Posted by: 愛撫 | 02/09/10

Mami Kawada’s third album pushed back to March 24

The title says it all, folks – anyone looking forward to Mami Kawada’s third full-length, LINKAGE, is going to have to wait a little longer – the album’s release date has been moved to March 24 of this year.

Also, Yuki and I are still without consistent access to working computers/internet, so no reviews or big articles for another little while. Sorry for all this.



  1. NOOO!! 1 more month T__T

  2. Make sense. Mami has mentioned several times in her blog that she’s still recording. The PV has been done, though.

    Btw, i’m online from my cellphone, so as Aibu said, I’m still unable to post a large scaled news… Sorry for the unconvenience m(_ _)m

  3. hmmm…
    I wonder what kind of album it will be
    LINKAGE sounds dark. O:
    But then it could be tottallly enigmic…
    Hope your computers, get well soon~!!!!

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