Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/27/09

I’ve Talk Jam with Nakazawa and Takase subtitled online

Ever wanted to find out what sort of fascinating things that I’ve Sound creators Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Kazuya Takase have to say when put in an awkward video interview format? Wonder no more! Here’s hoping this won’t be the last of the translated “talk jam” sessions, as I’m sure we’d all like to hear more from the I’ve crew. Perhaps a C.G mix interview explaining his decision to try his hand at solo vocals again?



  1. What? Video? No wonder it kills my internet connection.

    can someone rip it off into avi or mp4 video?? “OTL

  2. Worry no more, Yuki-chan! :D

  3. 85MB :O

    how long is that interview, actually?! :O

    • 13mins and 24sec. and it’s only the first part. There’s still a to be continue… in the end. :P

  4. I enjoyed it immensely. A French rapper did the Fuck Me rap, huh? Poor Nakazawa, though…Takase kept teasing him throughout it xD

  5. I finally got around to watching it. I love how open the two are, they seem perfectly comfortable talking about… Mix-shi’s G-string. Makes perfect sense, really. And I knew Eiko was spiritual, but not quite that shamanic. Cool!

    For clarification, the FUCK ME rap they were referring to was the original early 90’s one, similar to this one. (ignore the video) THAT rap was done by “Marco the Chef.”

  6. omg Lia is from Australia? :O how awesome :D:D:D

    lol the hooker bit was a bit awkward


    (hoping they touch on their SC tracks)

  8. I did not need to know about C.G. mix’s g-string.

    • He still wears it sometimes… -_-;;


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