Posted by: 黒い雪 | 01/16/10

KOTOKOBUDOKAN2010 and Futa Ane Updates

Well, first of all. Sorry for the VERY late updates. I’m having connection issues and Aibu’s having computer problems so, practically, both of us couldn’t update the blog. Now.

With only one more week to the historical KOTOKO Live in BUDOKAN 2010, the special page has added a special feature called “Pleasure TV”.Watch it for your own pleasure.
The second news is the special CD pamphlet will contain Pleasure seasons ~これまでも、ここからも~. Another Kazuya Takase‘s work. Who the lyricist is still unknown but presumably, KOTOKO herself. Who else in I’ve would have written a song for KOTOKO aside from Kazuya Takase.
Last news update from the live is… about the guest. The first one is the infamous Outer, of course, and the remixer of LAMENT from the-obviously-yet-another-failure master groove circle 2, NS⇒GIFT. Outer? Do want. NS⇒GIFT? DO NOT WANT.

Now, from Futa Ane. The main theme song by our latest utahime Airi Kirishima, two HeaRt, will have remix version on a special mini album released along with the game. Remixer is unknown. Honestly, nobody here has the full version and I don’t think none of us here has listened to the full version of two HeaRt. We’re totally SCREWed.

Okay. I love this part. SCREW? SCREW.



  1. O a remixed version how cool.
    ~korema demo, koko kara mo~ nice…
    Most definately KOTOKO
    didnt KOTOKO sing a song wrote by MOMO.
    pleasure x pleasure = pleasure xDDD
    Is KOTOKO going on stage as Outer. Her vocal range is like epic… I think Collective the song reminded me of her Outer style


    … though that seems highly unlikely, haha.

  3. seconded to Kanna!!! hahahaha

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