, her music puts me right TO SLEEP. ANYHOW! That’s why I’m here, to provide a fair, unbiased, totally balanced and objective perspective on what is unquestionably the greatest KOTOKO release since the last one.”

        First of all, who does he think produces songs for Kotoko? Get off the high horse and get real. Also, his opinion does not constitute fact, and definitely does not give him the right to insult them. AT ALL. Especially a reviewer. Show some professionalism, or don’t bother writing a review. And the last sentence oh god, there’s so much irony, oxymoron and biasedness in there it’s god damned laughable. I mean, damn. I’m at a lost for words.

        “So SCREW, god, I would love to SCREW KOTOKO! I’m sure we all would, because damn that girl is SEXY! WHOO!”

        You call THIS (read: review) material? Quell some raging hormones god damn it.

        I can go on forever and nitpick on further aspects, but you all get the point. This “review” along with the “reviewer” fail in so many ways imaginable it’s not even funny. Show some maturity, show some intelligence, show some respect and professionalism or don’t bother at all. Leave reviewing to those people that know their stuffs.

      • Read the previous previews by Aibu.

      • “there’s so much irony, oxymoron and biasedness in there it’s god damned laughable”

        That’s because the ‘review’ was a joke.

        Basically, there’s this guy, Maiku87, who’d been plaguing the comments section with impossibly biased bullshit at every turn and declaring me an “enemy” of KOTOKO, so I just kind of figured ‘why the hell not’ and wrote a fake review imitating a dumb fanboy such as him. Everything in this review is meant to parody the blind fanboyism inherent amongst KOTOKO’s supporters, especially the ridiculous lines about being unbiased when presenting the most horrendously biased opinions possible. Also note the lack of any real description of the music.

  18. @Yuki-chan> reviews, you mean. XD

    @leehg5925> probably you’ve just read the SCREW review, eh? then try reading the other reviews before you complain.

  19. mmm WTF!!! Aibu?=?= ahaha this is a battle field! Maiku is my friend! ahah lol this looks like a JOke to him but it turns to embarrassing .. everyone knows.

    This sucks!!

    just let me a bit to make and vide about this (Aibu blog) lol could be funny but stupid at the same time i think.

    Got it? not.. ok no problem i like the news from here.

    ohh btw … where i can buy the I’ve Mania Tracks?? it will complete my colection lol!!
    cee ya!

    • “where i can buy the I’ve Mania Tracks??”

      C77. :O

      try ebay or yahoo auction or wait until Visual Arts sell them anywhere

    • @Pinky> well he only gets what HE DESERVES for insulting all of us here.

      Funny and stupid? then don’t read. No one’s forcing you to read. And if you really are a friend of Maiku, you should not tolerate his biasness. Unless you’re like him… then I have nothing more to say because you know it already.

  20. @.@
    Im on Aibu’s side here- Even though I remotely new here, I’ve noticed Maiku’s biasm and maybe jelousy that we’re KOTOKO fans too. . .
    Im not picking fights, OK-this is my opinion.
    KOTOKO’s songs aren’t always good, infact she seems to have went downhill after ‘U Make Ai Dream’ srsly look at her sales, really ^w^;;;- She’s NEVER had a #1 on the Oricon, highest, being = #4 (This goes for ALL UTAHIMES) MELL has never made the top ten nor Eiko of my knowledge (correct me if incorrect) My friend Takamichi hadnt even heard of any of them until he moved over here and when I lent him Shakugan no Shana, he loved the music being and Hishoku no Sora- he even asked me if I knew who sang the songs and I replied ‘KOTOKO and Mami Kawada, aren’t they awesome.’
    Okay so I got to Wikipedia and view Ayumi Hamasaki’s discography, because Ayumi seems to have a very dancey style like KOTOKO. Ayumi has had tonnes of hits, I think the reason is because she’s on avex track. More Money = More Publicity = More Fans = More Money…
    f*** KOTOKOiro why waste your money on books when your latest CD SCREW sold a roughly 4000 OMFGawd and dont get me started on the ‘best of’, use the money to promote your Utahimes. . .
    INVEST in GOOD things radio adds, FLIP Make I’ve into the female version of Johnny and Associates- Get those girls out there… better covers for your singles srsly SCREWxReal OnigokkoxDaily daily Dreams covers = abortion (My friend whom I’d let listen to a few of KOTOKO’s songs comment on how weird and retarded she looked on alot of her covers and how she was super cute in the PV’s)
    I’d love to see KOTOKO sitting right at the top of the Oricon.
    I dont agree with ‘ultimate KOTOKO fan’ that everyone at I’ve SUCKS!!! b’cuz we’ve had kick ass tunes produced- and at sometimes the eroge themes kick the shizz outta mainstream singles like U Make Ai Dream and Special Life, Prophecy, SCEW!!!
    Really I would seriously be in mind to write, has I’ve not noticed how downhill they’re going, I love I’ve sound, alot… KOTOKO&Mami&MELL (sorry Kaorin&Eiko-sensei, you came late) were one of the first JPop artists I loved. But it doesnt just go for KOTOKO, although fred did point out to me that Mami had been earning the money this year, yes, that looks true, but when I say money I really should have said- the most out of all the utahimes, Mami really has done the best out of the worst this year. . . Nao onto 2010, I wonder if we’ll have more shit or if we’ll get I’ve kicking the S*IT this year….
    Here’s hoping!!!!! I’m routing for them!!!!

  21. im a fairly new fan of KOTOKO’s and have been following her realises sence Epsilon (which came out not long after i was first interducted to her), i personally feel that some of her older legendary songs were better than her latest ones, and i do agree that BUCCANEER was the surperior on the SCREW cd.
    i really don’t think such huge fights need to break out tho, after all we’re all alowed to have an opinon and we should all be sensible and respect opossing views. I gotta say i’m on thingys side tho cos altho this is my first time actully commenting on this website i have broused it on many occasions before and i am a youtuber who personally has seen Maiku87’s ….actions there. gotta say i dont agree with his church theroy =/

    • LOL nobody is fightng so much these days….the church has it’s belivers, she will continue to rise and shine. BTW, did you know Mutant Dwuarf?… thats the nirvana.

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