Posted by: 黒い雪 | 12/24/09

Mami Kawada’s 3rd album on the way

To all Mami Kawada fans who read this, be happy!

According to CDJapan, Mami’s 3rd album, which currently is still untitled LINKAGE (edit note: Mami’s official Geneon Universal website confirmed this), will be released on 24/02/2010. The album will contain 13 tracks, including the theme songs of the TV anime To aru Majutsu no Index, PSI-missing and masterpiece, and OVA Shakugan no Shana S, Prophecy and all in good time, as well as new songs.

So… Can we expect another SAVIA?



  1. oohs, new album! can’t wait :D

  2. I wonder if it will be another SAVIA, it all really depends on who the songs are done by as well but seriously why put prophecy on there at least masterpiece and PSI-missing were more tolerable than that.

  3. Well, much less, It won’t be another SAVIA. Most probably a weaker album, unless they manage to do better new songs, since Prophecy and all in good time are both rather mediocre.

    Songs… Most probably will be done by the Not-so-beloved-combi-anymore Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki… and addition of Maiko Iuchi (who’s pretty consistent these days), plus a few piece of work by Kazuya Takase. C.G mix and Mami combination seems pathetic, but I have a hunch that there will be one songs for their collaboration.

  4. YES! i knew she would hav one next year :D

    although not too excited for some of the songs
    since they are kind of slow

  5. Well, this is great news!

    Although I agree this probably won’t be as good as SAVIA since the singles for this CD aren’t as good this time around. It could still be a very good album, though, if the new songs are as great as SAVIA’s new songs. I certainly hope they will be.

    Well, now that we know Mami’s album is on the way, I wonder if we’ll also have new albums from Eiko and MELL. Eiko certainly has enough singles for a new album, and it would also fit with the formula of “release a new album same year as Mami”. x3 MELL doesn’t have as much new material, but it would be awesome if she also released a new album in 2010.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas! (It’s now exactly 0:00 here)

  6. I had been thinking that All in good time could end up on her next album since it wasn’t announced as a single and didn’t appear on Prophecy. It had to go somewhere, right?

    Looking forward to seeing the tracklist.

    • It could very well end up being the PV on the DVD, who knows?

      • Could be but there’s a low probability on it. If new ending theme songs we are talking, it could’ve ended up that sense could’ve been the PV content in SAVIA but it did not actually.

  7. Awesome! And they’re wasting no time in releasing it, either. Maybe they can get some sort of album rotation, a new I’ve album every six months or something. SAVIA and Hikari nadeshiko must have been horrible for the I’ve producers.

  8. This is aweshum If any of the songs are like, HISUI, TRILL or intron tone Im happy!
    OK, Mami BETTER be on the album art, this time!!!

    MOMO, or now Hitomi Momoi has a new song (Yuudaichi) I was like omfgawd, please dont chew my head off or give me a *bricked* since this is pretty much/is un-I’ve.- but on a note, does anyone know if shes going mainstream Oricon style-// or IKU-esque hovering near I’ve?
    I had a feeling someone here may have updated MOMO’s wiki<-

    • where could i find it though…?
      i’ve been searching and still can’t find it…

    • the Hitomi Momoi single i mean
      sorry for double post

  9. @craxia> I just googled it, from seeing it on her wiki- I found a website and saw an itunes hyperlink so asumption is that is where it is located/can be d’load, I read that FISHTONE arranged it…

  10. @craxia> I just googled it, from seeing it on her wiki- I found a website and saw an itunes hyperlink so asumption is that is where it is located/can be d’load, I read that FISHTONE arranged it…

    PS Im on a mobile so if I double post the same thing, apologies in advance

    Fyi.: I misspelt the name, its Yuudachi not Yuudaichi

  11. hmm.. there might be ‘ame’ on it? But another edition, like what happened to another planet and beehive in her older albums

    • I’d rather have jellyfish -album edit- rather than Ame. Btw, the remix of another planet (another planet ~twilight~) was first contained in her Hishoku no Sora single. ;) But just like what I’ve said, I’d rather have upbeat album versions rather than the mushy Ame.

      • yeah me too but i was thinking since jellyfish is already remixed in master groove circle 2, it might not happen here

  12. LOL I would like to see a PV for jellyfish

    Anyways though they will probably just remix a song and throw it on there with a couple new ones that seems to be the way they do things so I wouldnt be surprised if we only got 4 or more or less songs on the album but a new PV and a couple new songs are fine with me

  13. WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I thought her albums’ names were gonna be all related to plants xD linkage can’t be a plant name, can it?

    Anyway, really looking forward! :D
    Finally some serious activity from Mami!

  14. i think i’ve can attract more sales if they put more things into the DVD. I mean.. just a PV and maybe the making of it doesn’t really entice me to pay another 10 or so dollars for it, along with the CD.

  15. Whoops, might wanna update the release date. I was having a heart attack when I thought it would’ve been released by now (it’s the 25th Feb for me). Wiki said it’ll be released in March, yes?

    • March 24. Aibu has posted it, too. XD~

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