Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/14/10

KOTOKO in PENCIL LIVE 2010, plus another eroge song

For a start, Happy Chinese New Year. Valentine’s Day?? Me?? Sorry but I don’t celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day.

Move on to the news update.

KOTOKO is still unable to take a fully rest, yet.

KOTOKO is going to appear in PENCIL LIVE 2010 ~PRODUCTION PENCIL10周年記念ライブ~, an event for the 10th anniversary of Production Pencil (PajamasSoft, Lilian and bootUp! on the list), along with Halko Momoi and “some of the big names in acting” or something like that.

Another KOTOKO news, Pajamas Soft will release new eroge named プリズム☆ま~じカル (Prism Magical, in case you can’t read it) featuring KOTOKO on its theme song with C.G mix composing it.

Title: 幻想の宝石(プリズム) [Gensou no Houseki (Prism)]
Vocal and Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: C.G mix
Arrangement: Unknown

C.G mix again. Arrangement unknown. I want to see if they will put Maiko Iuchi on the arrangement XD



  1. 4 possibilities :
    – Genzai no Requiem-like
    – Blossomdays-like
    – denpa
    – lolunknown

    My bet is requiem-like.

  2. no jihad-like, kane-kun ?? :D

  3. Well, Genzai, Jihad, Restoration, Ketsudan no Entrance falls in the same category (for me at least) :p

  4. ohhh ic ic. Doesn’t jihad fall under the same category as TRUE EYES rather than Restoration ?? XD

  5. Sorry, not a CG Mix fan :p (aka song unknown)

  6. lolololol

  7. I’d bet on any of the generic BALDR or Prism Ark song arrangements. :P

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