Posted by: 黒い雪 | 12/21/09

master groove circle 2 news updates

Not much, other than the remix album now has its own official webpage. (edit note: You can check the preview here).

With its official webpage established, the list of remixers is now complete and tracklist is now available on Kinokuniya.

-Disc 1-

  1. PSI-missing -Shiva Joerg Remix-
  2. BLAZE -GMS Remix-
  3. Spyglass -SORMA No.1 Remix-
  4. 奈落の花 -Eat Static Remix-
  5. Collective -JUNO REACTOR Remix-
  6. DETECT -SINE6 Remix-
  7. SCOPE -Ken Morioka Remix-

-Disc 2-

  1. KILL -GMS Remix-
  2. jellyfish -SINE6 Remix-
  3. Way beyond there -SORMA No.1 Remix-
  4. Lament -NS⇒GIFT Remix-
  5. Shining stars bless☆ -soyuz project Remix-
  6. 天壌を翔る者たち -DJ-MASA Remix-
  7. ULYSSES -Eric Mouquet Remix-
  8. Mirage -HARD STUFF-

So, the new song we will get turns out to be HARD STUFF’s new song. The old I’ve Trance unit consisting of Kazuya Takase and Tomoyuki Nakazawa. After the most-of-people-agree-about-Re-sublimity-remix-failure in this album’s predecessor, they tries to compose their own song instead of remixing. Good. Hopefully this turns out well.



  1. Have you noticed that intron tone was replaced with jellyfish? I like the move though, as jellyfish seems easier to remix than the former.

    NS -> Gift….. when i saw NS, i wonder if it means “Nuero Societa” (correct my spelling if it’s wrong)?

    Ken Morioka for SCOPE? >_> he ruined RIDEBACK, why should he come back?

    Looking forward to Mirage the most here, it’s been a while since HARD STUFF made a solo song.

  2. yep I just realized when I saw the original list.

    hmm, not really possible that NS is NueroSocieta.

  3. the SCOPE remix doesnt sound bad but it just seems to slow and soft now compared to the soft to rocking feeling that is was prior to this remix but I will have to wait for the full song before I can make a full asssesment other than that most of the songs sound really good though jellyfish sounds way way too slow.

  4. My nose nearly got cut off by a stray piece of ionosphere while listening to those previews. Make sure you get a proper helmet before listening to the full version.

  5. Based on the previews, the Shining Stars Bless remix seems pretty cute, though I’m not too keen on the others. Lament in particular sounds excruciatingly repetitive…how many repeats of the same line are really necessary? That being said, I’ll still download the album. Some of them could be OK.

  6. SCOPE is okay, Ken Morioka did a (relatively) good job >D


  7. The G.M.S remixes sounded good (except for KILL) and majority of them ranged from medium to poor rearrangement of the songs especially SORMA’s remixes. <_.<

  8. why did lately i’ve uses only the No.1 of SORMA? (and usually it didn’t turn out to be good as well)
    i’d really love to hear like SORMA No.3 who remixed Kanariya :D

  9. Stop the presses, Yuki, I think we’ve got our album of the year.

  10. Roger that, boss. XD

  11. Way beyond there and BLAZE and PSI-missing all sound rather promising so I am looking for to this release

  12. I think I’m going to like ULYSSES…I really liked ‘Hikari nadesico’ from the first album. I know people said it was boring but I like the chilled out remixes as opposed to the hard core dance ones.

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