Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/23/10

Mami Kawada goes for the word “SEXY”

Did I mention SEXY up there ??

Yes, I did. See the cover of Mami Kawada‘s LINKAGE cover for the detail of what I’m trying to say.

Daring?? YES. Sexy?? Of course. Mami, I’m willing to turn myself into a “bi” for you. XDDDDD;; *bricked to death by parents*

Anyway, another side news is from I’ve Queen, KOTOKO. According to Dengeki, KOTOKO is going to have her BLAZBLUE tie-in, BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT. Did I say KOTOKO ?? Yes. It’s the LARGE-CAPS KOTOKO, not small-caps kotoko anymore. Credits is already available:

Title: 碧羅の天へ誘えど (Hekira no Sora e Izanae do)
Vocal and Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition and Arrangement: C.G mix

Mix-nee again ?? HELLO ?? Are you serious ?? Gimme Maiko instead of Mix-nee for BLAZBLUE!! *goes on RAGE*



  1. wtf

    I’m willing to turn myself into a “bi” for you.

    Need pictorial evidence.

    • How would that work? A picture of Yuki kissing a picture of Mami? Because I think she’d probably do that.

      • Wait. I need to print any pic of Mami-not-showing-her-teeth.


  2. I, for one, hope Geneon keeps with this marketing theme when the next C.G mix album drops.



      C.G Mix with only G-strings ?? *urge to kill rising*

  3. omfgawd BEST ALBUM COVER EVA (period)
    I hope the songs corespond with the cover ~v^

  4. PV preview now avalable on her Geneon website! :)


    I'm sorry, but regardless of how sexy it is, she is ANCIENT. Why do you think almost none of the I've women have their birthyears revealed? (I remember hearing KOTOKO has hers out, but I don't remember what it is…)

    It is pretty good though. And she is pretty damn sexy. I can't wait for this either

    Offtopic, but does anyone know if any of the I've albums have had an overseas release?

    • I’m gonna go with YOU SUCK. They can wear as much or as LITTLE as they want, and you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

      No official releases that I know of.

      • I’m not saying that I HATE her all of a sudden since she has no clothes on >.> I just don’t quite like the idea of a nakie Mami…

    • you know, you say ‘put some clothes on’ and I was almost inclined to agree with what you followed that up with… but then you go and ruin it by saying she should cover up because she’s old. Say she’s tarnishing her image, say it’s cheap marketing, say it looks too airbrushed, there are a lot of good reasons to disapprove here but age is not one of them.

      • LoL age doesn’t have any business with SEXINESS.

        Who said MELL isn’t sexy ?? She’s still sexy even though she might have been 40.

      • Okay then, how about I put it this way? She’s trying to not look old even though she (probably) is. I’m not saying she HAS to look like a wrinkled hag, but she looks like one of those debuting 17 year old tweenybopper who’s trying to use SLUTTY sex, not ‘sophisticated sexy’ (….iunno how to describe it) to sell. It does ruin her image, and I really do not think she needs that.


  6. Hmm, what is sophisticated sexy anyway? Gimme example, pls? :p

    • Like Namie Amuro. She isn’t showing off (much) skin and yet it’s just kinda classy. I’m not ENTIRELY sure how to explain it.

      I mean, in a sense, what Mami’s doing is sophisticated sexy as well, but I just don’t see the need of all of that skin being exposed.

      • ah yes yes. ic ic. I understood that.

      • You said it was slutty then you said it was sophisticated?

  7. Kuroi Yuki: …I made sense? :o

    taokaTOKiin: Okay, now you’re just taking words out of my mouth. I never said what SHE was doing was SLUTTY, but I am saying by exposing herself she makes it seem like she’s going for the sex appeal by taking off all of her clothes. Sometimes this can be slutty, sometimes it can be sophisticated. Taking a second look at the cover, it CAN look sophisticated, and it does, but I think that she could still be sophisticated and sexy with (the right) clothes on, so having her pose in the nude was unnecessary in my opinion.

    • You should have said that in the first place…
      and I’m not taking words out of your mouth
      You said ‘…looks like one of those debuting 17 year old tweenybopper who’s trying to use SLUTTY sex, not ’sophisticated sexy’.’

      and then you said it was sophisticated.

      [insert my previous reply here]

      BUT… Second Opinion aknowledged 8′)

      • Sorry, I’m not the greatest at debate :x

        Yay, things are cleared up :D

      • Yeah We good *kunckle punch* xD
        I agree with you from the other post…
        Limited Edition PWNS regular edition coveer

  8. I wonder, with such a cool, unexpected naked picture, what should we understand?… does that has enything to do with the inside of the album? Geez, as a man that i am….the new cover puts things in a new sight. Same question was on my mind with Ao- Iconoclast from KOTOKO.

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